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Play it again, Garci

Even in his prepared statement, former Comelec Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano is confused. He denies being the man we all heard on the tapes talking with Gloria Arroyo about how to rig the results of the 2004 elections in her favor. Yet, he bewailed being pictured as a villain when, he said, he was a victim […]

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Ang drama ni Garci

Habang nanood kami ng interview ni Henry Omaga-Diaz kay dating Comelec Commissioner sa TV Patrol noong linggo ng gabi, kumiriring ang aming telepono. Ang aming kapitbahay ay nanonod rin pala ng interview at galit na galit siya. “Sinungaling!” sabi niya. Akala talaga ni Garcillano at kung sino man ang kanyang nasa likod niya ay tanga […]

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Political Security Situationer

(This document was given to us by a source in Malacañang. Preparedby the National Security Council in September, the document was presented to the Cabinet in October by NSC Deputy Director-General Vic Mayo. We cannot say for sure whose marginal notes are in the document. I had to retype the document because of the poor […]

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Stressful situationer

THERE was one weekend recently that Gloria Arroyo did not have to take brandy to sleep. She had two days of de-stressing sessions in the expert hands of the staff of San Benito Farm in Lipa City, Batangas. San Benito Farm is a high-end health resort and one of its services is “to provide a […]

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Gloriahan lang yan

Duda pa rin ako kung talagang lalabas at haharap sa imbestigasyon ng Kongreso si dating Comelec Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano. Maniniwala lang ako kung nakikita ko na siya personal o sa TV. Ang nakikita ko dito ay panibago na namang gloriahan. Yan ngayon ang bagong salita o slang sa lokohan. Sa halip na sabihing, “niloloko mo […]

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JP Morgan Chase Bank Depositors, Be(a)ware!

(The following article was written by retired Ambassador Reynaldo Arcilla. It appeared in Biz News Magazine and in Malaya.I’m posting it here so the public would be forewarned.) Those who have dollar accounts or are planning to open one with the JP Morgan Chase Bank may find this article an interesting and useful read. In […]

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Good to be back!

For several hours today, this blog was inaccessible. I think there was something wrong from my server’s end. Later, when it became accessible, the contents were not available. I don’t want to be paranoid. I’ll just attribute it to technical glitch. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. It’s good to be back. Thanks.

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What I would like to ask Garci

ANC’s RG Cruz is asking visitors of his blog (, “What do you think Garcillano will say if and when he comes out?” I told RG why don’t you ask people, “What would you want to ask Garci if and when you see him?” For me, I would not ask him if he indeed talked […]

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Welcome home, Garci

Maliban kay Mrs. Grace Garcillano, asawa ni Virgilio Garcillano, wala pa akong narinig o nakitang nagsabing nakita niyang buhay ang nawawalang dating Comelec commissioner. Ngunit, sige na. Bigyan na natin ng halaga ang sinasabi ni Mrs. Garcillano na bumalik nga sila dito sa bansa dahil pagod na raw sila sa kakatago sa ibang bansa. Oo […]

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Worse than free

Vergel Santos, media guru, could not have chosen a more appropriate time to come out with his book, “Worse than free.” “Worse than free” contains Santos’ 110 essays on journalism ethics and other media issues written between 1997 to 2002 which appeared in Businessworld, where he writes a column. The book should be useful to […]

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