I’ve only recently discovered that there’s a spot in this vast universe where each and every human being can express his thoughts on anything under the sun. It’s called a blog.

I claimed my spot six months ago and the address is

Through my blog, I’ve had lively exchanges with people from all over the world on subjects close to my heart. Some of them people I’ve known before and many of them I have yet to meet personally. The blogosphere is a vibrant new world.

This week, back-to-back conferences filled the schedule of blogging enthusiasts. Last Tuesday there was the iBlog2: the 2nd Philippine Blogging Summit at the UP College of Law at the UP Diliman in Quezon City. UP law professor J.J. Disini is the moving force behind this iBlog summits.

Then there’s the three-day conference on “Free Expression in Asian Cyberspace” at the AIM Conference Center in Makati that started last Wednesday, sponsored by the Southeast Asian Press Alliance and the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism.

Both conferences were well attended. Probably a reflection of the closeness of the blogosphere, many of those who were in UP were also at the AIM. Rebecca MacKinnon of Global Voices and Inquirer columnist Manuel Quezon III were speakers in both conferences.

In both events, it was stressed that blogging could be considered an alternative media now in the sense that it is still relatively free from the control and restrictions imposed on mainstream media.

Even while everyone recognized the enormous potential of the blogging technology, there were also notes of caution. Dr. Ronald Meinardus of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, which co-sponsored the iBlog2 summit, talked about the “digital divide”

“We are talking about technological tools and their social implications in a world that remains highly divided and where the equality of opportunities is nowhere to be seen.”

He said, the “digital divide” is “growing, thus sharpening global inequalities.”

Digital divide or not, he said, “the new digital media have revolutionized the way people communicate. Among the most important changes is the empowerment of the individual user: Today, everyone with a computer and an Internet connection is potentially an editor-in-chief. This empowerment of the individual citizen has neutralized the power of the gatekeepers. More and more so called citizens’ journalism is competing with the main stream media or MSM. At the center of all this is the individual. This has enormous political, social and also cultural implications.”

But Meinardus said, “While on the one side, the digital media open up new and unparalleled opportunities to share and create communities, at the same time they may also lead to personal loneliness, separation and social seclusion.”

He cautioned against the “tendency that we reduce our human interactions to the virtual space, which may lead to isolation and atomization.”

Digital divide was touched on at the Free Expression in Asian Cyberspace by Owais Aslam Ali of the Pakistani Press Foundation who spoke on the economic factors affecting access and how to make the internet work for the “off-line community.”

One of the interesting presentations at the iBlog2 summit was made by Peter Tiu Laviña, a Davao City councilor, who spoke on “Blogging and Participatory Governance”.

Laviña, who started blogging only five weeks ago, claims the distinction as the only Philippine local government official into blogging now.

He said blogging has changed his way of life. Whereas before, he would start his day jogging, now the first three or fours hours of his mornings are spent blogging. Whereas before, he was complaining of his children monopolizing the computer, it is now the other way around.

Laviña shared in the conference the views he posted in his blog that blogging could be an “equivalent of a pulong-pulong or town hall meeting.”

“This is the essence of participatory democracy. Governance is such a vital societal function that it must not be left to politicians alone. Citizens must be involved. There should be deliberate discussion of issues before the decision-making. Unfortunately, not all public officials have this mentality. Once elected, or appointed, or garcillanoed, they feel and act as if they are god-sent or kings or queens and decide on their own!,” he said.

This early Laviña has already felt the other effect of blogging. He said, “This new powerful space, however, has threatened the powers-that-be. They fear it’s a threat to their dominance. We should not allow them to nip this citizens’ space in the bud.”

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  1. digitalfilipino - April 21, 2006 5:08 am

    Hello Ellen. Thank you very much for supporting iBlog2. Sa uulitin! =)

  2. jinxies - April 21, 2006 11:26 am

    21 April 2006

    Ms. Ellen,

    Different topic

    Is there a way that you could help the people/employees of the DFA.

    Before, the employees are deployed to our different embassies or consulates generals, with the DFA personnel handling everything, including choosing (depending on qualification of the employee)the country where they should be deployed. Now, the employees are at the mercy of these so called ambassadors or consuls generals. If you are not in good terms with them, the employee would be given a hard time for his/her deployment.

    What is happening to the DFA, maybe, you could take a look at this, Hindi naman daw ganun dati sa DFA, accordingly the practice was change only when the little girl assumed the presidency???? in 2001.

    Finally thanks for your blog site, a lot of people were able to express their sentiments in your blog.

    MAraming salamat po.


  3. goldenlion - April 21, 2006 3:17 pm

    Malaking tulong itong blog………isipin na lang natin, lahat ng ating sama ng loob ay naiilabas …pati galit natin sa gobyerno, lalo na kay gloria…..ito ang tunay na demokrasya!!.free speech. Thanks……to the technology. Sana si Bill Gates maging President of the World.

  4. toots - April 21, 2006 3:21 pm

    Hi,Ellen. I saw you at Iblog2 pero dyahe akong lapitan ka. Anyway, just wanted to say hello and to let you know that I’m an avid reader of your columns. We also have a few mutual friends, all of who speak highly of you. Godspeed to you and all my fellow bloggers. Toots

  5. goldenlion - April 21, 2006 3:30 pm

    Baliw na talaga itong mga taga-Malacanang…nagagalit si mike defensor kay Bishop Tobias dahil nag-sorry kay Erap. Hindi ba maliwanag na may sayad na ang utak ni mike??? Para sa kanya masama ang pag-sosorry? anong klaseng tao siya. Bishop is a real gentleman and church person. Tapos sabi pa ni mike hindi daw dapat ipag-sorry ang nangyari noong 2001 dahil tama daw iyon. Iyon ang akala nila,na tama ang ginawa nilang pagpapatalsik sa posisyon sa isang inihalal ng bayan?? Eh iyon kayang pananatili ni gloria sa Malacanang na hindi naman siya inihalal ng tao? Ano kayang masasabi ni mike dun???

  6. Ferdinand - April 21, 2006 3:48 pm

    Wala na talaga sa katinuan itong si Mike Denfensor…
    Talaga namang binaluktot na ang mali sa tama at ang tama sa mali…
    Wala na kasi sa kanilang bokabularyo ang sorry…
    Ang tingin nila lagi na silang tama… tsk tsk tsk…
    Di bale sa 2010 ipag so sorry ni Mike na kumabit sya kay GMA… isama yan sa kulungan… pagdating ng paghuhukom…

  7. Karl Garcia - April 21, 2006 5:18 pm

    Many Thanks Ellen!
    TY For allowing us to vent in your blog space.
    Thanks to blogging we get involved in converstions with each other.

    More power!

  8. anna de brux - April 21, 2006 5:53 pm


    This is not at all in blanket defence of Philippine consuls and ambassadors and their attitutde but just a note to say that in a pyramid style organization, particularly in one involving civil servants anywhere but REALLY ANYWHERE in the world whether in developed nations or not the practice of muscling or flexing one’s superior title is so prevalent, it is disgusting.

    Having said that, I believe that the members of the lower and middle parts of that pyramid have a saving grace: passing exams in order to get to the higher level. Obviously, when demoralization has crept in in upward scale of the pyramid, no civil service or foreign service exams can change the atmosphere. The atmosphere must be changed by no less than the sitting Foreign Affairs minister but at the rate Gloria herself is making a babuyan pen of the office, there’s not much Romulo could do. I bet even he is finding it difficult to imagine the implementing of reforms because the person who appointed him to the post is the de-facto executive officer of the office.

    Ambassador Cruz’s observation that the UNIFFORS is lacking in moral courage to stand up and fight openly is not helping any.

    What desserving foreign service should do if they feel they are being stifled is to organize a lobby group in Congress through its foreign affairs committee. I don’t know if it would be helpful.

    At the end of the day, only the people of the organization themselves can stand up to fight against the wrong.

  9. anna de brux - April 21, 2006 8:11 pm


    While we are on the topic of blogging, I thought I’d publish herein a blog I’ve just posted pertaining to the recent SC ruling on EO464 and Mike Defensor’s attempt at distorting the ruling…

    BGen Gudani and Col Balutan should now be in the clear from a legal or technical standpoint as to the legality of their act when they heeded the summons by Senate to appear before a Senate committee. The basis of their defence is the now invalidated EO464 itself or parts of it. Well and good!

    Military law carries distinct provisions pertaining to disobedience by a military officer: an officer may disobey a superior order if the order is IMMORAL, ILLEGAL or UNLAWFUL.

    In sum, they should be exonerated and because the SC has now ruled that the EO464 or parts of it are unconstitutional, therefore unlawful, it is possible for the lawyers of Gudani and Balutan to challenge full blast the military disobedience charge filed by the AFP against these two officers and be done with all this nonsense.
    However, it seems Mike Defensor now claims that BGen Gudani and Col Balutan that the charge today against these two officers are for disobeying their commander in chief! Defensor, an ass-licking lackey of the purest upstart fart category, has absolutely very little clue on how a military organization really operates – and what chain of command really means – so, is hellbent on transforming the two highly decorated and seasoned military officers into military scalawags.
    Disobeying their commander in chief? Whoa! On what moral, legal military grounds is Defensor basing his allegation? Complete, utter load of bullshit! Defensor is DEAD wrong. (Just like when he said a few months ago that he would give instructions to the military to fire on the crowd or some gibberish if it were to be fire for fire scenario… he’s a dimwit cuckoo in his knowledge of the military chain of command!)

    If you remember, poor Gudani and Balutan were merely copied the EO464 by fax by the CSAFP in the wee hours of the morning (on the same day as the scheduled hearing). For a military order to be followed to the letter or a specific order emanating from a commander in chief to the military as an institution to be followed to avoid a military hitch, it must be affirmed and confirmed in a written, explicit military order BY the chief of staff (that’s his job!) invoking no less a part or parts of the military law that concern the order. Without such explicit, written order invoking or citing the pertinent military law, the disobedience charge or disobeying their commander in chief can be truly challenged because if I am to believe what I’ve read so far, General Generoso Senga, Chief of Staff AFP, MERELY faxed a copy of the EO464 in the wee hours of the morning to the office of BGen Gudani on the day of the hearing WITHOUT an explicit, written order to OBEY and FOLLOW a military order which, if you come down to it, was meant for senior and star ranking military officers who, given their stature in the military, are allowed to think over and interpret an order.

    A military officer is bound by military law to obey a direct order by his direct superior. However, if the order is NOT explicit or is vague, an officer could very well interpret it differently and in so doing, could commit an error in his interpretation of the order in which case, the breach of obedience by a military officer could fall directly on the shoulders of his direct superior under the tenet of military command responsibility.

    It is therefore very possible for the defence to call Senga in a court martial to require him to give his own version of why and how an order of his, if an order was indeed given, was breached and to prove that there was a serious flaw in the command transmission of the order. In so doing, Balutan and Gudani may turn the tables around and leave the court with a legal technical victory. Obviously, it would take a great deal of moral courage for members of a court martial jury to adopt this military logic but it is not far-fetched to believe that Gudani and Balutan have solid grounds for their defence. But that is another story…

    PMS chief Mike Defensor is playing Houdini or Walt Disney with the military code of ethics and conduct. He probably thinks his status has given him the right to state and declare pure thrash and inanities pertaining to the military. He has much to learn or to unlearn – he has very little clue on what the military organization is all about and how it operates. He and his so-called commander in chief are re-inventing military traditions to suit a Mickey Mouse or Disneyland type of armed forces rats!

  10. Ellen - April 21, 2006 8:38 pm

    Hi Toots,

    Jove mentioned that you were there. Sorry I missed you.

  11. anna de brux - April 21, 2006 9:17 pm


    I’ve just read that Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s speech before the graduating class of Cavite State University was marred when one of the graduating students, Maria Theresa Pangilinan, a mass communications graduate, unfurled a banner calling for Gloria’s ouster.

    Atta girl! Maria Theresa Pangilinan has got guts, gall and raw courage…

    How I wish there are more young Filipinos with similar courage to defy armed Gloria goons and speak up for what they believe. If there are more young people like Pangilinan, the Philippines can look to a bright future in spite of or despite Gloria’s bogus presidency.

  12. Rizalist - April 22, 2006 1:25 am

    Blogging is believing! (in something bigger than ourselves).

  13. Emilio - April 22, 2006 1:58 am

    Ms. Ellen,

    Thank you very much for your blogsite.

    This is the place where most of us OFWs share our opinions and insights of the current events in our beloved country.

    I am privileged to pitch in some inputs at times.

    More power and GOD BLESS!

  14. bfronquillo - April 22, 2006 6:20 am

    Tuwang-tuwa akong mayroong isang matapang na kabataan na tulad ni Maria Theresa Pangilinan. Rizalist, hindi ang lahat ng matapang na kabataan ay nagtungo na sa Amerika, me natitira pa sa Pinas.

    Pero nag-aalala po ako para ke Pangilinan. Sana po ay walang ginawa sa kaniya, sana ay pinabayaan na lang siya ng mga bata ni Gloria.

    Hindi ko po nalilimutan ang sigaw nuon ng mga nagpakana ng pagpapatalsik ke Erap kasama ng Daily Inquirer: “Kahit sino, wag lang si Erap.” Ngayong ang marami sa kanila ay nagsisisi na sa “kahit sinong” iniluklok nila sa Malacanang, ang sigaw ko naman ngayon ay “HINDI KAHIT SINO ANG IPALIT KE GLORIA, BAGKUS KUNG SINO MAN ANG IHAHALAL NG MAS NAKAKARAMING TAUMBAYAN ANG DAPAT TANGGAPIN NG BUONG BAYAN. DEMOKRASYA AT HINDI KUNG SINO ANG NAMUMUDMOD NG GRASYA.

  15. Tedanz - April 22, 2006 8:40 am

    Saludo ako sa iyo Ms. Pangilinan. Babae lang pala ang katapat ni Punggok. Ang mga kalalakihan yata ay medyo nagkawalaan na ng mga yagbols. Yang DeCastro na yan, ang mga General lahat na yata sila ay “KAPON” na.

    Ang Operation Heckle pala ay sa Cavite gagawin hindi sa PMA. AT hindi ang mga MAGDALO at mga komunista ang nag-plano, mga kababaihan pala. Palpak talaga ang mga General ni GLORYA, napahiya tuloy ang Reyna nila. Mga BOPOL talaga kayo. PUWEEEEE!!!! Kung ako sa iyo Ate GLO umalis ka na lang. Hindi ka namin kailangan. Mas kailangan ka ng Pamilya mo, ayusin mo muna sila lalo na yang asawa mo. OKI !!!!

  16. anna de brux - April 22, 2006 8:56 am

    Saludo talaga.

    Si Maria Theresa Pangilinan ay personification ng isang tao na may physical and moral courage!

  17. anna de brux - April 22, 2006 8:57 am

    Saludo talaga.

    Si Maria Theresa Pangilinan ay personification ng isang tao (hindi dahil sa “babae lang”) na may physical and moral courage!

  18. Karl Garcia - April 22, 2006 9:08 am

    Saludo din ako ke miss pangilinan.para bang habang naglalakad sya sa stage tinatanung nya ang mga graduates na:Kaya nyo yun?!

    Sobrang gulat ni GMA siguro nung nangyari yun.Napatulala na lang sya.Buti na lang wala syang baon na CPR nung time na yun.

  19. pugak - April 22, 2006 9:53 am

    Wang Wenyi at Maria Theresa Pangilinan simbolo ng “makabagong blogging”

  20. Ellen - April 22, 2006 10:26 am

    Hi Pugak,

    It was nice to see you at iblog2.

  21. pugak - April 22, 2006 11:33 am

    Ellen, I thought am the only one wearing yellow t-shirt on that event, pero meron din pala na isa na nakasuot ng classic Ninoy shirt.
    I was talking to you about the new kind of “Philology in the net”.

    “If the working people had all they ought to have, we should not have the paupers and criminals. It is better to save them before they go under, than to spend your life fishing them out afterward.” –Josephine Shaw Lowell(1843-1905, Advocate of Philippine Independence)

  22. Ellen - April 22, 2006 1:24 pm

    I think blogging is one way to keep them above ground.

  23. anna de brux - April 22, 2006 5:23 pm

    Hi Ellen, hi BFR, hi everyone,

    Blogging is absolutely wonderful. When I started way back in 2004 (my first attempt was during the US presidential elections when I blogged on Kerry and Bush), I wasn’t sure of what I was doing. I thought it was an electronic diary of some sort that could be read by anyone. I was kinda suspicious.

    Haven’t gotten yet to the level of blogging, formatting, editing, sophistication that you people have but am slowly trying to. Am still sort of unsure what happens if I do this or do that – heheh!

    To me, blogging is a magnificent and exciting way of communicating – it also affords me the luxury of travelling to distant places and visiting people, friends (or even foes) and exchange great ideas with them.

    Long live blogging and fair wind to bloggers!

  24. Amb. H.C. Cruz - April 22, 2006 9:16 pm

    Anna and Jinxies,

    Let me comment on your concerns. Regarding the proposal to lobby Congress on the violations of the Foreign Service Act,
    we also laid the groundwork for that in 2001. Rep. Jaime
    C. Lopez, the author of the Act and then Vice Chair of the
    Committee on Foreign Relations, offered to conduct congressional hearings if the Unifors will officially ask
    for such an investigation.

    Mike Macaraig, President of DFARFA indicated willingness to sign the complaint. However, the top brass of Unifors did not sign the complaint in spite of the sentiment of many
    officers, particularly the young ones, that such a hearing will benefit the DFA. At that time, the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the House was in friendly hands. The
    Chair was Apolinar Lozada a career officer. This is unprecedented, the most senior member of the Committe on
    Foreign Affairs offering to hold congressional hearings
    to save the career service. The senior members of Unifors
    refused to file the petition for a hearing. Had such a hearing been held, the violations of RA 7157 would most likely have been stopped. The adverse publicity alone would have been enough to stop the violations. Moreover,
    the public would have been fully informed about the violations of RA 7157. Congressmen Lopez and Lozada would
    most likely have sided with the career service.

    Those in the DFA know who were the key officials of the
    Unifors in 2001. They must have noted that they were amply
    rewarded by getting choice posts and promotions for their
    “constructive denial” of violations of RA 7157.

    Your other observation Anna is well taken. Illegal orders cannot be the basis for charges of insubordination.
    That is the doctrine even under our Civil Service Laws.
    An employee who refuses to implement an illegal order
    cannot be charged with insubordination. Rather, it is the
    person giving the order who should be charged with
    abuse of authority and malfeasance. So in the case of the
    military officers who appeared before Congress to testify,
    now that EO 494 has been declared unconstitutional, the
    superior officers who issued the order should be the ones
    charged with abuse of power and malfeasance.

    With respect to your comments Jinxies, about the imprimatur
    of heads of missions before somebody is assigned abroad, if
    true it is another source of corruption. Our foreign service posts are supposed to operate under a system of checks and balances. In particular, the administrative officer and the finance officer are supposed to act as
    internal auditors to prevent for example, the head of mission from pocketing the representation expenses.

    Once you let the head of mission select his won administrative officer and finance officer, this check disappears. He will select people who will be his puppets.
    I had three tours of duty in Personnel during my career in the DFA and I have always maintained that the sole criterion
    for assignment abroad is the performance of an employee.
    An employee who performs consistently well in his job
    deserves a foreign assignment even if he does not know
    any head of mission abroad.

  25. johnmarzan - April 22, 2006 10:47 pm

    anybody still having problems accessing the tribune?

  26. koreanbug - April 23, 2006 2:00 am

    Same with us here in Korea John…

  27. Tedanz - April 23, 2006 6:24 am

    Bakit kaya tong mga Tongressman ni GLORYA e ngakngak ng ngakngak. Eto ang sabi ng tatlong engot na sina Mauricio Domogan ng Baguio City, Edwin Uy ng Isabela at Douglas Cagas ng Davao del Sur, nag-isyu daw sila ng warning sa mga Oposisyon na gustong buhayin ang mga isyu tungkol sa Mahal nilang Reyna kagaya ng Fertilizer Scam at yong Garci Tapes.Bakit kailan ba natapos tong mga isyu na ito? Bakit ayaw nilang sagutin lahat para matapos na ang problema, dahil ba sila ay kasama rin sa partehan? Para nilang sinasabi na “TUMAHIMIK NA KAYO AT PANAHON NAMIN NGAYON, AFTER 2010 E SA INYO NA”. Mga kapal muks talaga ng mga buwayang yan, akala mo kung magsalita sila, kanila ang PILIPINAS. Akala nila ganon na lang kabobo ang mga PILIPINO, hoy mga GAGO mas magaling kami sa inyo yon nga lang hindi kami BULOK na KAGAYA niyo.

    Sana pagdating ng paghu-hukom, isa isa kayong i-firing squad sa Libingan ng mga Traidor. Idinadalangin ko pa na sana tamaan na kayo ng kidlat kasama na ang mga pamilya niyo. Kasi kung kayo lang, e di nag-iwan pa kayo ng mga susunod pang traidor. KAGAYA NI GLORYA, INIWAN PA SIYA NG TATAY NIYA O KITA NIYO NGAYON. So puwede ba isama niyo na sila. KAMI AY TAHIMIK NA NAGHAHANAPBUHAY NG MARANGAL NA HINDI GAYA NIYO NA CORRUPT. KAYA MGA ULALO, PUWEDE BA PATAHIMIKIN NIYO NAMAN ANG BANSA NAMIN. OKI!!!

  28. Tedanz - April 23, 2006 6:32 am

    Sino ba tong Gen. Tolentino na ito? Ate GLORYA bigyan mo siya ng 5M, OK tong tandang na ito. Parang siya si BinLaden. Palakpakan natin siya. Hoy tanda sana ikaw ang i-shoot-to-kill. Gago ka rin, hindi ka kagalang-galang. Isang bala ka lang, Itlog!!!!!

  29. Tedanz - April 23, 2006 8:40 am

    Mr. Honrado, pasensiya na kayo kasi hindi ko alam kung General ka din o COl o PVT ka lang. Ang hinahanap lang namin e yong katotohanan. Hindi ho maapektuhan ang National Security na sinasabi niyo. Wala ho tayong kaaway na ibang bansa gaya ng IRAQ o North Korea. Kung meron man, e talo na tayo. Kasi wala tayong Fighter planes kasi inu-una pa ang bulsa ng mga Generals na yan. Sample lang ho si Gen. Garcia, maliit na isda lang ho yan pero milyones ang naitabi na niya. Papano na lang ho yong mga malalaking isda, e di ga-bundok na ang ipon nila? Mas mahirap ho yong ginagawa niyo, ang pinagtatakpan niyo ay iilang tao lang pero ang pinagkakaitan niyo ay milyones na kababayan niyo. Di ba simple lang ho ang hinihingi namin? Pag yan ho ang nagalit mas mahirap di ho ba?

  30. Ellen - April 23, 2006 9:34 am

    Re Tribune: Ninez said they are upgradingtheir website.

    Anna,on blogging: I’m also not techno-savvy. But I’ve learned a lot through blogging. Everytime, i learn something new like posting a picture, linking, I feel I have accomplished something big. Nakakatuwa.

    The greater satisfaction is reaching more people and meeting wonderful people and exchanging ideas with people like you.

  31. Ellen - April 23, 2006 9:41 am

    Re DFA people’s subservience: that’s one thing i don’t like with many people in the dfa. Many of the officers there are intelligent and competent but these attributes have not helped in sharpening their sense of right and wrong and their conscience. Napupurol pa nga, e. In fact,because they are ambitious, they have allowed the powers-that-be to use their intelligence and competence in disservice to the people. In exchange of course for higher positions.

    They are no different from people in the military.

    What a waste of talents!

  32. jundelprado - April 23, 2006 10:28 pm

    Sa ikauunlad ng bayan,
    May takot sa Dios ang kailangan.
    Hindi ka niya gugulangan,
    Iisipin ang iyong kapakanan.
    Wala siya sa dayaan,
    Dahil Dios ang makakalaban.
    Hinding-hindi siya magpapayaman,
    Dahil alam na mamumulubi si “Juan”.
    Kaya’t isipin mo kung sino ang karapat-dapat,
    Na magiging isang pinunong tapat.
    Ng ang pamahalaan ay malinis,
    Sa mga taong utak ay may galis.
    Ng mawala na ang korapsyon,
    Sa pamamahala niya di puede iyon.
    Ang kailangan natin ay isang maka-Dios na lingkod ng bayan,
    Ng sa ating pamahalaan mapalis ang kasamaan.
    “Isiping maigi – Sino kaya?

  33. Tedanz - April 23, 2006 11:26 pm

    Yan ang malaking problema Jun, wala kang puwedeng ipalit na matino. Pare-parehas sila. Hindi yong maglingkod sa Bayan ang ambisyon nila kundi papano mangurakot. Yong iba nga diyan e pag nanalo na, magbilang ka ng Buwan, unti unti ng uma-asenso kahit naka-upo at natutulog lang sa kanyang puwesto. Kagaya ni Lapid, bakit ano ang ginagawa niya sa Senado? Yang mga pamilya ni Erap, kaya nandiyan sila para bantayan ang ERAP nila. Si Flavier, matanda na yan, si Enrile, ang business lang niya ang concern niya, Yang Pimentel na yan na puro dada lang, yang Revilla na yan parehas lang ni Lapid yan. Maigi pa si Defensor kahit may tililing (Defensoritis) minsan may rason naman ang sinasabi.

    Sa mga current at ex. Generals naman, e puro eng-eng naman. Dalawa lang ang klase ng mga yan, pag may kaya e bata yan ng politician. Pag mahirap, yan ang mga kagalang-galang. Hindi nila sinamantala ang pagiging General nila sila ay naglingkod ng taos puso sa kanilang sinumpaan.


    Balang araw, probinsiya na ng China ang ating Bansa. Inumpisahan ng ibenta ni GLORYA, sana naman alisin niyo na yan. Sumasakit na ang ulo ko sa kababasa sa mga problema niyo.

  34. jundelprado - April 24, 2006 5:50 am

    Hindi pa rin ako nawawalan ng pag asa … marahil ay ganuon din ang damdamin ng nakararami sa atin na nasa kabilang panig ng pader … kailangan lang ay magkaroon ng pagkaka isa … kalimutan ang pansariling ambisyon sa politika … kaya namamayagpag si gloria ay dahil kulang sa pagkakaisa ang oposisyon, kaya ayun tatawa tawa siya at ang kanyang mga kampon … meron pa ring mangilan-ngilan diyan na matitino … suporta lang ng nakararaming api-apihan, tiyak na maganda ang kalalabasan … kaya natin inihahayag ang ating damdamin ay sa kadahilanang umaasa pa rin tayong magkakaroon ng tunay na pagbabago … kailangan lang nating suriin at pag aralan ang nakaraang buhay ng ating mga susuportahan … kahit hindi siya politiko, basta matino at higit sa lahat ay may takot sa Dios, siguradong magiging maganda ang takbo ng pamahalaan natin … alisin agad yung mga gustong sumampid na yari sa plastik … marami sa mga politiko ang ganuong kaswitik … sa pagkaka alam ko, si cory ay hindi politiko pero naging pangulo dahil sa suporta ng nakararaming pilipino … huwag tayong mawalan ng pag asa … ika nga, habang may buhay, may pag asa.

  35. jinxies - April 24, 2006 10:58 am

    24 April 2006

    Amb. Cruz,

    If you were with the DFA personnel, then try asking them the basis of posting dfa employees??? As I said, nangyari lang ito sa pamumuno ni Bataclan, after the ouster of the elected president.

    Ms. Ellen,

    I agree DFA employeesm before joining the foreign service are all ambitious and idealistic, after joining, they were eaten by the bad system in our foreign service.

    As a matter of fact, I am still in the active service, people told me to shut up or put up (tama ba ako) and I decided to put up, and now I am still here in Manila past my due for posting abroad, people know me in the department that as long as for the good of the employee I put it up. I guess I am being punished now for putting it up. I am still in the fighting mood up to now, until these system has been change back to where it was.

    As they said, “its a matter of principle”. They can put me on freezer, but it will just defroze itself. as the former president erap said “weather-weather lang yan.


  36. anna de brux - April 24, 2006 4:56 pm


    Bravo! May I encourage you in your efforts to PUT UP and to give as much as you can – good people are hard to put down and will not always stay down.

    We need brrave, good, talented, professional people to take the country out of the rut Gloria’s babuyan and bastusan methods have put it in.

    I am confident that there are foreign service officials in higher level who are NOT bereft of moral courage and who are bound to recognize the GOOD MEN & WOMEN in the service.

    You are right, they can put you in the freezer today but given the looming energy crisis, the ice will be thawed in no time at all and you will come out of it victoriously.

  37. jinxies - April 25, 2006 10:07 am

    25 April 2006

    Thanks ADB, as I said before in the previous topic, I have with me a copy of the diplomatic briefing conducted in May 2005 before the proclamation of the leprechaun winning the election, those involve in that briefing are 1) Ermita, in his capacity as OPAPP head before, 2) deles, before, she head the peace talks with the rebels and many more…

    Dont you think they have violated the COMELEC rules and regulations when they proclaimed gloria as the winner bfore the national canvass (????) proclaimed her as the winner???


  38. anna de brux - April 25, 2006 7:35 pm


    Is the media aware of the existence of this official diplomatic briefing?

    What are exactly its contents?

  39. jinxies - April 26, 2006 10:03 am

    26 April 2005

    Well as a matter of fact, DFA press corps was barred from covering the briefing, its content is summary of the election result (conducted by pro-gloria), showing gloria winning the election.

    The chinese ambassador then, even congratulated (insulting) me, telling me that DFA is a great agency to know the final result of the election ahead of the COMELEC and the National Board of Canvassers (senate and the house of the representaTHIEVES).


  40. stoxbnx3 - May 18, 2006 10:31 pm

    did you start blogging after that PCIJ blog summit in linden suites?

    i’m not sure if it was you, but there was someone there who had a name that sounded like yours.

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