Back to the original sin

There’s no doubt, at this point, that the classroom hours spent by Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez and Mike Arroyo together have produced a special relation worth sacrificing national interests and risking damage of institutions.

It is clear that Malacañang is protecting Comelec Chairman Benjamin Abalos. Malaya yesterday carried a story by Peter Tabingo exposing a 45-page findings by the Ombudsman’s panel of investigators dated June 23, 2005 on the P1.3 billion stink that was the Comelec-Mega Pacific Solutions poll automation deal.

Tabingo reported the 2005 resolution categorically stated that “With regard to the liability of the Comelec Chairman and the Commissioners, this Office finds that probable cause exists for charging them with a violation of Section 3 (e) (of RA 3019) except (Commissioner) Rufino SB Javier (who) has not participated in the award of the project as he was then on official business trip.”

The existence of the 2005 resolution belies the lame excuse of Gutierrez that the reason Commissioner Resurrecion Borra was the only one recommended for impeachment in their report last Friday was because they have not yet competed the investigation.borra.JPG

It will be recalled that Gutierrez was forced to release their findings on the Mega Pacific deal after the Supreme Court warned her last April of contempt. Earlier, she even told the high court that the OMB, being a constitutionally independent body, has no duty to render reports on the status of the deal which was declared null and void January 2004.

The SC’s strong warning to Gutierrez: “We sternly remind the OMB: this court will not hesitate to exercise its power of contempt against anyone (including thr OMB) who fails to observe due respect of its directives, mandates, orders and judgments.

“Deference to the courts’s simple order should have prompted the OMB to act on its responsibility to inform us of its actions regarding the case. Thus we strongly remind it to be more prudent in performing its basic constitutional duty and in following the directive of the Court.

The Ombudsman’s puzzling findings raised two issues: One,why did Gutierrez single out Borra?. Two, why is she protecting Abalos?

A number of commentators have pointed out Borra’s startling admission before the Senate Senate Committee on National Defense last April that, “From the actual and empirical pieces of evidence [presented at the Senate probe], there was cheating. There was cheating in some areas. There was massive cheating in some areas but hopefully very minimal.”

There’s another reason. Uniffors, the underground union of foreign service officers, highlighted a portion of the “Hello Garci” tapes where Comelec Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano was talking to Wynne Asdala, a lawyer in the Comelec legal department.

Here’s the revealing exchange that mentioned Borra past noon of June 6, 2004: Garcillano: Hello.

Atty. Asdala: Good morning Commissioner. Atty. Asdala.

Garcillano: Nasaan ka?

Atty. Asdala: Cotabato. Supposed to be mag-convene kami kahapon (garbled). Pero Commissioner, ito nga ang problema ko, yung sa kay Teng ba. Kay Teng Mangudadatu. May kwan kasi dito, may pahabol si Barbers. Ang ginawa nila, itong Talitay tsaka Columbio, gusto nilang magsubmit ng bagong COC at tsaka SOV para mahabol yung si Barbers.

Garcillano: Wala na.

Atty. Asdala: Sabi ko sa kanila hindi kako problema si Commissioner Garcillano pero nakita ko kay Borra, iba kasi si Borra, walang isip itong kwan nya, baka imbes na kwan baka ipitin pa ako.

Garcillano: Huwag na, anyway, nagtabot na, nag-usap na kami.

Atty. Asdala: Kasi kako, pag walang blessing ng commissioner.

Garcillano: Baka masira ka eh.

Atty. Asdala: Oo.

Garcillano: O wala na?

Atty. Asdala: Sige Commissioner, ganun na lang, sabihin ko na lang. Thank you, thank you.

Garcillano: Ok, Ok.

The apparent persecution of Borra and the favored treatment of Abalos go back to the rigging of the 2004 election: Gloria Arroyo’s original sin.

(Photo of Borra with former Comelec Chairman Harriet Demetriou was taken last night during the July 4 reception at the U.S. Embassy. Sorry for the poor quality of the picture. There was inadequate light.)

July 5, 2006 8:39 am   Posted in: Malaya

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  1. alitaptap - July 5, 2006 8:51 am

    Goodness Ellen, I thought it was the ombudswoman and fat man engaging in original sin! Let me continue my reading…

  2. Ellen - July 5, 2006 9:03 am

    Ikaw, alitaptap, ha. malicious mind.

  3. goldenlion - July 5, 2006 9:03 am

    Truth will really surface!! Kahit anong gawin ni gloria na pagtatakip sa kanilang mga pandaraya noong 2004 elections ay pilit pa rin malalantad ang katotohanan. Ang baho ay mangangamoy, na habang pinipigil ang sangsang ay lalong nag-iibayo ang baho. Talagang poprotektahan ni Mercedita si Abalos. Para ano pa at inilagay siya ni fatso man sa position niya ngayon kung hindi siya susunod sa mga kagustuhan ng black magic woman. Kung ididiin nila si Abalos e di kakanta iyan. Sorry na lang ke Borra. I wish Com. Borra make an expose last year when the hello Garci tape was very controversial.

    Now, this is the right time para magsalita na si Com. Borra at iba pa niyang mga kasama sa COMELEC. Sayang, pati ang ahensyang ito ay nawalan na credibilidad. Election in 2007 must be stopped if the same people in COMELEC will handle it. Overhaul and kailangan from chairman down to clerks.

    Hindi na talaga nadala itong si Abalos, pagkatapos ng isang karma sa kanya noong 2004 hindi pa rin siya nagsisi sa kanyang mga kasalanan sa bayan? Gusto pa ba niya ng isa pang karma? Sige, hintayin niya ang ganti ng tadhana.

    Kahit out of topic Ellen, gusto ko lang banggitin itong kaso na kinasasangkutan ni Joelle Pelaez. napakalinaw ng mga nangyayari, siya at ang kanynag mommy ay ginagamit ni jugador chavit. Paano kaya nagagawa ng mga taong ito ang tahasang pagsasabi ng kasinungalingan??? Wala na silang budhi? Wala na rin silang takot sa Diyos?? The Bansot code!!!

  4. Ellen - July 5, 2006 9:10 am

    At the US embassy reception last night, Commissioner Borra said he is touched by the expression of support that he is getting. He explained that as Comelec executive director, he signed the contract after it was approved by the Commission en banc.

    Aside from former Comelec Chairman Harriet Demetriou, I also saw former Commissioner Remedios Fernando talking with Borra.

    I told him, ikwento mo na ang totoo sa Comelec. He gave out a hearty laugh.

  5. Ellen - July 5, 2006 9:19 am

    Former Ombudsman Simeon Marcelo was also there at the US embassy reception looking good compared to weeks before his resignation. He said he was the one who initiated the investigation on the comelec-mega pacific deal that produced the 45-page recommendation to charge officials involved including abalos.

    He said he did not participate in the investigation because many of the commissioners were his friends and as solicitor general, he lawyered for comelec. He just smiled when I asked him about what gutierrez did to the recommendation of the panel.

    He said for his health, he refrains from reading newspapers and being interested in political happenings.

    But once he gets well, he will help sandiganbyan in the prosecution of the estrada and coco levy cases.

  6. Rico - July 5, 2006 9:43 am

    Tim song ni Merceditas Gutierrez, Mike Arroyo,bunye, ermita at iba pang tuta. All togeder now!

    i’m palowing the lider, the lider, the lider
    i’m palowing the lider, wer eber she may go.

    Sana naman sabay sabay din nilang awitin iyang tim song nilang yan habang humihimas sila ng malamig na bakal.

  7. myrna - July 5, 2006 10:26 am

    at sino nga ba ang nagsabi na dead issue na ang hello garci at i have two discs episode? move on daw, move on, sabi ng mga halimaw ng malacanang. tapos ngayon, hayan, si borra lang ang nakita ni merceditas.

    kung ako naman si borra, talagang dapat sabihin na ang katotohanan. baka naman kasi nakatikim din siya kahit katiting?

    ano ba yan, old school boys club ang comelec at each commissioner is trying to protect the ass of another?

    well, ang personal kong masasabi diyan, dahil nakakahiya man aminin na diyan ako nanggagaling at nagtrabaho bago umalis ng pilipinas, talagang puno ng baho ang commission na yan. si davide? sus, isa pa yun?

    ang alam ko lang na medyo tuwid diyan noon ay si rama at si haydee yorac. yung iba…..hmmmmm, wa na ako say!

    di ba nga pala, birthday ni hello garci ngayon? ano kaya ang pinadalang regalo ni reyna engkantada? baka masking tape para tapalan lalo ang bibig niya!

    sana dumating ang araw na matapos na ang pangungunsumi ng administrasyon ni gloria sa sambayanan.

  8. jinxies6719 - July 5, 2006 10:37 am

    05 July 2006

    I don’t know what to say anymore, except that I was a bit dumbfounded when i saw the news regarding the so called “withdrawal of support” by gen lim and the other officials of the marines corps??? which in case i find it a bit disturbing. when the military were withdrawing their support for erap (of course courtesy of the leprechaun) nothing was thrown to them by the erap administration, matter of fact, erap even told the military officials not to lift a single finger that would cause harm or worse death to the civilians, but the in tha case of the leprechauns adminstration, its a different story, they would throw everything, including the kitchen sink.

    Ms. ellen, if i may go back to July 8 of last year (on saturday it would the 1st year anniversary of the hyatt 10), i was able to get information that the leprechaun almost gave up her “presidency(???)” except for some “IDIOT/s” who came to her rescue as the so called “knight in shinning (I say rusty) armor”. Now she is being held “hostage” not only by the over ambitious people and by her “prostituted” AFP. She cannot even make a decision w/o these people approving of it, that’s how shaky the administration of the leprechaun. Another thing, what is the famous noli “KAYABANG” de castro is doing now???why can’t he make a decision to distance himself from the leprecahun??? is it because he doesn’t know a thing how to run the government, funny thing is he has his own problem in his backyard??? FORGIVE ME MS. ELLEN, BUT I THINK YOU SHOULD GIVE A WARNING SIGNAL TO OTHER PEOPLE REGARDING THE OFFICE OF THE VICE PRESIDENT, A RELIABLE SOURCE TOLD ME THAT 2 MEMBERS OF COA WENT TO SEE THE VICE PRESIDENT LAST WEEK AND TOLD HIM HOW TO DISPENSE OF THE P12 MILLION PESOS, I REPEAT P12 MILLION. WOW that’s a big money, in the spotlight is his chief of staff, who like her “ninang” (the leprechaun) and his boss was talking directly to these COA guys, I dont know what transpired, but please take a look into this please.


  9. jinxies6719 - July 5, 2006 10:48 am

    05 July 2006,


    Why is it the the video footage of gen lim was leaked out to the media??? is it because the SC is about to make a final decision regarding the PP1017??? to me it just shows how fragmented our AFP is now, they dont know who to follow, but my advice to them, follow the truth, follow the will of the people to find teh truth and not the selected few.


  10. schumey - July 5, 2006 4:20 pm


    Maganda diyan, paluin ng palo-palo yan mga gagong yan habang kinakanta yang theme song nila.


    You may be right, but we can also put it this way, Senga wants to finished his investigation before he retires. Fortunately, the leak could spoil his “scripted report”. They will now be forced to prosecute Lim, but to do so could open a Pandora’s Box. Let’s see where this latest tele-novela goes.

  11. schumey - July 5, 2006 4:33 pm

    To touch Abalos now could spell disaster for the pretender. Merciditas has her work cut out for her. She will now have to face Borra in open court, definitely, this will put the COMELEC in a predicament and could spoil the ’07 elections.

  12. ystakei - July 5, 2006 7:03 pm

    Sorry, but I am finding it difficult to understand this system of allowing and approving appointment by the crooks of people to sensitive positions as the Comelec Chief Commissioner, etc. It’s really unbelievably unreal and incomprehensible to people like yours truly who have been exposed to better systems of government where the Voice of God is reflected in the voice of the people like a mediocre and a cheat pretending to be all knowing and God’s representative on earth!

    Ang bobo naman talaga! Bakit ito pinapayagan ng mga taumbayan?!

  13. ystakei - July 5, 2006 7:05 pm


    Abalos is kening-buri mo, too. I knew this guy would not make a good Chief Commissioner of Comelec. Bakit iyan in-approve ng C.A.?

  14. ystakei - July 6, 2006 12:08 am

    Off topic but important. I just read in the Inquirer about the Bansot’s raring to fight the North Koreans as if she really can lead the Filipinos to battle with them. Mayabang din itong mga Koreano na ito. Kamukhang-kamukha ni Bansot na kahit na wala nang makain, makagawa lang ng Nukes!

    Am I worried about this crisis? Nope, because I believe that if it is your time to go, you will have to just give up the ghost. Hopefully, God will see it fit to lengthen my life for a purpose.

    I have stocked food to last my husband, my son and myself for at least a month until relief aids come. I have a sleeping bag, a thermal sheet, flashlight, and one with radio AM/FM in it (no battery type), emergency kit, etc. each in 3 backpacks.

  15. anna de brux - July 6, 2006 1:14 am

    Re: “I told him, ikwento mo na ang totoo sa Comelec. He gave out a hearty laugh.”

    May sense of humor din siya, Ellen. Imagine parang sinabi na sa kanya na ang ikinuwento nya so far ay puro kasinugnalingan…

    Hay buhay! Imagine, alam na alam ng taong bayan na puro kasinungalingan ang ginagawa ng gobyerno ni bansot, puro pagnanakaw, puro kalaswaan pero hindi par rin nag aalburuto ang populasyon.

    Talagang napakabait ng Pilipino sa may mga kapangyarihan…

  16. Toney Cuevas - July 6, 2006 2:20 am

    It’s quite amazing how we Pilipinos manage to survive with all the bogus Gloria’s sins, and still time to smile. How can all these sinners represent the Pilipino nation? Incredible! Only in da pinas, I suppose.

    As we all well aware in Japan or Singapore, perhaps the leaders would’ve already committed Hara Kiri with all such sins exposed publictly. I imagine, it’s not our style in the Philippines, since the like of Gloria knows no shame.

    How can this guy Abalos be allowed to remain in such important position when it’s obvious the man is corrupt and incompetent. Or, the others like the Abalos running the govt.

    I guess, when you’ve a corrupt Gloria in power we shouldn’t be expecting what can we expect from Abalos eh. Benjamin Abalos should be serving time in jail along with Gloria Arroyo and many others connected to Gloria. And, we can add to the list Garcillano, Joc Joc, Chavit, Mikes (Father and Son combo), Iggy, Military Generals, Majority of the House of Representatives and lets not forget Hilarious Davide worst of the bunch.

    I’ll also would like to throw in FVR with the bunch, that senile guy that smoke funny cigar. Needless to mention, Abalos was responsible for the P1.2 billion Mega-Pacific contract for the automation of voting machines and of course the 2004 clean election in which the Pilipinos got robbed of their sovereign will. Yet, Abalos remains free.

    In my opinion, automation of voting was designed and well planned by Gloria to make sure the voting machines will not be used, so Gloria easily put into motion the dagdag/bawas system. And, the only explanation for the original sins would be is that Gloria’s “I Owe You Markers” must be paid in full by Gloria to keep her in Malacanang. No matter what, as they say, Gloria is still bogus.

  17. pandawan - July 6, 2006 5:19 am

    Ellen, kapag ang COMELEC na ito ay hindi mabubuwag at siya pa ring mamamahala ng eleksiyon ay marami na ang hindi boboto. Alam ko ako hindi na.

    Gustong-gusto at bilib na bilib si Abalos sa sarili niya subali’t tae siya sa mga Pilipino. Ang tanong ko nga e sino pa ba ang naniniwala ke Gloria at sa mga bata niya? Pakisagot nga.

  18. Karl Garcia - July 6, 2006 6:12 am

    Signing after superirors have signed.I forgot what do you call that thing when someone signs after his superior he is not liable.

    Arias Magsusi doctrine is always by passed.( I remembered )

    Good faith, later can be called conspiracy.

  19. Karl Garcia - July 6, 2006 6:16 am

    Under this admin
    kahit kahat sila tanggalin,wala din.Tama si BFR o pandawan.

    ganyan din ang recommendation ng Feliciano commission walang mangyayari for the duration of this admin.

    YUng Pelaez issue,wag mo sabihin spin din to ng palasyo.Bat nga ba ako magtataka?

    Yung Pidal accounts,safe na safe sa money laundering act.

  20. schumey - July 6, 2006 7:22 am

    You are oh so right Karl, Nothing good will come out of this administration. But still, I will vote in ’07. No matter what happens, I will exercise my right to vote. This is the only arena I can truly express my sentiment. We can never say what miracle could happen. Back in ’86, nobody new what the outcome would be, and yet we all threw our support in the electoral process. What happened next, as we all know is history. If we give up and throw in the towel, we will be allowing evil to reign.

  21. nelbar - July 6, 2006 8:43 am

    Naniniwala pa rin pala kayo sa eleksyon?

  22. ystakei - July 6, 2006 8:52 am

    You bet, Schumey, you should not waste the opportunity to kick out the crooks with your vote. Unlike in Japan, when we do not see any political party presenting good platforms during elections, we just don’t bother to vote, but it becomes a reflection of the sentiments of the majority against the government and it becomes a basis for a lot of mea culpa unlike in the Philippines where the majority of those sitting in the government is kapalmuks! Kakalungkot!

  23. Ellen - July 6, 2006 9:01 am

    Although elections is not the be-all and end-all in a democracy, i still believe it’s the most democratic form of choosing a leader. That’s why it should be safeguarded to reflect the will of the people.

    Ako rin, I will vote as long as I am able to. Kung dayain nila, at least mas mahirap sila mandaya if people exercise their right to choose their leader. If not, mas madali sa kanila mag-manipulate.

    But I understand the frustration of many. Concerned leaders should be worried about that.

  24. ystakei - July 6, 2006 9:07 am

    Abalos does not even know what his job is. Just playing puppet to the Midget in exchange for the opportunity to be super-millionaire himself, I guess. I actually had the opportunity to debate with him on one of the ABS-CBN programs on TV on the implementation of the OAV Law as one of those presented to represent the OFWs as one of those who worked hard to have it passed despite my initial apprehension and anxiety about it and the walang pag-asa reality that election will ever be clean as long as the Filipinos allow these crooks in the Comelec, etc. to stay and swindle them! I even thought Filipinos overseas would be wiser what with their experience and observations of better systems in the countries where they work or reside. At least,in my case,I was/am an active participant in the Japanese political system, and I thought there are lots of things indeed I can share with Filipinos who are serious about cleaning up their country. It’s the least I could/can do to help. Supalpal sa akin ang gunggong na Abalos na iyan.

    When he was appointed Commissioner, I already knew that his assignment was to help make the burot Bansot a permanent president cum queen! Poor Mr. Borra, and all those who have shown their fangs too late. Nagmukha tuloy silang mga lulugo-lugong kawawa!

  25. florry - July 6, 2006 9:44 am

    Original sin, the topic, akala ko ito yong pangyayari sa Garden of Eden, pero we can still make a comparison between then and now, with Eve and Mrs. Pidal. Eve violated the only prohibition that God issued to them, while Mrs. Pidal violated all the rules and laws under the Constitution. Kaya mas masahol siya. She cheated in the election and thwarted the sovereign will of the majority, thus violating the voice of God. If the pair from Garden of Eden were punished because of a simple disobedience, at hindi nangungurakot, hindi nagsisinugaling at nandadaya, how much more with Mr & Mrs. Pidal. Ano kaya ang nararapat na kaparusahan ang ibigay sa mga ito?
    Now, Borra is a victim of a vengeful fake pres. If we recall, once upon a time he admitted that cheating really occured during the last election which Ellen called the original sin. Borra did not pay attention to current history and he did did not learned his lesson either. Everybody knew that anybody who go against this fake pres. will bear the brunt of her anger. She also has a long memory and just like a predator waiting for the exact moment to pry and unleash her fury on victim that had the gall to go against her. Its amazing how this illegitimate developed an unwavering belief that all her minions and all the people are genetically designed to follow her orders and wishes and to always satisfy all her whims. She wants all the people to be like her BUNYE-ta, Little Mike, Ermita and Raul Gonzales who are all a disgrace to the human male population. Mga urong ang “balls” at nagkakandahaba na ang mga nguso sa pagsisipsip para lang mapasaya ang kanilang Queen Fantasy. Saang parte kaya nagsisipsip ang mga ito. Maybe they already pro-rated mong themselves, or maybe there’s a cycle like dito ako ngayon, doon ako bukas.
    In the case of Borra, I hope this guy will be man enough to turn himself as a witness to expose once and for all the truth about the original sin. He vowed to clear his name and if I may add, may he consider too clearing his consience, and if ever he is brave enough to do such thing, he will be hailed as a National Hero and his Legacy will linger in the hearts and minds of the people and the nation as a whole for a very long long time. Then finally we can shout our hearts out with all happiness-Mabuhay si Borra, mabuhay ang Pilipino at mabuhay ang inang bayang Pilipinas. Hind kasali dito si mr & mrs Pidal and her company of thieves, cheaters and liars. Dapat magpagawa at magpasadya ng isang kulungan para sa mga taong ito at itatayo ito sa highest peak ng Mt. Bulusan. I think they deserve it.

  26. Spartan - July 6, 2006 12:03 pm

    Tony Cuevas, you’re right about Abalos being CORRUPT, but “INCOMPETENT”?, I don’t think so my friend…in fact, it’s the other way around, he is so “COMPETENT” to what GLORIA “assigned” him to do that he’s still in that “post”, that same important position that GMA(Ganid,Manhid,Ang kapal ng mukha) badly needed “someone who can assist” her to “perform” the “greatest hocus-pocus” of all…the “RIGGING” of the 2004 National Election in her favor. Like I’ve said before, and again asking for “forgiveness” if I am sounding so “calous”…Abalos have already paid for his “sin” and “debt” to the Filipino people. It happened last year when he lost his “beloved” teenage-granddaughter, like JDV when he lost his “beloved” teenage-daughter. Yes, it’s a pity that these two young “innocent” girls “symboliccaly” paid for the SINS of their “fathers”.

  27. Spartan - July 6, 2006 12:33 pm

    Going back to the OMB’s “findings and reccomendations”, it is no surprise that if “needed”, almost all of the COMELEC’s employees from the higher-ups and down would be brought to the “slaughter”, except only one man…and that man is Benjamin “Laging Nagmamaang-maangan” Abalos. He even got the “guts” to make “strong comments” that “this and “that” Senator(s), Congressmen, or anybody who are “slowing down” the “COMPUTERATIATION” of the coming 2007 election are not “helping” to “upgrade” the electoral system of the country. Why is he so “atat” to implement the “computer system” on the next election?…because it is “EASIER TO MANIPULATE” the results of the “vote countings”…the “machines” can perform “faster” and “more accurate” than humans, but…machines can only “do” what the human “operators” (programmers) tell it to do. I will repeat, we all saw what happend in the Florida Counting when GWBush first run for the presidency of the United States against Al Gore.

    Abalos is GMA’s “Tom Cruise” (Ethan Hunt in the Mission Impossible movies),…his mission, if in fact he would still be around for the 2007 election, is to make sure that all of Gloria’s “pawns and bishops” would win by hook or again, by crook…hope Abalos would just “self destruct”… 😀 😀 😀

  28. Spartan - July 6, 2006 12:40 pm

    ystakei…”off-topic”, I just want to say congrats…that japanese guy Takeru Kobayashi is the winner again of the Annual 4th of July Hotdog Eating Contest in Coney Island, NY…it’s his 6th championship in a row…53 3/4 hotdogs plus the buns in 12 minutes…man, he’s one “hotdog-eating machine”…hehehe 😉

  29. ystakei - July 6, 2006 5:45 pm


    Iyan ang wala ang pilipino, tunay na tiyaga! Hindi umuurong! Iyong tao nagpraktis ng husto ng pagkain ng maraming hotdog kaya sa palagay ko malaki na ang bituka niya para magkasya ang hotdog na ipinapasok niya sa tiyan niya!

    Ganyan din ako, tanong mo sa mga pilipinong kasama sa OAV advocacy. Si Takei, hindi umuurong kapag nagbitiw ng commitment. Hapon kasi ang lahi!!!

  30. ystakei - July 6, 2006 5:51 pm


    Sinong naniniwala kay Bansot? Sa totoo lang, wala! Kaya lang kailangan ang datong ng mga hinayupak kaya sipsip dito sipsip doon kagaya ni Nograles at saka iyong mga intruders sa blog na ito and pretending to know all. Akala siguro hindi ko siya mabibisto! Lumang tugtugin na, sira na ang plaka! Dito iyan, baka nagharakiri na!

    In other words, wina-waysan din nila iyong Punggok lalo na’t ubod ng yabang at akala ay bilib na bilib sa kaniya ang mga galamay niya. Pagtalikod niya, binebelatan yata siya ng mga gunggong na katulad niya. At siyempre iyong nakikinabang sa pagtatanggol sa kaniya gagawa at gagawa talaga ng paraan na hindi mapatalsik si Punggok.

    Pero tayo, sige, arya, PATALSIKIN NA IYAN, NOW NA!

  31. Emilio_OFW - July 7, 2006 5:14 am


    Talagang napakabaho na ng Malacanang, Camp Aguinaldo at Commission on Elections! Sobra na ang mga tae na nagkalat sa paligid. Iputan kasi sila ng iputan, eh.

    Pero kaya ng konsensiya ng mga ito ang pagsisinungaling, pandaraya at pagnananakaw. Pinangungunahan kasi ni Bansot – follow the leader, ika nga!

    Naniniwala pa rin ako na dinirinig tayo ng Panginoong Diyos sa ating mga dinadasal na maiahon na ang mahigit na 80M na mga Filipino sa pagmamalabis ng administration ni Bansot.

  32. ystakei - July 7, 2006 6:04 pm

    You bet, Emilio! Kaya nga naglalabasan na ang mga baho! Kaya lang kawawa ang Pilipinas kapag iyan ang nilusob ng mga North Koreans! Hindi pa man, talo na! Pero iyong Pandak, akala mo may ibubuga at panay ang banat laban sa North Korea! Kasi gustong magpapel kay Bush. Nainggit siguro kay Koizumi na isinama pa ni Bush on board the Air Force One na hindi na isisingil sa Japan pagpunta nila sa Graceland. Medyo hiya lang ang mga tao dito dahil sa kalokohan ni Koizumi. Buti na lang hindi siya nag-Amerikana doon para talagang personal ang visit niya at hindi opisyal.

    Pero iyong Pandak, ang sagwa! Namasyal sa Europe libre at bayad ng bansa! Sobra na, please patalsikin na!

    Lahat nang makausap kong pilipino dito, lahat isinusuka na si Pandak! Iilan na lang siguro ang akala nila dapat pang pagbigyan ang pang-aabuso niyan. Halos mga ka-probinsiya lang naman niya, pero marami ring mga kapampangan galit sa kaniya dahil sa ginawa niya kay Cory!

  33. jorgie - July 9, 2006 1:42 pm

    Without offense to the Kapampangan, isn’t it Abalos a cabalen of this midget in the Palace? And that the Supreme Court Chief Justice is also from Pampanga? And Sen. Lito Lapid is another cabalen being pushed by the Palace to run for mayor in Makati? And his golfing partners and gambling mates are mostly from Pampanga led by the untouchable Bong Pineda?

    Don’t get me wrong. I have lots of friends; compadres and comadres from Pampanga. I’m only trying to figure out why many of those who are involved in anomalies and well protected by the authorities are from the said province. Hindi din ako naniniwala na maraming traidor na Kapampangan…sabi-sabi lang iyan at baka inggit lang sila dahil magaling magluto ang mga Kapampangan. Pero kung isipin ko na parehong Kapampangan ang umagaw ng puwesto sa dalawang nakaupong pangulong lalaki eh nagtataka na rin ako.

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