Fearing JDV plot, GMA dumped PI’

(The following article appeared in Malaya today. All is not well in Gloria Arroyo’s Enchanted Kingdom.)


FEARING a “coup” by Speaker Jose de Venecia, it was President Arroyo who dumped at the last-minute the people’s initiative to amend the 1987 Constitution by sending out word she would not be averse to a Supreme Court ruling against the petition of Sigaw ng Bayan and the Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines, a source said yesterday.

The source said the message was relayed through the Villaraza and Angangco law office which counts Defense Secretary Avelino Cruz and Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio Carpio as founding members.

Carpio wrote the Oct. 25 ruling which found the people’s initiative campaign constitutionally infirm for being misleading and deceptive. The SC vote was 8-7.

The source said the turnaround of the President and Mike Arroyo was prompted by the inclusion of a provision in the proposed shift to a parliamentary system, which would allow the legislature, expected to be controlled by De Venecia, to impeach the President during the transition period to 2010.

De Venecia’s Cha-cha blueprint provides that senators who have up to 2010 will serve their remaining term until 2010.

The same provision applies to President Arroyo who will continue to serve as president until 2010 “unless impeached by the Parliament.”

The source said Mr. Arroyo was the first to realize the threat posed by the impeachment provision.

“Iyan kasi ang nakalagay sa isinumite ng proponents ng PI sa Comelec at kasama sa referendum. Nagkalaglagan sila. Pumalag na ang Malacañang,” said the source who is known to be close to the President although he does not hold any office.

The source said when the President failed to get a firm assurance from De Venecia and people’s initiative proponents that the “impeach clause” would not apply to her, the President discreetly ordered a pullout of support while continuing to publicly endorse the proposal.

This was when the First Gentleman went to work, the source said.

He said De Venecia suspects that the so-called The Firm used its influence to swing the votes against people’s initiative.

An aide close to De Venecia confirmed such suspicion yesterday.


The source also said there is a brewing Cabinet war between the “De Venecia boys,” namely Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita, Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez, National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales and presidential political adviser Gabriel Claudio, on one side, and Cruz and presidential chief of staff Michael Defensor, on the other.

“Matindi ang pulitika ngayon. Ibang klase ang bakbakan. Sila-sila ang nag-aaway,” the source said.

Cruz said over the weekend that three Cabinet members are out to remove him for his lukewarm support to the people’s initiative drive.

The source said Gonzalez got a mouthful from the President the other day when she called him up from China and told him to stop badmouthing Cruz.

Claudio expressed doubt that Cruz would be removed from the Cabinet.

“Regardless of differences of opinion, I doubt very much if anybody within the Cabinet would move for the ouster of a colleague because of what happened to people’s initiative. That judgment is completely up to the President. I don’t believe changes in the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision is warranted,” he said.

Claudio said he was aware of Cruz’ position on the people’s initiative.


He said Cruz never publicly campaigned against the people’s initiative, even if he had aired his sentiments against it during Cabinet discussions.

“In small circles within the Cabinet and with me, Secretary Cruz did speak about his disagreement with people’s initiative as a method for amending the Constitution. Nothing wrong with that, I guess. His advice and candidness, as long as they are confined within the Cabinet, are valued as always,” he said.

“I am not aware of an instance where he publicly campaigned against the people’s initiative or tried to subvert its chances of success particularly in the Supreme Court. If he did, ibang usapan na yun,” he added.

Claudio said the administration has not entirely given up on Cha-cha.

“The narrow defeat of people’s initiative in the Supreme Court does not diminish the urgency and righteousness of political reforms through Charter change. The final fate of charter change through people’s initiative or constituent assembly will probably be determined by the time Congress goes into Christmas recess,” he said.

He said if the constitutional hurdles would not be overcome by then, the administration would go on a “formal, open and aggressive” preparation for the May 2007 elections. – With Jocelyn Montemayor

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  1. ystakei - October 30, 2006 8:02 am

    There are a lot of things Filipinos should question this bogus administration about its dealings with countries like Japan and especially China. What this Boba is doing in fact is prostituting Philippine interests for her failure to provide decent jobs and decent living for the people of the Republic of the Philippines. Now, she is back in China trying to sell Philippine properties, welfare and interests to Chinese like a prostitute. This should be stopped once and for all.

    The Philippines with this crook there manning the Philippine government like a Mafia boss is in fact making paupers of Filipinos. Its patrimonies in Japan that even Marcos did not touch are being squandered with biddings done in the Philippines because Filipinos there are too hungry to even bother to say “No!” unlike Filipinos in Japan who can really be noisy and every ready, willing and able to stop these sales or whatever fantastic names they call them.

    There should be no Charter Change under this Mafia boss. She, her husband, and their minions should not be allowed to hold the reins of power now or ever, NOT WITH THE MATAPOBRE CONSTITUTION AUTHORED BY JOSE ABUEVA, ET AL!

    Kawawa ang mga mahirap pag nagkataon. Ironically, the Boba boasts of an improved economy and zero poverty under her reign. But we all know that with the rate she is going with her borrowing sprees and selling of Philippine patrimonies and properties, Filipinos of this and future generations will never be able to get out of their sorry state just like what the father of the Boba did during his time!

    Kawawang bansa! PATALSIKIN NA, NOW NA!

  2. ystakei - October 30, 2006 8:08 am

    I told you, guys, to be wary of the SC decision even if it looked favorable to us who want to see the Midget out. No need to thank Panganiban especially kasi trabaho niya supposedly ginawa lang niya. Frankly, they should have been more sensitive of public sentiment, and right now, the sentiment is to have the Bansot disqualified and made legally responsible for duping the Filipinos about the 2004 election, huwag na ang pagpapaalis kay Erap, the duly elected president, in 2001.


  3. npongco - October 30, 2006 9:10 am

    So, those who are congratulating some SC justices and this SC Chief Panganiban should now think twice. We might have been all taken for a ride. It could be this GMA through Carpio who influenced Panganiban’s decision. Poor JDV…he might be running to FVR’s arms at this moment.

  4. goldenlion - October 30, 2006 9:28 am

    Sino pa nga ba ang magtataksil sa isang tao kung hindi ang pinakamalapit sa kanya!!! Buti nga kay JDV, masyadong ambisyoso! Feeling niya ay gustong-gusto siya ng mga tao. Hindi ba niya nararamdaman kung gaano na ang galit sa kanya ng mga filipino? don’t worry mga ka-blog, si bansot alyas glueria alyas reyna ng engkantada ay pagtataksilan din ng kanyang mga alipores. Pasasaan ba’t paglalaruan din siya ng kanyang mga aso………CALLING TOTING BUNYETA, WONDER BOY DEFENSOR—PLS. PROCEED TO GEN. MAYUGA TO FURTHER DETAILS!!!! HA, HA, HA, HA, Matalino man daw ang unggoy……..nauunggoy din!!!

  5. goldenlion - October 30, 2006 9:30 am

    erratum: proceed to gen. mayuga to further details…should be “for further details”

  6. Diego K. Guerrero - October 30, 2006 9:50 am

    Political survival of bogus President Gloria Arroyo is at stake. The charter change is all about power struggle between two crooks, Gloria Arroyo and Jose De Venecia. Self-interests motivated the rushing of Con-ASS and fake people’s initiative. Both are direct beneficiaries in case of unicameral parliamentary government system approved by the Filipino people. Millions of taxpayers’ money is wasted in the derailed people’s initiative of Gloria- PIG Express and should be spent to build school classrooms. Ang mga baboy ay naglalabo na.

  7. florry - October 30, 2006 10:01 am

    As I’ve been saying all along JDV may have a secret plan or a hidden agenda, that’s why he’s so cocky confident of bagging the title of being the first PM under the new constitution. If the news is true, then everybody was taken for a ride. After all it’s not a decision that came out from the wisdom and concerned of these justices for the country especially Carpio, but from the dictate of the egomaniacal couple to thwart JDV’s secret agenda.. Kung totoo lahat ang mga balita, mukhang matindi nga ang labanan ngayon sa grupo in JDV at GMA and a possible realignment of forces will be forthcoming. Sana nga, totoo, at totoo man o balitang kutsero lang yan, kailangan nakahanda pa rin ang mga tao sa susunod na labanan. And even if the evil couple, “cooked” the decision of the SC, we can still consider a victory, at least if we make a choice between the pro and anti, the anti is the lesser evil.

  8. alitaptap - October 30, 2006 11:02 am

    Wasn’t it often said – ‘there is no honor among thieves’? Now the thieves are squabbling over their spoils. Gloria is leery of JVD who might upstage her. When suspicion among thieves rear its ugly head, heads will roll.

  9. Diego K. Guerrero - October 30, 2006 11:13 am

    The FIRM founder Defense Secretary Avelino Cruz is the next casualty in the ongoing “baboy turf war” for he openly opposed the people’s initiative of Gloria and close ties to Associate Justice Antonio Carpio. It heard over the radio Mindanao news (RMN Manila) that possible replacements of Secretary Cruz are Executive Secretary Ermita, Senator Ramon Magsaysay Jr. and Rep. Prospero Pichay. Is this another Moro-Moro stage by Malacanang?

  10. kitamokitako - October 30, 2006 11:21 am

    Posible talaga na ang lahat ay drama drama lang.

    Kung may realignment of forces, saan pupunta si JDV – sa opposition? Naku, kahit anong laban niya kay GMA ngayon, dapat hindi siya suportahan ng mga nasa opposition. Dapat mabura na siya, totally erased from Phil politics. Ano na kaya ang nangyari sa railway scam nito?

  11. Mrivera - October 30, 2006 1:50 pm

    malapit nang maghalo ang balat sa tinalupan. mga balat na singkakapal ng katad ng rhinoceros. di nga ba’t hindi pwedeng magsama ng matagal ang mga talamak na magnanakaw at walang budhing halang ang kaluluwa? hindi magtatagal at sila sila rin ang magsasaksakan sa likod. at tama ang sabi ni npongco, “in the end, the good shall prevail over the evil.”

  12. Phil Cruz - October 30, 2006 3:11 pm

    This report of the “taksilan of the vipers”, if true, is what some people have been praying for. Nature truly balances things in the universe.

  13. schumey - October 30, 2006 3:35 pm

    I love this development. Waging war against themselves. We all knew that something’s got to give, this is it. The administration is falling apart. Labo-labo na sila, agawan na sila ng puwesto. See what happens to greedy people? In the end they have nothing.

  14. anthony scalia - October 30, 2006 4:47 pm

    The 1987 Constitution really needs amending; among other things, its just a knee-jerk reaction against the Marcos environment.

    In the 1986 Con-Com, only one vote decided the choice of a presidential form of government.

    We just differ on the means. A constitutional convention may be more expensive, but it should be pursued.

  15. lokalvocal - October 30, 2006 6:39 pm

    keep on fighting pigs!!! Yohoo!!! The greed of JDV and GMA unravels. Magsaksakan kayo sa likod. Ha ha ha

  16. Mrivera - October 30, 2006 6:48 pm

    paano ngang hindi sila sila ang magbabangayan? kung baga sa kulungan ng mga asong ulol at hayok na sa kagutuman, wala na silang malapa kaya sila sila na lang! dapat nga ihagis sa gitna nila ang mga kunwari ay nagbibigay ng magandang alternatibo. para gutay gutayin ang katawan at pag-agaw agawan ang maitim nilang laman!

  17. ystakei - October 30, 2006 8:05 pm

    What? Jun Magsaysay being offered a cabinet position? So that he will stop pursuing Bolate? Masaya sila! Ano gusto nilang magsaysaya?

    Lagot si Pandak. Leaders of member countries of ASEAN are being told to clear the matter up with the Bansot about the political killings in the Philippines.

    Ellen, you have not written about this but NGOs here have gone fact-finding to the Philippines for fear of the rekindling of anti-Japanese sentiment with the murders, etc. of community leaders, human rightists, journalists protesting and monitoring projects financed with Japanese ODAs, and are demanding the leaders of Japan in charge of the ODA to make it clear to the Bansot administration that ODA will be stopped if these killings are not stopped.

    The nerve of Bansot’s soldiers to advertise who among the community leaders would be taken for execution without due process. Right now for instance in Bohol, seven are in the list. One has already been eliminated. Parang Russian roulette. This should be stopped by all means.

    Will send video to Malaya office for you on the meeting with Japanese officials after I have transcribed it into English because the dialogues were in Japanese.

  18. ystakei - October 30, 2006 8:15 pm


    Siguro nakahalata na ang mga sakim na dinidenggoy sila ni Bansot at iyong ganid na asawa. Sila na lang kasi ang pumapapel. Siguro akala ng mga gunggong, papartihan sila ng mag-asawa gaya ng ginagawa noong araw ni Ferdie at Imelda. Kapag mabait ka sa kanila, malaki rin ang pabuya sa iyo. Itong mag-asawang ganid yata sila lang ang tumitiba.

    BTW, si Bansot ang sabi sa mga intsik, “My husband is like Rizal. Rizal and Mike have both pure Chinese ancestors! They are great people!” Susmaryosep! Parang sinabing hero din ang asawa niya!

    Kung puede lang siguro sinabi niyang, “I am great, too, as great a hero as Jose Rizal. Kamukha ko siya. Look at my hairdo!”

    Guess what

  19. Ellen - October 30, 2006 9:03 pm

    Thanks Yuko. But I’d rather that you don’t send any package to me. Look at what happened to your previous package. Has it been sent back to you?It’s a lot of trouble for me going to the post office.

  20. lokalvocal - October 30, 2006 9:03 pm

    Lam mo naman si Bansot, kung saang bansa ay trying hard maka score ng mga pa pogi points.

    Di ba naalala nyo na nung pumunta sila sa Italya, si Big Mike ay may lahi daw na SANTO? Susmaryosep talaga, ang kapal ng apog nyang ipagmamalaki yun.

    Ngayon sinabi na naman nila na mayroon silang CHINESE ANCESTRY!

    Di kaya maiinsulto ang mga intsik sa sinasabi nila?

  21. ystakei - October 30, 2006 9:30 pm


    I haven’t received the package back. The post office here does not know yet what has happened to it. Sayang, I have included the ionizer for your clean breathing.

    Anyway, someone is going to Manila this December and I will probably ask him to deliver it to your office, call you first via your cellphone, and then deliver the package to you.

    Golly, when we left the Philippines in the late 60’s, the post office there was already a sorry state, and bad service—lots of pilferages. It’s still the same and worst maybe. I did not know that delivering EMS package there would be that troublesome. It’s the same bad service in Belgium, too, apparently!

  22. Chabeli - October 30, 2006 10:07 pm

    Would like to share with you my e-mail to Mr. Wenceslao:

    —– Original Message —-
    Sent: Sunday, October 29, 2006 6:38:19 AM
    Subject: PAMUSA Statement

    Dear Mr. Wenceslao:
    I read PAMUSA’s statement in Ms. Ellen Tordesillas web blog, and I would like to commend PAMUSA for the statement. It was a corageous act. Thanks, most especially, for the ray of Hope that the Philippines will be great once again. Keep up the good work!

    However, if you don’t mind, I do have a question. On the 3rd paragraph of your statement, it says, “…De Castro could retain non-controversial Cabinet members such as Secretaries Romulo and Ermita…” I was wondering, why PAMUSA named these 2 Cabinet members as “non-controversial” when, for one, Secretary Romulo is alledged to have had a hand in the Bolante case, most especially when the Senate was investigating the Fertilizer scam? And how about Ed Ermita, he is also believed to be the jueteng king of Batangas (a reputable Senator told me)? Aren’t those controversial issues?

    Not wanting to make a rash judgement, or be cynical, I was just curious about the statement.



    Thanks for your encouraging words. It’s you and many others expressing the same support that give PAMUSA the strength to continue its difficult task. Best regards,


  23. Mrivera - October 30, 2006 10:20 pm


    dun sa kabilang thread naalala ko nung panahon ng kampanya habang naglilibot sa iba’t ibang lalawigan si gloria. sabi niya sa pangangampanya sa mga ilokano na magaan ang damdamin niya sa kanila dahil may dugo diyang ilokano, gayundin nang pumunta siya sa cebu, may dugo daw siyang cebuano na dahil nangangampanya nga parang nanliligaw sa mga tao. siguro kung pwedeng bumoto ang mga baboy at aso sasabihin din niyang meron siyang dugong baboy at aso, di ba? kunsabagay, hindi man pwedeng bumoto ang mga baboy at aso, ang asal niya ay mas masahol sa mga hayop na ito.

  24. Mrivera - October 30, 2006 10:21 pm

    …may dugo siyang ilokano, ….

  25. ystakei - October 30, 2006 10:33 pm

    Sinabi din ba niya, Mrivera, na may dugo siyang aso? Alam naman nating lahat iyan di ba?

  26. ystakei - October 30, 2006 10:41 pm

    BTW, Ellen, here’s Veronica Uy’s (Inquirer) article on the toxic wastes:

    Japan won’t export toxic waste to RP, says embassy

    By Veronica Uy

    Posted date: October 30, 2006

    THE Japanese government will not export toxic and hazardous wastes to the Philippines without the approval of the host government, the Japanese embassy said Monday.

    “The government of Japan has an established legal framework based on the Basel Convention and has been enforcing strict export/import control, which does not allow any export of toxic and hazardous wastes to another country, including the Philippines, unless the government of such a country approves such export,” the embassy said in a statement released almost a week after the controversy broke out over a provision in the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA).

    The embassy also said the Japanese government “sincerely hopes that JPEPA will come into force at the earliest possible date,” as it believes that the agreement, which still has to be ratified by the Philippine Senate, “will be conducive to the further increase of trade and investment between the two countries and thus further promote the bilateral relations.”

    The Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and Their Disposal is an international treaty designed to reduce the movements of hazardous waste between nations, and specifically to prevent transfer of hazardous waste from developed to less developed countries.
    It is also intended to minimize the amount and toxicity of wastes generated, to ensure their environmentally sound management as closely as possible to the source of generation, and to assist less development countries in environmentally sound management of the hazardous and other wastes they generate.

    “Japan remains strongly committed to the strict enforcement of such export/import control, which will prevent any illegal export of toxic and hazardous wastes to the Philippines,” the embassy said, noting that both countries are signatories to the convention.

    It said that after the JPEPA was signed in Helsinki, Finland on September 9, Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry Akira Amari and Philippine Trade and Industry Secretary Favila met on October 27 and “reaffirmed the commitment of the two governments to enforce strict control on the export/import of toxic and hazardous wastes” as specified in the Basel Convention.

    The embassy also said media reports on the issue indicate “some misunderstanding.”

    “Judging from the recent media reports, there seems to be some misunderstanding in the Philippines that toxic and hazardous wastes will be exported from Japan to the Philippines as customs duties of waste materials will be eliminated after the JPEPA comes into effect,” it said.

    Binabanatan na ngayon ng mga NGO na hapones ang ODA to the Philippines and repercussions on Philippine-Japan relationship because a lot many of those being killed by the military are community leaders critical of Japanese ODA financed projects. Next will be these toxic wastes.

    I suggest you send letters to the Ambassador of Japan in the Philippines to let them know that Filipinos in general are against this plan to dump toxic wastes from Japan into the Philippines, and to stop ODA if they will not stop the extra-judicial killiings of community leaders, journalists, lawyers, human rightists, et al. in the Philippines.
    Tambakan ninyo ng sulat ang ambassador diyan sa Pilipinas.

  27. ystakei - October 30, 2006 10:50 pm

    Ellen, Anna, All Barkada:

    Inquirer has reported on the formation of the Permanent People’s Tribunal for the Philippines in Netherlands. Two Japanese are going to serve there as Judge and Prosecutor. It will be more or less the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. The Bansot will be tried there even in absentia if she will not reply to the summons that are supposed to be sent to her. She may not want to step down, but for not stepping down, a sanction/embardo can always be resorted to in order to press her to resign.

    So, who says that overseas Filipinos cannot do anything to stop this abuse of power, graft and corruption? Sabi nga, if there is a will, there is a way! PATALSIKIN NA, NOW NA!

  28. anna de brux - October 31, 2006 12:29 am

    I know Yuko.

    I was invited to attend and to follow the proceedings but couldn’t go. Quite unfortunate really.

  29. Mike Uliling - October 31, 2006 1:10 am

    I know this comment may be late but it’s a blessing in disguise that I did not come out and congratulate those 8 justices right away. Unti unti nang lumalabas ang katotohanan kung bakit na turn down ang PI sa Supreme Court. Although hindi naman lahat sa walong justices ay nagpa pressure sa Malakanyang. Kaiba talaga. Ayoko mang sabihin ito pero sasabihin ko na rin: “Buti na lang at wala na ako diyan sa Pilipinas. Ako at nang aking pamilya.” Makikita kong wala kaming kinabukasan diyan. Minsan may magaling na lider, gaganda ang takbo ng bayan. Tapos papalitan, yung mga magagandang nasimulan papalitan naman ng mas palpak. Pabago bago ang takbo. Hindi man lang tumuloy tuloy ang pag usad.

  30. TongueInAnew - October 31, 2006 7:07 am

    Tuloy-tuloy na good news yan, Yuko kung sakali man.

    Naguluhan lang ako dito sa balita ni Ellen dahil yung informant ko ang balita ay away sa loob ng gabinete, di ko lang nalinaw kung saan ang panig ng Demonya, e Donya pala. Ang pagkakaintindi ko kasi, nagkalaglagan sa pagitan ng mag-asawang elepante at ng the Firm na matagal nang kontra sa patakarang gustong patakbuhin ng kabilang grupo nila Gonzales buwang, Gonzales mas buwang, Ermita, at Claudio, pero sila man ay laging talo sa Supreme Court. Hindi ko makita ang dahilan para kampihan ngayon ng mag-asawa ang the Firm na matagal nang tinatalo ang mga isinampa nila sa SC na di man lang napakinabangan si Carpio. Mukhang mas pinaniniwalaan ko ay sisibakin si Cruz sa DND dahil hindi sila natulungan sa SC kahit man lang sa CPR, PP1017, etc.

    Ang alam ko kasi lahat ng legal moves hawak ni Pancho Villaraza, kaya ngayong puro palpak sila, pinatatanggal na nina Ermita ang grupo niya. Di nga ba’t si Miss Wetness Apostol ang legal adviser na ngayon?

    Medyo magulo pa sa ngayon, pero pasasaan ba’t lilinaw din iyan. Malalaman din natin ilang araw pagkatapos bumagsak ng mga ulupong sa kinalalagyan nila ngayon!

    Kung tutoo naman ang balitang iyan, ang liligawan ng magkabilang panig nina Gloria at JDV as walang iba kundi si Danding, dahil halos pantay na ang dami ng Lakas at Kampi kahit hindi pa naglaladlad ang maraming bata ni Garfield na siguradong lilipat sa Kampi pagdating sa pondo sa eleksiyon ang usapan.

    Kung kanino papanig si Danding at ang NPC, siyang mangingibabaw. Masalimuot pero kitang-kita na, labas na ang panty ika nga, ang pagkakabiyak na ang susunod.

  31. Phil Cruz - October 31, 2006 7:51 am

    Yes, Danding will come into the play again. And we know what that means. Quid pro quo. “What’s in it for me” kind of thing. Coconut farmers will have to keep alert again on this one.
    By the way, Tongue, thanks for the comment on my nick. You, too, pala have a very creative one. I only realized it when I kept repeating yours aloud fast. Ha ha. Naughty. Naughty.

  32. ystakei - October 31, 2006 11:04 am


    Dasal lang tayo. Japanese leaders, especially those in charge of ODA to the Philippines, are presently in hot water over here with demands from NGOs et al to make it clear to Bansot that she cannot use Japanese taxpayers’ money for her selfish ambition and personal vested interests, and most of all, for kidnapping and murdering her critics. There is also a strong protest against using the Philippines as a dumpsite for Japanese toxic wastes. I understand Japan is being pressured to make strong demands during the ASEAN summit in Cebu on these issues.

    In Europe, apparently, the Bansot failed to impress leaders there. Umpisa na ng monitoring of the Philippines for possible embargo leading to the demise of this bogus administration. That was what happened to Marcos in fact after the assassination of Ninoy.

    I guess the Bansot’s time is up. She has to go by hook or by crook. We just need to be on the look out as a matter of fact.

    Ingat kayo diyan sa Pilipinas. Nililista na nila Bansot, et al kung sino ang susunod na tetepokin nila according to friends who have been monitoring the political killings in the Philippines. Sa probinsya pa nga may mga polyeto pang ipinamumudmod ang mga pulis at militar kung sino ang kanilang i-e-execute.

    I’m waiting for copies of those flyers. Will scan them and send them to Ellen for posting in this blog perhaps when I get copies of them.

  33. ystakei - October 31, 2006 4:18 pm

    Forget about Danding. Negosyante iyan. The word “kampi” is not the word for what he does to protect his business interests. Bribery, yes, but, not loyalty to anyone, not even to Macoy as a matter of fact even when he had to join the Marcoses in exile when they were removed and flown to Hawaii. Doon siya sa winning bet kasi doon nakasalalay ang survival ng kaniyang business.

    Tahimik ang mamang iyan sa totoo lang. Patingin-tingin lang!

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