Ermita backs Charter change to accommodate Moro homeland

by Christine Avendaño
Philippine Daily Inquirer

A new proposal that will see the government resorting to constitutional amendments possibly in 2008 to push the stalled peace negotiations with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) would likely have the backing of Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita.

“If this will help peace talks and governance in Mindanao, why not?” Ermita said in expressing his possible support for the proposal that government officials were expected to present to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her security officials to move forward the negotiations.

Ermita said that the government peace panel was expected to make a presentation of its new proposal to bring back the MILF to the peace table in mid-January.

Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Jesus Dureza last week disclosed a proposal now being worked on by the government peace panel led by its chief negotiator Rodolfo Garcia that will see the creation of a Bangsamoro federal state in Mindanao.

Dureza said the proposal would require amendments to the 1987 Constitution and that hopefully this could be done in 2008.

He said this proposal would help move forward the talks, which for years, were repeatedly hampered by issues involving the Constitution.

The MILF pulled out from exploratory talks set in December in Malaysia to protest the inclusion of a phrase “constitutional process” as the mode of implementing a draft agreement on territorial boundaries. For the MILF, “constitutional process” meant that any Bangsamoro territory would still be subject to a plebiscite in accordance with the 1987 Constitution.

In a phone interview, Ermita acknowledged that many people in Mindanao, including political leaders, saw the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, as a “model” of a federal state in the South.

“Many leaders there are opting for federalism,” he said.

He said the government wanted to see better governance in Mindanao, as he pointed out that the Palace’s budget allocation for the region rose by 30 percent in the proposed 2008 national budget.

“We gave this increase for the welfare of those in Mindanao,” he said.

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  1. vic - January 2, 2008 1:15 am

    A charter change encompasses the whole fundamental law of the land and the excuse given by Secretary Ermita to revive the Cha-Cha just don’t wash up. Why can’t they just be honest with the Public and say that we need a new Charter to come up with times and correct the defects in the old charter, maybe the People would, even reluctantly give it a chance…but the way they are trying to trick the people is beyond me and just like the last attempt will always be perceived as self-interest and for some ulterior motives.

  2. Yuko - January 2, 2008 1:59 am

    Vic: just like the last attempt will always be perceived as self-interest and for some ulterior motives.

    You said it, Vic. This is exactly the reason why any ChaCha proposal done by the Gloria Dorobo and her cahoots should not be entertained. It should be dumped outright.

    Why give them the chance to deceive the Filipinos again? How many times do Filipinos need to be lied to, cheated, defrauded and swindled to ever allow them to even think of allowing them to change the Philippine Charter and try to make the idiot a queen with promises that will be broken likewise to those willing to lick her smelly ass of a share of the booties like some lands on the outbacks of Mindanao and yes, even perhaps some royal titles to enable them to attend royal banquets paid with money sweated out by Filipinos at home and overseas.

    Kawawang Pilipinas! At kawawang mga pilipino—alipin pa rin kahit na ng mga kapareho nilang mga pilipino! Ang saklap!

  3. Etnad - January 2, 2008 2:16 am

    Hindi lang isa o dalawa gusto yata nila kay Glorya na ang ninakaw niyang puwesto. Totoo nga yatang Glorya Engkantada ang tangnang yan. Bagong taon na bagong taon gumawa na naman ang isyu ang tandang Ermitanyo. Magaling talaga silang mang-inis sa mga kalaban.

  4. Brownberry - January 2, 2008 2:36 am

    Ermita is FVR’s man and protege. FVR and JDV have long been pushing for Cha-Cha. That’s the only way they could return or be in power. And that could be the only way GMA could remain in power too. They mentioned Federalism. Senator Pimentel is in favor of Federal type of government. Ewan ko lang kung ano ang masasabi ni Nene diyan. But as far as Erap and the opposition are concerned, tutol sila diyan sa Cha-Cha. Erap even threatened to the lead the people on the streets to protest this evil scheme.

  5. Brownberry - January 2, 2008 2:57 am

    Oo nga pala, napanood ko si GMA sa TV on one of the recent occasions. The TV camera/footage took her full body video from head to toe while walking. Sus…ang taas ng sapatos niya. If I’m not mistaken, her shoe heel is about six inches. That makes her look like 5’2 since she’s only 4’8.

  6. AdeBrux - January 2, 2008 3:21 am

    Hi Ellen and everyone,

    Happy 2008 (if at all possible under the bogus regime) to one and all.

    If the Moros really believe they can hack it, why not?

    Perhaps a federal state is workable but I don’t for an instant believe a federal form of govt will benefit the nation, the Filipinos, least of all the Moros, not under Gloria and her henchmen’s highly bogus and corrupt regime.

    I say out with her and then, all parties talk.

  7. Brownberry - January 2, 2008 3:33 am

    Please educate me…is the term “Moro” still being widely used today. Dati may nagsabi sa akin na medyo may pagka-derogatory
    and salitang “Moro”. Diyan nga nanggaling ang salitang “moro-moro”. Anyway, happy new year to you and all.

  8. AdeBrux - January 2, 2008 4:01 am


    I don’t think it’s derogatory. They themselves use it — M(oro)ILF, M(oro)NLF, Moro homeland, etc.

  9. J. Cruz - January 2, 2008 4:40 am

    If Cha-Cha push under the moro-moro disguise will eventually lead to the saturation or tipping point, I am sure Filipinos are all for it!

    Will there be resolutions, one way or the other, relative to all the Senate probes? Or did the country already move on and consigned all the circa 2007 scandals to oblivion?

    If insanity couldn’t be stopped, could we at least have some closures before ushering in newly-minted 2008 scandals?

  10. Brownberry - January 2, 2008 5:28 am

    Mr. Cruz, the least that people demand is put closure to some of the scandals if not all. And on top priority is the Hello Garci tape. Since there is no closure to that Garci scandal, GMA’s legitimacy would always be in question even after she dies of old age. Even this Garcillano is still freely roaming around as if nothing happened. Hindi man lang nakatikim kahit isang araw sa kulungan. Abalos plays golf almost daily. Jocjoc Bolante is still in the US and who knows if he’s already out in jail and sent to another country. Marami pang mga officials na sangkot sa corruption at scandals ang nawawala, nagtatago o nagpapaligaya pa. If you ask me, I would settle for that Telecom scandal wherein the First Gentleman was directly implicated. That was the very first big scandal after GMA entered Malacanang. Kung iyon ngang kasong iyan natakpan at walang nangyari, iyon pang mga sumunod at ibang scandals?

  11. Elvira Sahara - January 2, 2008 5:29 am

    I am a daughter of Mindanao. Please lang, don’t ever listen to whoever’s idea that Constitutional amendments is the way to achieve PEACE in that island!
    CLEAN the government from Corrupt Leaders (from the national to the local level), then they can start talking about peace in my beloved Mindanao!
    If the Muslims are ready to die for that island, so are the Christians!

  12. Elvira Sahara - January 2, 2008 5:51 am

    Bagong Taon na…o…2008 na!
    Ang pangit simulan ang taon ng pagngingitngit sa mga ginagawa o sinasabi ng mga govt. officials na ‘to! Ayan na naman si Ermita sa pagsulong ng constitutional amendments na ‘yan. Gagamitin pa ang problemadong Mindanao to achieve peace kuno with the Muslims! Niknik niya, ano?
    Puwede ba, huwag niya ng gaguhin pa ang mga Pinoys at wise na ang mga ito! Aminin na lang niya ang reason behind why suddenly he’s backing this CHA-CHA game again!
    Ay, ambot…tigulang na, salawayon pa gihapon!

  13. alitaptap - January 2, 2008 6:09 am

    AdeBrux Says:
    I say out with her and then, all parties talk.
    Agree with that, Ana. All this talk about chacha are all in the guise of perpetuation in office.
    It is like: “this house has many faults – it stinks. Let’s build a new house”. Fact of the matter is – the house stinks because a skunk lives in it. Even if you build another house, it will also stink when the skunk moves in.
    Therefore let me echo your sentiments: out with the skunk … then talk about ANYTHING!

  14. Toney Cuevas - January 2, 2008 6:17 am

    It’s all about greed for power! Whore Gloria is shameless shrewd, once again conniving to stay in power. Charter change to accomodate the More Homeland is another avenue to extend whore Gloria’s hold in office. Moro Islamic Liberation Front(MILF)are not defined nor recognized in the constitution, yet the Armed Forces of the Philippines who shall take an oath or affirmation to uphold and defend this constitution necessary for the security of the State. Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)are enemy of the State by definition, they’re nothing but terrorists. Therefore, it’s even illegal to negotiate or give-in to MILF’s demand. Ermita is an idiot, like cobra charmer Gloria, if he only understand the provisions in the constitution, perhaps he would demand instead the complete disbarment of MILF rather than pacifying them. How many innnocent civilians and members of Philippines armed forces does the MLIF has killed in the past since their inception? You just can’t negotiate with the terrorists, just can’t surrender to MLIF the sovereignty of the Pilipinos. Furthermore, Philippines govt is at war with MILF. To stop this nonsense, “One Million Pinoys” at Malacanang Gates.

  15. klingon - January 2, 2008 7:54 am

    I knew it was a matter of time before Charter change became an issue again. GMA and he co-conspirators waited until 2008 to bring it up again. This way they think it cannot be used as an issue for her ouster — since 2010 is only two years away.
    Lets face it, any attempt at charter change now is simply another way of ensuring her continued power and a means to immunize her against future prosecution.
    I say wrong is wrong and must be punished, justice cannot be delayed for the simple expedient of waiting for elections.

  16. ipaglaban_mo - January 2, 2008 9:18 am

    I agree with you klingon. Why wait for karma justice to be bestowed upon gloria and gang in 2 more years for the very least? How many more filipinos will suffer in gloria’s crappy leadership? Charter change will never win here, but, who knows what this evil-rat is cookin’ again?

  17. johnmarzan - January 2, 2008 9:39 am

    i support a charter change move if it ONLY specifically deals with the moro homeland issue, having a presidential runoff if nobody gets more than 50% of the vote, AND voting for senators by region–nothing more, nothing less.

    any other amendment this administration, it’s allies OR the CBCP wishes to insert other than the ones i listed above is superfluous AND A DEAL BREAKER.

  18. Valdemar - January 2, 2008 9:58 am

    Surprise, folks, I am for chacha! And let the kawawang pinoy decide on what they would prefer as changes to the defective constitution. And if the Bangsamoros want their federal turf , lets give it to them now. At least they will behave and we will have peace sooner. We can use the poor marines to watch over the police and politico here in the metro.

  19. klingon - January 2, 2008 10:01 am

    I don’t know of anyone who is against Charter Change per se, however, given GMA’s propensity for subverting all processes — especially elections — we cannot put such an important and far-reaching matter into her filthy hands.

  20. klingon - January 2, 2008 10:02 am

    And since a referendum would be in order in the event of charter change, the possibility of inappropriate and self-serving provisions being put into the highest law of the land is practically a certainty. Remember, it will still be administered by practically the same COMELEC that produced the likes of Bedol and Garci.

  21. ace - January 2, 2008 10:07 am

    I agree klingon, the constitution is a “sacred document”, GMA should not touch it, she’s got dirty hands.

  22. ipaglaban_mo - January 2, 2008 10:18 am

    Charter change is fine but not with that tiyanak or someone assoicated with her in power. She has zero-credibility to be trusted again.

  23. we-will-never-learn - January 2, 2008 10:44 am

    No I’m sorry to say I’m not surprised (Surprise, folks,) because no doubt you reside North of the border and haven’t thought it through that any such changes will not immune youself. Muslim and Christians have lived and worked alongside each other for generations throughout the world. It has nothing to do with any problems that the Constitution (a sealed peoples agreement – not just solely christian & muslim). Are we saying that we cannot find the faith to live and work together in peace and that this ‘Land of Smiles’ is just mythology, I hope not.

  24. we-will-never-learn - January 2, 2008 10:46 am

    The problem is this administration trying to make a quick buck, not the Constitution.

  25. we-will-never-learn - January 2, 2008 10:47 am

    Without her throne she and the administration have lost their meal tickets and extra bank accounts.

  26. Yuko - January 2, 2008 11:41 am

    A friend in Spain told me how the idiot was feeling like royalty robbing shoulders with the King and Queen of Spain, whom she must have wriggled into giving her an additional boosting when she mentioned about her visit to the Queen of England, the wife of an uncle of Queen Sophia.

    Wow, apo ng isang labandera at traydor rubbing shoulders with the royalties of Europe! Talaga naman! Lalong lumaki ang ulo ni Pandak!

  27. Yuko - January 2, 2008 11:44 am

    Whoops, bakit naging “robbing shoulders with the King and Queen of Spain”? Sorry, mistake. It should be “rubbing shoulders with…” Palibhasa kasi magnanakaw ang pinag-uusapan natin.

  28. we-will-never-learn - January 2, 2008 1:17 pm

    Having experienced Oxford you will know in truth that royalty there are educated and well travelled having met many cultures of all kinds of people, high and low life included so therefore not easily fooled by a fake president. They will be polite which is different than being fooled – smile.
    Many years ago royalty used to employ jesters to entertain them but in this modern age they have fake presidents to entertain them ha ha.

  29. we-will-never-learn - January 2, 2008 1:55 pm

    Come to think about it many of these jesters were dwarfs, what goes around comes around he he.

  30. Snoopy - January 2, 2008 2:07 pm

    Esperon should be admonished for such statements. Akala ko sa Militar, bawal ang politics, di ba they should remain a-political. That’s just like saying that the present system under my command does not work and I have to change it. Dapat yan court martial na rin si Esperon niyan. di ba?

  31. Snoopy - January 2, 2008 2:24 pm

    please disregard above statement, i thought it was Esperon making the statement.

  32. Yuko - January 2, 2008 3:07 pm

    Come to think of it, but not many of my friends at Oxford showed any interest nor had such crazy notions about royalties as the labandera’s apo. In fact, I know a lot many who would like to get rid of the royalties in Europe. Itong si Dorobo gusto pa yatang bumalik sa stone age! :-P

  33. juggernaut - January 2, 2008 3:44 pm

    Honest amendments to the constitution (charter change) just like elections are only possible in “good government” not the other way around. Let’s get rid of Gloria and her cash-in-paperbags hungry henchmen first.

    I firmly believe that there should only be two organizations that can legally bear arms, the AFP and the PNP and no one else, this applies to the leftists, rightists, centrists, Islamists, Noranians, Vilmanians, Sharonians, followers of Papi Willie, Bossing Vic, and Joey.

    I was assigned in Mindanao a few years back, even the Muslim professionals – doctors mostly, don’t believe that their current crop of public officials are not that accountable enough for self-government.

    Snoopy, kumusta New Year nyo bok?

  34. ace - January 2, 2008 3:58 pm

    I am of the opinion that 2008 will be the decisive year for everyone that has a stake in the political landscape of this country, very crucial will be GMA’s choice of a new Comelec chairman by Feb.2 and a “new” AFP chief of staff by Feb. 9, there is more to these appointments than meets the eye.

  35. juggernaut - January 2, 2008 4:09 pm

    “I am of the opinion that 2008 will be the decisive year for everyone that has a stake in the political landscape of this country, very crucial will be GMA’s choice of a new Comelec chairman by Feb.2 and a “new” AFP chief of staff by Feb. 9, there is more to these appointments than meets the eye. – ace”

    My sentiments exactly, we need a decent Comelec and a REAL AFP chief of staff (not an overpaid henchman) like we need oxygen.

  36. AdeBrux - January 2, 2008 4:37 pm

    “I firmly believe that there should only be two organizations that can legally bear arms, the AFP and the PNP and no one else, this applies to the leftists, rightists, centrists, Islamists, Noranians, Vilmanians, Sharonians, followers of Papi Willie, Bossing Vic, and Joey.” — Juggernaut

    I agree completely. There can be no parallel armies in any republic that wants to survive or to remain a free republic.

  37. AdeBrux - January 2, 2008 4:55 pm

    Like it or not, the Philippines has 3 or 4 and maybe, even 5 major parallel armies with their own militarized camps, commanders and troops operating in the country namely: New People’s Army (NPA), Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), the largest of the Muslim rebel armies and which also happens to be a breakaway faction of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) and of course, the ineffective, inefficient but official Philippine Army.

    Added to those, if you like, is the US Army that has an omnipresent Operation Enduring Freedom – Philippines contingent in the country (similar to Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan) and very soon, the Australian Army.

    A Malaya report said, “The government has been talking with Muslim rebels to end nearly 40 years of conflict that has killed more than 120,000 people and displaced 2 million.

    “Talks over the size and wealth of a proposed Muslim homeland have been stalled since September 2006 although backroom negotiations have continued, resulting in a breakthrough in December when Manila agreed to grant Muslims the right of self-determination.”

    The Malaya report didn’t include the cost to the nation which could run into billions and billions and perhaps trillions of pesos — money that could be used to build infrastructures, to develop health care and of course, to improve education.

    Not included are the so-called ‘private armies’, i.e., self-proclaimed criminal and best friend to Mike ‘Jose Pidal’ Arroyo, Chavit Singson’s private army, the Abu Sayyaff bandits and all the other terrorist factions or cells – armed to the teeth as they may be – that operate in the Philippines. Excluded too are the rebel officers and troops comprising the Magdalo Group within the Armed Froces of the Philippines.

  38. AdeBrux - January 2, 2008 4:56 pm

    To me an armed army of men and women, rebels or not, but with whom the Philippine government officially negotiates, either for “peace” or for other reasons, i.e., for an independent homeland, their own territory, who are in fact prepared to take on the official army of the nation is a parallel army, virtually at par with the official Philippine Army. No other way to put it really. Or in a country that seeks stability, law and order and peace, one cannot have other armies operating in parallel to that nation’s official army.

    The existence in the country of parallel armies that are almost as powerful in terms of firepower, ‘military’ dogma and reach as the nation’s official army undermines not only the effectiveness of that nation’s official army but also makes it difficult for the official army to professionalize its ranks.

    Is it any wonder that the Armed Forces of the Philippines is still ‘unprofessional’? Frankly, the existence of all these armies has reduced Philippine Army commanders into battling their “enemies” for ideas.

    Instead of abducting and killing individual militants and human rights activists, the issue of parallel armies that are hugely armed, capable of bringing down the Philippine Republic or dismantling it should be the first worry of the Philippine Army and this Gloria Arroyo-led government because militant farmers, human rights activists, outspoken priests and other individuals cannot realistically bring the Philippine Republic down but its parallel armies definitely can!

  39. AdeBrux - January 2, 2008 5:00 pm

    And Ermita believes a change of form of government would obliterate the outstanding problem of insurgency in the country? Get rid of corruption and spend the money instead on genuinely developing the nation’s countrysides will be more like it.

    Stop the flight of capital (particularly emanating from ill-gotten wealth) — flight of capital is one of the major killers of development in any country wishing to develop.

  40. Brownberry - January 2, 2008 9:35 pm

    “Robbing shoulders…” is correct. Di ba magnanakaw iyang idiotang iyan sa Malacanang? With her midget height, it was impossible for her to rub shoulders with those tall individuals. She could not rub shoulder with the King but only rub the other parts below his waist. Bakit? Hanggang pusod lang ni King ang taas ni Madame. What I was upset most was when Spain conferred upon her an award for her government’s human rights good records. Tanga din pala itong mga Kastila. Hindi ba nila alam na ang Pilipinas ngayon sa kamay ni Idiota ang isa sa may pinakamasamang record sa human rights sa mundo?

  41. SULBATZ - January 2, 2008 10:21 pm

    May I ask….
    1. What does Ermita want changed (sepecific provisions) in the Constitution for the peace talks to proceed?
    2. What are the contentious issues in the peace talks that our Peace Panel seem to be trying their best to hide?
    3. Are we the only stakeholders here or is there a third powerful country that direly needs this talks to find a conclusion for their own geopolitical advantage?

    We must note that there are several autonomous regions in our country. The CAR (Cordillera Autonomous Region), NCR (National Capital Region), CARAGA, ARMM (Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao) and some others that I fail to remeber right now. Among these regions, it is only ARMM that has been vested with “political autonomy”. All others are ‘administrative autonomies”. ARMM almost functions as a separate nation except that National Defense and Foreign Policy is retained by the national government. ARMM has its own government over and above that of the regular government units mandated by law. It can even enter into contracts with foreign governments (pls correct me if I’m wrong) and other foreign entities without being responsible to national government audit. It has its own Regional Security forces over and above the AFP and the National Police. What more can they ask? Territory? They have their own territory! Set of Laws? They have their own set of Laws…the Sharia, except that in the litigation of cases between Muslims and non-Mulslims, the regular courts take precedence.

    I think the danger in changing the Charter lies in the area of Foreign Policy and Territory. That’s where the third party country comes in with its geopolitical agenda. What is in store for this country? Your guess is as good as mine.

    How would Charter Change using the peace talks bogey benefit this illegal administration? Well, it breaks the first phalanx of resistance and it becomes a “free-for-all” from there.

  42. balweg08 - January 2, 2008 11:13 pm

    Happy 2008 to ALL!

    Cha cha panakip butas sa pagyurak nila sa ating Saligang Batas, Pinas saan tayo patutungo?

    Ousts GMA and her cohorts sila ang problema ng bayan?

  43. J. Cruz - January 3, 2008 12:34 am

    Brownberry: Precisely my point…. Every investigation would start out like a house on fire and then what? Shredded or archived? We do not have enough independent- thinking and patriotic-minded senators looking out for us! The guts to just go out and do it!

    We are giving GMA way too much accolades. She is nothing but a ceremonial head of state. She is not governing but prop up by shady elements around her. She is on survival mode not knowing where the next controversy will come from….

    She cannot afford to antagonize any member of the enterprise! Every agency is an independent profit center! And don’t forget the National Treasury!

    The single most powerful person is Ronnie Puno! He is who GMA answers to. A very crude but smooth operator! He gets mentioned but never implicated!

    Everybody else, Ermita included, is but a bit player!

    How do you then deal with this social disease of the highest order?

  44. Etnad - January 3, 2008 12:38 am

    Takot sila lahat kay Erap. Kasi kung tatakbo ulit tiyak panalo siya. Pag nanalo siya, e lagot lahat sila kasama na diyan si Ramos. Kaya ngayon pa lang nagiisip na sila kung papano sila iiwas sa mga katarantaduhan nila. Pag-tutulung-tulungan nila na hindi manalo si Erap o oposisyon para tuloy ang ligaya nila.

  45. d0d0ng - January 3, 2008 12:51 am

    “Like it or not, the Philippines has 3 or 4 and maybe, even 5 major parallel armies with their own militarized camps, commanders and troops operating in the country namely: New People’s Army (NPA), Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), the largest of the Muslim rebel armies and which also happens to be a breakaway faction of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF” – Anna

    This is true. A country so small with 90 million people have 4 different armies operating with their feudal masters pulling their strings. I had a conversation with a Japanese expat who told me that a small country like Philippines who had no enemies from outside does not need a large military who dominated and used up its budget. The enemies are crafted within which is used to justify to maintain the large military. The military protect the palace, deliver and secure the votes for its chosen president. Much like the war torn Africa (the whites are gone, but the red African soil is constantly shedded by the blood of the locals) only slightly different in violence – journalists, underground students and activist, farmers, and good military soldiers to die in the south – all under the common reason – political expediency. The idealist PMAers are routinely sent to the south for its tour of duty (no different from Roman generals sent to the farthest territory to preserve status quo of powers).

  46. d0d0ng - January 3, 2008 1:11 am

    “A new proposal that will see the government resorting to constitutional amendments possibly in 2008 to push the stalled peace negotiations with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) would likely have the backing of Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita.”

    The four armies had been operating and older than the 1986 Constitution. The ex-general as the mouthpiece is advocating the charter change using the MNLF/MILF as the leverage. The unwritten rules were changed many times but the paper rule (Constitution) which recognizes the legal authority have to be changed to suit the current power holders and brokers.

    In simple language, MNLF/MNLF cannot be integrated unless the 1986 Constitution is amended. The amendment will also remove the barrier for the sitting president to serve beyond 2010.

  47. d0d0ng - January 3, 2008 1:22 am

    “She will suffer the same fate of Marcos and Erap and even worse.” – Brownberry.

    Except for their pride, Philippine presidents suffer nothing. Their wealth is undiminished handed to the next kin who can wield political power (Marcoses and Estradas). It is still to early to tell of Gloria Arroyo’s fate now that charter change is advanced through MNLF/MILF leverage. There is always common with out-of-power presidents, and that is accomodation (Marcos was given Hawaii option and Estrada was pardoned). It is expected Arroyo will be given accomodation to lessen potential power struggle.

  48. J. Cruz - January 3, 2008 1:32 am

    Brownberry: Conflicts with Cuba and Venezuela are mere political foreplays. Iran is a different animal because of her nuclear ambitions and the extreme radicalism of the Ayatollahs!

    Going back to the local scene, whether we like it or not, US strategic interest in RP is a given. In exchange for pocket change, RP is willing to give US presence in the Far East on a silver platter. A counterweight to China’s aspirations!

    That said, they will continue to play a pivotal role in our political landscape. Having been schooled and worked in the US, safe to say, Mar Roxas has the inside track!Do you see the resemblance to GMA’s ascension?

    By the way, I do not believe US will support Cha-Cha initiative even with the democrat-aligned lobbyist’s efforts!

  49. d0d0ng - January 3, 2008 1:38 am

    “But do you think GMA and US will allow that? Nope.” – Brownberry.

    That is giving too much credit to the USA. That is not correct. US is not stickler to a person (it distance itself with unpopular Gen Musharraf) but only to its interest (who will have the trigger of the Pakistani missiles). In the Philippine context, any leader can replace Arroyo as long as it does not affect US business and military interest.

  50. Brownberry - January 3, 2008 2:02 am

    Thanks Mr. Cruz and dOdOng. I learned a lot from you. Allow me to respond to each of your comments:

    Mr. Cruz, the countries that have conflict with the US could have different reasons and levels. Whether it’s political or military (don’t these go hand in hand?), the fact is these leaders of the said countries are no pushovers meaning they have the balls to go against the US. The US will not support Cha-Cha? We’re not sure. The US will support anything as long as their business and military interests are protected. History tells us that the US even supported governments that differ with her political and ideological positions. The US will go as far as supporting the Devil.
    When Martial Law was declared by Marcos, the US was caught unaware. Some of course would say the US allowed it; but my sources said no. But why did the US allow Marcos and Martial Law to continue? Simply because her interests went unhindered. Marcos continued to obey Uncle Sam until the last few years. Sensing that this Marcos was getting stubborn and detrimental to her interest, the Us conspired with anti-Marcos forces that led to that 1986 Revolt.

    As for Mar Roxas, I personally don’t trust this guy. How can I trust a person who listens to his mother and family more than anyone else?

    dOdOng, needless to say, the benefactors of the corrupt leaders are the children and the families. It’s given. Even in politics, don’t the Aquino children and siblings (Cory) benefited from Ninoy’s death and Cory’s presidency?
    There will always be leverage and accommodation when it comes to politics whether one is still in power or not. Why do you think those who lost in last election are quiet these days? Well, many are expecting to be appointed to some juicy positions after the one-year ban lapses. By the way, Hawaii was not given as a leverage to Marcos. He was flown there against his will. What he wanted and requested was to be flown to Ilocos.

  51. Toney Cuevas - January 3, 2008 2:14 am

    I’m probably sounding like a broken record. But, I’ve seen, heard, read almost the same issues/problems day in and day out ever since whore Gloria ascended to power. Now, Charter Change is once again back. Actually, I believe, it never really left or forgotten, only got sidetrack with ZTE-NBN, brown bags, et al. And, it won’t be the last as long as whore Gloria in the whore house (formerly Malacanang Palace). Whore Gloria and her dogs has much to lose. So, the way I see it, they/them are not giving up such hold on power that easily, or pay back is hell. I hate to mention it again, but since Charter Change keep coming back, perhaps “One Million Pinoys” at the gates of Malacanang is more appropriate to stop such nonsense of Charter Change. Whore Gloria has much to gain by switching to Charter Change, a dynasty if you will. Shouldn’t happen.

  52. d0d0ng - January 3, 2008 2:23 am

    “By the way, Hawaii was not given as a leverage to Marcos. He was flown there against his will. What he wanted and requested was to be flown to Ilocos.” – Brownberry.

    It was even made a language joke, the Paoay (Ilocos) instead of Hawaii. Marcos is ready to die in Paoay along with his diehard supporters. But it was not his call to make. For Aquino and US, transition is better if the exiting leader is banished from the place (like in Pakistan, the leaders were exiled to England).

  53. d0d0ng - January 3, 2008 2:46 am

    “Now, Charter Change is once again back.” -Tony Cuevas.

    This time with even better and deadlier punch. The focus before was political change and it just gave clarity of extension of political time which all the people are united against. This time it gives the false hope of federalism that Filipinos are passionate about to have their own destiny by local/federal autonomy.

    I said false hope because federalism is double taxation and ripe for local control by well entrenched family and their local fiefdoms. The Filipinos in most provinces are not that strong against their 2nd and 3rd generation family dynasties.

  54. we-will-never-learn - January 3, 2008 3:19 am

    Toney Cuevas Says: “Whore Gloria and her dogs has much to lose.”
    Tony, you hit the nail on the head with Gloria ‘ChaCha Mushroom’ Arroyo (ChaCha Mushroom: keeps people in the dark and feeds them on ChaCha bullshit) with her never ending ideas of keeping power instead of going to jail, as simple as that. She deserves One Million standing on her doorstep plus its the sure answer, patience is getting thin.

  55. we-will-never-learn - January 3, 2008 3:24 am

    Toney Cuevas Says: “I’m probably sounding like a broken record.”
    Tony, I’m still listening and hoping – smile.

  56. Diego K. Guerrero - January 3, 2008 3:37 am

    Let’s discuss charter change after the ouster of illegitimate President Gloria Arroyo. Malacanang is running out of gimmicks. It’s like a broken record. General Ermita mag-CHACHA kang mag-isa.

  57. J. Cruz - January 3, 2008 3:50 am

    Diego K. Guerrero: I always wonder why we couldn’t find one member of the Palace Press Corp who would ask Ermita….

    Mr. Secretary, since there is very strong public perception that GMA is an illegitimate President, is it then appropriate to discuss amendments to the Constitution during her incumbency?

  58. deepcaring - January 3, 2008 4:23 am

    There was a time when the Filipino voters was asking themselves what kind of a president they wanted to vote? They set the criteria and foremost was a pro-poor president. Erap won the presidency. They saw a corrupt president deeply addicted to womanizing, gambling and drinking. In EDSA II they ousted him. The people has a right criterion, but selected the wrong champion.

    Learning from the mistake of supporting erap, the people now wanted for a president who know how to run the government and gloria was elected. Likewise, they saw a corrupt president.

    the erap for president movement will soon be out engaging in the political drama Philippine style. Trillanes group will likely to support the call!

    I hope, the military reformists will seek alternative route.

  59. AdeBrux - January 3, 2008 4:31 am

    “the erap for president movement will soon be out engaging in the political drama Philippine style.” — Deepcaring

    Am afraid your prediction will come true if ever Erap does decide to join the fray. Good or bad? Don’t really know.

    OK… My view is the political is so muddled already that his presence cannot make it more muddled; for sure, his presence will not de-muddle it but excacerbate an already muddy and dirty political landscape.

    The only way to give chance a “chance” is for him and Gloria to bow out of politics for good — don’t know, perhaps for them to do the ultimate sacrifice and commit harakiri in full view of everyone?

  60. Isagani - January 3, 2008 4:55 am

    One thing for sure Gloria and Co. will not stop pitching. We can’t blame them for that. We can curse and all that, but they are going to try anything and everything. 2010 is just around the corner and for someone in power, for someone who knows how to use it, for someone like Gloria that’s enough time to come up with many, many things.

    Betcha the opposition don’t have a clue. This cha-cha to push MILF peace negotiations, that was a rabbit out of a hat, right?

    It would be nice it there is a PI constitution expert who can comment on whether the constitution, what provision, if any serves as a stumbling block to the negotiations. If so, why did it take this long for them to bring it out in the open? What kind of negotiators does the government have?

    From the article ellen provided in the link, Ermita seems too quick to go for a cha-cha. He seems too eager, glad even, to point to the constitution as a stumbling block to the negotiations. He acts like the government is in a weak positions and is only too quick to bow to the MILFs demand.

  61. deepcaring - January 3, 2008 4:59 am

    when? After GMA presidency.

    This is most likely scenario. We will wait for 2010 and go for the necessary chacha.

    During the time of Ramos and Estrada’s administration, we voiced out the same argument.

    We tend to be distrustful of the NOW. When shall we give NOW a chance?

  62. d0d0ng - January 3, 2008 6:09 am

    “what provision, if any serves as a stumbling block to the negotiations?”

    -Section 18 Article VII, the President as commander in chief of all armed forces provision is inoperable for MNLF/MILF.

    -Article X (section 15-21) provides limited autonomy with powers not granted by the constitution assumed by national government (especially security).

    “Why did it take this long for them to bring it out in the open?”

    - every power concession has a price. The autonomous region (ARMM) have demonstrated that it can deliver the needed vote crucial to win the presidency in 2004 without regular channel to audit the result. Who would be crazy enough to verify the votes in ARMM region?

    “What kind of negotiators does the government have?”


  63. d0d0ng - January 3, 2008 6:38 am

    The question really is, who is most concerned with the autonomy in Muslim Mindanao?

    -The US with $6.6 billion investment or $17 billion annual trade and some of its MNCs located at Mindanao.

    How did US secure its investment after its 2 bases were no longer renewed in 1991?

    It has signed the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) in 1999. Since then, annual Balikatan military exercise had been conducted in Muslim Mindanao.

  64. hawaiianguy - January 3, 2008 6:51 am

    Ermita’s proposal to change the constitution for the Bangsamoro homeland is clearly another ploy to push for the long derailed and immoral charter change they have been barking about since Gloria assumed power. Apparently, the ultimate motive behind is NOT to accommodate the Moro aspiration for a homeland but to perpetuate and ensure Gloria’s hold to power.

    The only objection of the Moros for another peace “treaty” is the wording “constitutional process,” which specifically means a plebiscite. One cannot set the whole house on fire just because of termite infestation. Besides, there are already legal mechanism in place, such as the organic act and the constitutional guarantee of autonomy (for two regions in RP).

  65. TonGuE-tWisTeD - January 3, 2008 6:59 am

    I say, let them tinker with the constitution now. That would be fatal suicide. Nothing less. Why?

    The Lower House can’t do it by themselves, the Supreme Court has said so (ConAss exclusively run by the House). And they don’t have the numbers in the Senate. This mode is doomed.

    A Constitutional Convention with members elected nationally is even more dangerous for Gloria. There’s no stopping that body from cutting her term short, especially if they were put there by citizens unsympathetic (angry and abhorrent, even) to the present leadership. Sure failure here, too.

    A new People’s Initiative could be easier to pull this time, they have learned their lessons from the previous ones. But they will have to resort to more dirty tricks especially in opposition bailiwicks in Metro Manila. They can try all they can with the others, but Makati will be the final battlefront.

    When that time arrives, then and only then, can we get that opportunity to solidify forces from all over. There’s your one million warm bodies! It will be one giant scene Malacañang has been trying to avoid all these years!

    I’d like them to try it now! Not a day later. C’mon, please, try to change the constitution!

  66. Brownberry - January 3, 2008 8:20 am

    Did you hear that? If Erap runs, FVR will also run against him (Erap). Lintek din itong si tanda ano? Anong laban ni FVR kay Erap kung walang dayaan? It was during the election when Ramos won that the so called “dagdag-bawas” started. He also got away with lots of scandals and anomalies. Ang pagkaiba lang niya kay Erap eh hindi nahuli at nakasuhan si FVR.

  67. Valdemar - January 3, 2008 9:44 am

    Kailan ba nagkaroon ng ‘Good Government’ dito sa atin? All our constitutions are custom made according to the whims of the power in being. Like now, everyone thinks our constitution is topsyturvy and no one here wants it fixed up. Everyone is afraid of the robber next door. Someone has to start it and asap. If what comes out is bad, then we move for its amendment again. Meantime, I give away small lots to the Muslim vendors invading us north of the border to add to their turf rather than have those lots taken away by the govt squatters.

  68. Ellen - January 3, 2008 10:36 am

    MRivera, Balweg, Deepcaring/contigency,

    I don’t know how it happenened but Akismet, the anti-spam program, has identified comments from you as Spam.

    So, I have to go through the spam folder (more than 4, 000 in the last 24 hours) one by one to retrieve your comments there. It takes some time.

    Anyhow, Akismet said I just have to do that until it learns that comments coming from you should not be classified as spam.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  69. Mrivera - January 3, 2008 5:45 pm

    sino ang maniniwala kay edong ermita-e na para sa kagalingan ng mga kapatid na muslim ang layunin ng isinusulong nilang cha cha!

    huwag na silang gumamit pa ng sasangkalaning mga tao para lamang mapaniwala ang taongbayan sa makasarili nilang layon. hindi pa man nag-iinit sa loob ng malakanyang ang kinakalyong puwet ni gloria noong kaaagaw pa lamang niya ang kapangyarihan ay cha cha na ang isiningit niya’t kinalimutan ang mga pangakong pagbabago at pagkakaisa.

    ganu’n din noong maluwalhati niyang maipandaya ang panalo noong 2004. ibinasura na, pinipilit pa rin nilang buhayin at kung ano anong panlilinlang pa ang ipinapain?

    paano pa maniniwala ang sambayanan na paglilingkod sa bayan ang kanilang hinahangad at hindi ang pagpapalawig sa pananatili sa kapangyarihan?

    tsk. tsk. tsk. tsk.

    edong ermita-e, style n’yo, BULOK!

  70. balweg - January 3, 2008 5:55 pm

    Hi Maám Ellen,

    I’m very thankful for your concern about us currently experiencing problem in posting our comments/point of views in your #1 blog site.

    Still we are excited to posts our comments/point of views in all your present current events in our country.

    Thanks a lot! MABUHAY po KAYO at Pagpalain ng ating Mahal na Panginoon at bigyan ng kalakasan/magandang kalusugan para maipagpatuloy po nýo ang inyong serbisyo sa Sambayanan Pilipino.

  71. ASIII - January 3, 2008 6:33 pm

    “Ang pagkaiba lang niya kay Erap eh hindi nahuli at nakasuhan si FVR”

    at least FVR did something good for the economy, compared to Erap. If not for EDSA 2, ‘pinas could have been the next Argentina

    “C’mon, please, try to change the constitution!”

    yes. just wait. patience is a virtue

  72. balweg08 - January 3, 2008 6:47 pm

    Cha cha is not the solution in our Muslims brother, so pls never drag again this issue to misled our people.

    GMA’s advisers are the best actors/actresses sa paggawa ng hungkag na istorya para ilayo ang tunay issues na dapat resolbahin.

    Patuloy tayong mag matyag sa rehimeng ito at patuloy ang paghahasik na kanilang kamandag.

  73. balweg08 - January 3, 2008 7:13 pm

    Maám Ellen,

    I tried again to share my comments and posted it but still i did not see it appearing in the window.

    Maybe still the akimet categorize that my user name is an spam mail.

  74. Brownberry - January 3, 2008 9:19 pm

    FVR did something good for the economy? Bagong Taon na huwag mo naman pagalitin ang taong bayan, ASIII. It was during FVR’s term that the mother of all scams began. One of these were the IMPSA deal. Patience is a virtue…that’s why we’ve been very patient with FVR who is actually the power behind in Malacanang. People have been too patient with GMA too. Sometimes, being too patient becomes negative…stupid na ang labas. The psychics have predicted this year to be a year of chaos, tragedies and political changes that include ouster of incumbent leaders of the world. They even say Christ would return in August 8, 2008…888. Do I believe all these? No. I’m only sharing with you what they say. I only believe in one thing…this GMA will be ousted this year…and FVR will break his two legs while golfing.

  75. juggernaut - January 3, 2008 9:22 pm

    Usually, order follows after chaos…

  76. AdeBrux - January 3, 2008 9:37 pm


    Unfortunately in the Philippines, it’s been chaos one after the other, interminable succession of chaos.

  77. juggernaut - January 3, 2008 10:01 pm

    True. But there has been a pattern to all these chaos, a deliberate hidden pattern that benefits the puppet masters. Our current situation is probably the result of years of transactions, of wheeling and dealing, they give in to an influential groups’ demands (money, weapons, power) in return for certain concessions (1million votes every election, etc.), pretty soon, several parallel armies’ have been established. Not to mention, creating armed groups to help neutralize other armed groups, eventually these become uncontrollable and tend to bite its masters’ hand off.

    As Sulbatz pointed out earlier in this blog, the military follows orders from a political body, in effect, executing political decisions. All these attack, stop, attack, stop, thats been happening in the past years yielded all these parallel armies you’d think we were back in Feudal Japan with all these different warlords. When you look closely enough, someone, somewhere along the line just wanted to make a buck. And this has been the status quo year after year, administration after administration, and surprisingly some of us like to keep it that way.

    Now here comes Sen. Trillanes et al, breaking away from the age-old tradition of keeping quiet and preserving the integrity of the AFP (sweep dirt underneath the rug) and the whole system, not to mention people who didn’t bother to understand whats going on come down on them like a ton of bricks. Here we have some people, who dare to call a spade a spade, or point out to the Emperor he has no clothes on, and we don’t get it. Or do we?

    Come to think of it, how did Japan extricate itself from the numerous warlords of the past?

  78. AdeBrux - January 3, 2008 10:07 pm


    “Come to think of it, how did Japan extricate itself from the numerous warlords of the past?”

    I think as early as the early the latter part of the 19th to early 20th century, the Emperor of Japan finally decided to take things in hand to stop the infighting among the warlords.

    We don’t seem to have that advantage in RP. If anything, our puppet master chief herself is a huge believer and practicioner of the the divide and conquer dogma.

  79. juggernaut - January 3, 2008 10:23 pm

    Which GMA does so well by the way. She wields the police so effectively, blocking any possibility of critical-mass build up, curfew, checkpoints, choke points, the works. They even have this half-assed anti-coup shock and awe ready force, complete with anti-aircraft guns probably meant for flying media people of the sort coming from Antique or Aklan (manananggals, hehehe). Her penchant for divide and conquer will definitely have a long term impact on our institutions, not to mention the military. Whoever, takes the cudgels of governance after her will need a lot of help.

  80. Brownberry - January 3, 2008 10:31 pm

    Speaking of chaos, that’s what’s going on in Kenya. Tribal wars. Walang pagkakaisa ang mga taga-Kenya. Kenya-kenya sila…hindi magadang ugali.

  81. juggernaut - January 3, 2008 10:32 pm

    There is actually a CHAOS THEORY. I’m having a splitting headache at the moment so I can’t make heads or tails of it. I hope Klingon can take a gander at this, its actually quite relevant. Anyway, got to go, early meeting tomorrow, need to finish a few things before the week ends. I like to start the year with a bang.

  82. juggernaut - January 3, 2008 10:35 pm

    Usually, some people make money out of these situations. I have some friends who were part of the UN forces to these “blood diamond” countries, they witnessed firsthand how apparent “chaos” is used.

  83. juggernaut - January 3, 2008 10:38 pm

    Its probably why when Gen. Lim mentioned “a new order,” everyone was scared poopless! We’re so accustomed to chaos we believe “order” is sacrilegious already…

  84. chi - January 3, 2008 11:09 pm

    Chaos is already an addiction in case of Gloria. She thrives in it that when Gen. Lim calls for “a new order” her attack dogs prepared an overkill response with marching order to shoot and murder!

  85. AdeBrux - January 3, 2008 11:29 pm


    Si vis pacem para bellum.

  86. AdeBrux - January 3, 2008 11:30 pm

    Yep, am aware of the chaos theory.

  87. AdeBrux - January 3, 2008 11:50 pm

    “All these attack, stop, attack, stop, thats been happening in the past years yielded all these parallel armies ” – Jug

    Actually we have armed groups in Pinas that could be righty called leading experts in assymetric warfare (making it ever so difficult even for our AFP to defeat them). If you think about it strongly, we should make the bloody yanks pay us big time for allowing them the use of our terrain and rebel elements so they could in turn master teaching the art of assymetric warfare instead of govt begging for handouts. I would applaud Gloria if she could stand ten-foot tall and discuss the business of allowing these Yanks once and for all to and formally to boot to use our land overtly for the purpose and paid handsomely for it, I mean, HANDSOMELY!

  88. AdeBrux - January 3, 2008 11:55 pm


    Actually we have armed groups in Pinas that could be righty called leading experts in assymetric warfare (making it ever so difficult even for our AFP to defeat them). If you think about it strongly, we should make the bloody yanks pay us big time for allowing them the use of our terrain and rebel elements so they could in turn MASTER the art of assymetric warfare instead of OUR govt begging for handouts.

    I franlly would applaud Gloria if she could stand ten-foot tall and discuss the business of allowing these Yanks once and for all, AND FORMALLY, OFFICIALLY to boot, to use our land and rebel elements overtly for their LEARNING purpose and RP being paid handsomely for it, I mean, HANDSOMELY!

  89. balweg - January 4, 2008 3:36 pm

    Happy 2008 to ALL of you!

    Pahabol naman medyo na late sa klase, but still alive and kicking.

    Well, i’m excited to read and hear all your comments/point of views.

    Cha cha a never ending story of Tabako and co. Like a ghost wanted to trick people in order to believe in their existence and prescense in the human world.

    Ghost of Tabako still alive and kicking, but cha2 is already dead under 10feets below the ground. What is the relevance of cha cha in the old issues of Muslim separatist ambition to separate from the mainstream Pinoy society?

    Cha2 is not the solution of their problem, and never these people accept a real solutions because of their main agenda to establish their own identity a new country within Philippine soils.

    That’s the fact of this issue.

  90. ASIII - January 4, 2008 4:50 pm

    no, even before tabako resided in Malacañang, the amendment of the 1987 constitution is needed. in essence the 1987 constitution was just a mere reaction against Marcos – anything done during marcos’ time was changed just because it was used by marcos

  91. balweg - January 4, 2008 5:19 pm

    Hi ASII,

    Happy 3kings to you!

    Exactly pare, 1986 provisional gov’t was the brain of our present (1987) constitution, a remnant of Marcos post-era.

    But still we do believe the authority of our 1987 constitution as legal basis of all our by-laws or any laws created by the legislative branch of gov’t.

    Only the people of the Philippines can ammend the constitutions thru constitutional and/or convention in order to ratify ammendment in any particular provision(s)wanted to change or to add on it.

    Our constitution is the foundation of our sovereinty and freedom, but GMA and her cohorts trampled the sanctity of it and they used for their own sake.

    They interpret the constitution for their own satisfaction and used it to rob the nation.

  92. balweg - January 4, 2008 5:20 pm

    sorry ASIII,

    nabawasan ng I yong ASIII dapat, topographical error lang Pare!

  93. Brownberry - January 4, 2008 9:05 pm

    The 1987 Constitution was made in haste. After Marcos’ ouster, Cory’s boys had to come up with a new constitution. No less than some of those who helped make the Constitution admit that there were many flaws and even errors in the said Constitution. Ang tutoo niyan, the Constitution was tailored to go after the Marcos wealth and his cronies. It was a Constitution of vengeance. Kaya nga sa loob ng termino ni Cory, walang ginawa kundi habulin ang mga kayamanan ni Marcos at paghihiganti. Sa maniwala kayo o hindi, iyan po ang tutoo.

  94. balweg - January 4, 2008 9:58 pm


    I agree with you. You know, since they ammended the two-party system to multi-party eh lalong nagkagulo ang mga pulitiko natin.

    Gusto ng lahat eh magtayo ng kani-kaniyang partido kaya parang kabute sa dami. Dito namayagpag ang balimbingan unlike during the 1935, 1943, 1973 constitutions, but mayroon ding balimbingan noon pero minimal lang. Nauso ito during Marcos era at heto sumobra ata sa kalayaan.

    Today, ang pulitika sa Pinas eh big business na, milyon pesos ang puhunan para lang maluklok sa kapangyarihan.

  95. Brownberry - January 4, 2008 11:26 pm

    ASIII, may hinala akong si Almonte ka o isa sa mga tauhan ni FVR. First of all, IMPSA deal was not signed by Erap. He was being asked to sign but he did not and then came his ouster. It was the DOJ Sec. Nani Perez who finalized and iced the cake. Kaya nga pumutok noon ang $2 Million Man na tinutukoy si Nani. Granting without admitting that FVR did a lot of good economic works such as the cell phone thing. Pero magkano ang kinita niya at mga bata niya? If there’s one thing I admire in FVR, it’s how good and expert he is in psy-war and other political tricks. Everyone knows that one of those powers behind Malacanang today is FVR.

  96. Brownberry - January 4, 2008 11:32 pm

    Isa pa, hindi mo sinira ang New Year ko. Matagal nang sira simula nang pumasok sa Malacanang si GMA. Pero please lang…huwag mo naman ipagmalaki na magaling si Tabako sa economics at sabihin na umunlad ang economy natin nang siya’y naging Pangulo. Sa pagka-pangulo na lang, ilan boto lang ang lamang niya sa mga kalaban niya…and that was made possible by that “dagdag-bawas” scheme that started in his term and continued through GMA. Si Erap lang ang nanalong malinis at malaki despite attempts to cheat him. I’m not saying Erap is perfect. But between Erap and Ramos, no contest. Umpisa lang ang boksing, knock out na iyan si Tabako at nakasindi pa.

  97. Yuko - January 5, 2008 2:24 am

    Who says that FVR is good in economics? Gunggong nga iyan sa totoo lang. Tuta din ng mga kano iyan, mas masahol pa. Sariling kamag-anak tinaga sa likod.

    Sinong may sabing hindi iyan kurakot? Daming assets na ninakaw ng ungas, at kasalanan niyan sa mga pilipino, including the Centennial racket. Iyan din ang dahilan kung bakit nasira ang morale at moralidad ng mga sundalong pilipino sa dami ng racket sa AFP. Bakit nakalusot ang ungas?

    Dapat diyan at kay Mrs. Pidal, binabaril para maubos na ang mga magnanakaw ng/sa kaban ng bayan. Sarap magmura but I’ve made a New Year resolution to avoid profanity if I can help it!

  98. Brownberry - January 5, 2008 4:55 am

    Si ASIII lang ang bilib kay Tabako. Siya lang ang naniniwala na magaling sa economics at malinis si Tabako…he, he. Ang galing managinip itong si Kasamang ASIII. I suggest that he adds one more S to his name to make it ASSIII.

  99. chi - January 5, 2008 5:17 am

    Kung gusto na amiendahan ang Konstitusyon, tanungin ang tao sa isang plebiscite BUT NOT under fake Gloria’s watch…meaning hindi ngayong panahon ng unano! Nang-uulol na naman ang mga glorilyang ito!

  100. hawaiianguy - January 5, 2008 7:01 am

    FVR on economics? True, it was during his watch that the economy rose to new heights. Thanks to his fidelity to globalization and liberalization. But everything was like a balloon. Towards the end of his regime, the economy went awry and regressed to where it was. Reason? Call it corruption of another kind. I would have admired him more if he sustained.

  101. klingon - January 5, 2008 8:41 am

    I’ve always had trouble with the post-Einstinian theories, but I think I may have an idea about chaos. You’re right, order is actually a rule of the universe, as it is a human rule. In other words even if results from small variations in equations descend into apparent chaos and unpredicatbility, at its core, there is still order, (note that this is not the main point of the chaos theory but this seems to be one of the relvant aspects to our societal upheavals). However, you must have to revise your idea of what constitutes order. In the chaos theory, the order is self-similar. In real terms it describes an ever repeating duplication of an original pattern at similar rates but descending in size (although in fractals no area is possible), such that the ratios created by the pattern’s shape will not increase in area. An example of this would be the pattern one sees in the branching out of veins in the human body. It is not a sequencing pattern though, and the chaotic portions remain unpredictable.

    Human nature is the same. Even the mentally deranged require some sort of order, (note that FBI profilers are already looking at chaos to predict behaviors of serial killers). Unlike regular psychological profiling, following the chaos theory, one must look at the groupings, study the larger population and figure out how this behavior is self-similar.

  102. klingon - January 5, 2008 8:47 am

    If we apply the chaos theory then, the problem is not just GMA. It is GMA, the group that surrounds her, her peers, and then Philippine society. If we can determine how the smallest unit — that is the group closest to her — follows societal changes, we will be able to predict (more or less) how she is going to respond to certain actions, or what steps she will take next.

    This is only a stripped down, not very well developed application of chaos, but I hope you catch my drift.

  103. ASIII - January 6, 2008 3:50 pm


    FVR’s term ended less than a year after the start of the 1997 Asian flu. Thats the reason why any of the ‘gains’ were not sustained.

    However, you can point to the liberalizations made during FVR’s watch. One of which is the telecom act of 1995, among others. we are all enjoying its benefits.

    Face it, the country had it good during FVR’s watch, compared to Cory and Erap. Sustainable or not, a guy can only do so much for 6 years.

  104. ASIII - January 6, 2008 4:02 pm

    Who says that FVR is not good in economics? Gunggong ang mga iyan sa totoo lang. Mga dating kababayan tinataga sa likod.

  105. ASIII - January 6, 2008 4:36 pm


    im wondering why a comment of mine was deleted.

    i never mentioned that it was Erap who signed the IMPSA deal. i mentioned that it was signed in his presence, which was interpreted by a broadsheet as unwittingly allowing corruption, which led Erap to sue this broadsheet for libel.

    saka yung US$2M involving Nani was meant for the junking of any case against Jimenez. mali mali ang info mo

    saka wala akong sinasabing malinis si Tabako.

    I suggest that he adds one more S to his name to make it ASSIII – Brownberry Jan 5, 2008 4:55 am

    ikaw, you may want to change ‘brown’ because it is the same color as the thing that comes out of an ASS

  106. Mrivera - January 6, 2008 5:58 pm

    he he heeeh!

    si tabako, nagpakasawa sa paglilimayon sa loob ng anim na taon.

    kaya ang nagyari sa pinas, naging gusgusing kuting ng asya!

  107. ASIII - January 6, 2008 10:52 pm

    in less than 3 years, Erap wiped out whatever Tabako gained for the country in 6 years

  108. TonGuE-tWisTeD - January 7, 2008 7:26 am

    Enough about Cory, Ramos, Erap. How about Gloria?

  109. ASIII - January 7, 2008 9:44 am


    Lets wait till 2010.

  110. hawaiianguy - January 8, 2008 5:41 am

    ASIII:”Face it, the country had it good during FVR’s watch, compared to Cory and Erap. Sustainable or not, a guy can only do so much for 6 years.” You said it loud and clear, but I won’t necessarily fall into a wrong comparison. Cory had her turf in Malacanan for 6 years, Erap for 2. But remember, the difference between Cory’s and FVR’s was a chasm. It’s like comparing an inexperienced (politically) housewife with a veteran general, or an amateur with a professional or seasoned bureaucrat.

    FVR, who certainly should benefit from the gains of democracy, came up strong but sadly ended with a poooofff! I was hoping he would do more, but his blemished regime (with PEA-Amari scandal, Laurel Expo anomaly, power program gone to the “dogs”, etc.) also did him in. If Erap is to be believed, he said he inherited from FVR a “zero” growth economy.

    As for Erap (I don’t like him in any way except as an actor) and FVR, the acid test is when they face each other off in the 2010 presidential race. I believe Erap would make FVR eat dust. (Wish this contest wouldn’t happen, for I wouldn’t vote for any of them.)

  111. hawaiianguy - January 8, 2008 5:51 am

    Mrivera: “si tabako, nagpakasawa sa paglilimayon sa loob ng anim na taon.” Tama ka diyan.

    FVR is the most traveled president, befitting him a place in the Guiness world of Record, outsmarting Marco Polo and other global voyagers. His record would also make all foreign travels by all the presidents before him a mere footnote in Philippine political history of “gallivanting.”

    And oh, he earned the monicker as Fidel “Vat” Ramos for overly taxing the poor consumers.

  112. ASIII - January 8, 2008 10:51 pm


    as i posted earlier, Erap erased in his short term what FVR gained for the country in 6 years!

    the ‘poofing’ was courtesy of the Asian crisis

    yes, he was well-travelled. yet every time he came back, he brought with him millions in foreign direct investments

    oh yes, the difference between Cory and FVR is a chasm. FVR wins hands down. Cory just a plain housewife? thats no excuse for not working real hard. Cory and FVR both had adequate resources at their disposal. Even just a simple task of placing Hacienda Luisita under CARP, Cory could not do it!

    Erap claims that he got zero from FVR? Erap really never runs out of excuses. He wiped out in a short time whatever FVR did for the economy in 6 years. He wants to cover it up.

    and you might be thinking im overlooking FVR’s corruption. no sir. please be reminded that i began all these discussions on past presidents by saying that despite corruption, at least FVR did better for the economy.

    and the next time you use a service by telecom companies here you have FVR to thank for.

    FVR overly taxed the poor consumers? two things – Erap was able to get money collected from VAT imposed by FVR. And why didnt Erap push for the repeal of VAT? Erap is just as gulty of overly taxing the poor consumer as well

  113. hawaiianguy - January 9, 2008 5:59 am

    “the ‘poofing’ was courtesy of the Asian crisis” I thought I heard you earlier say Avian crisis?

  114. TonGuE-tWisTeD - January 9, 2008 7:09 am

    By my computations, the PEA-Amari deal isn’t the grandmother of all FVR scams.

    The IPPs which started operating in 1993 will only be transferred to gov’t in 2018. He has still 10 years to collect his commission/dividends/whatever and more from those which built their plants from 1994-1997.

    He’s one slimy bastard!

  115. TonGuE-tWisTeD - January 9, 2008 7:12 am

    ASIII Says:
    in less than 3 years, Erap wiped out whatever Tabako gained for the country in 6 years.

    I say, in less than 3 years, Erap threatened to wipe out whatever Tabako gained for himself for the next 30 years!

  116. hawaiianguy - January 9, 2008 8:34 am

    ASIII, on the economy under FVR and Erap: So, it was Erap who wiped out Tabako’s economic gain? And what do you make of this quote, below?

    “During 1998, the Philippines’ Gross National Product (GNP) is expected to slow to 2.9 percent from 5.8 percent a year earlier, according to the Asian Development Bank (ADB).”

    Furthermore, the GNP growth rates, says ADB, are as follows:
    FVR- 1996: 6.9%
    1997: 5.8%
    1998: 2.9%

    Erap was exaggerating when he said he inherited a zero growth when he assumed office. The fact is, the economy was clearly and surely sliding down under FVR, after a sudden spike in the mid 1990s. But by the time Erap came, the claim about RP becoming another “tiger” in SEA went pooooof! (Naging KUTING, sabi ni Mrivera.)

    Tongue, you must be kidding. You mean, Erap is a monumental corrupt compared to Tabako? (What the latter gained in 30 years, he would do it in 3 years?)

  117. TonGuE-tWisTeD - January 9, 2008 9:06 am

    Of course not, hawaiianguy. When Erap got wind that his ouster was in the offing, he suspected it was Ramos who was behind it, rightfully so. He began his tirades against Tabako to a point that he had him investigated by his Senate pals on the Centennial scam. I think Ramos expedited the convergence of forces especially with the generals who had been with FVR all the time, and supported Gloria for the final push.

    Ramos began to feel threatened, I think, when Erap refused to sign the IMPSA Guarrantee, Erap’s boys at the time were silently reviewing all the IPP contracts, and this fact I personally know.

    Ramos is light years ahead of Erap in corruption. Manila Hotel, for example, has been buzzing with activity everytime Ramos signs a contract, all the “commissioners” get their brownbags there.

    But Gloria is so unbelievably brazen she does it right inside the Palace!

  118. TonGuE-tWisTeD - January 9, 2008 9:11 am

    Further, Hawaiianguy, didn’t you notice, the time Ramos was also hitting at Gloria, Energy Sec. Vince Perez announced, for sure Gloria instigated it, that he was reviewing the overpriced onerous IPP contracts, FVR was quick to return to Gloria’s stinking fold.

  119. ASIII - January 9, 2008 9:15 am


    you really want an explanation?

    In 1998, FVR was president from January 1 to 12 nn of June 30. From 12:01 pm of June 30 onwards, Erap was President. So the 2.8% was ‘shared’ by FVR and Erap. Your cited figures offer strong proof that Erap even dragged down whatever FVR gained for the country in his last 6 months in office!

    kindly cite figures for 1999 and 2000 please.

    and what do you make of this quote, “the poofing’ was due to the Asian crisis?” Thats what prevented the ‘tiger’ from coming into being

    In the last years of the 20th century, the Asian crisis was sometimes referred to as the Asian flu (what avian crisis?)

  120. nelbar - January 9, 2008 11:58 am

    AS the 3rd:

    Ang ipinatutungkol mo dito ay ang FVR versus ERAP term of office sa perspektiba ng history.

    Iyong 2.8 percent factor na pinatutungkol mo dito ay medyo malabnaw ang dating.

    Syempre, bilang isang kapitbahay, ipagtatanggol ko si Erap.

    kaya nga may kantang…

    “ako ay kapitbahay, kapitbahay mo
    handang tumulong sa inyo”


    . . .

    Nagmula ito sa ’92 election.MDS factor.
    At ang namuong bangayan ng dalawang partido Lakas-NUCD at Partido ng Masang Pilipino.
    Kung ating susuriin ang ‘quarterly perf’ ng dalawang bida ng 1998 – magkakaroon tayo ng isang malawak na analisis.

    Ang POLICY formulation ng July 01,1998 hanggang sa alas-diyes ng gabi ng 31 ng Disyembre 1998 — sa palagay mo ba naka-apekto ito sa 2.8%age factor na binabanggit mo dito?

    In fairness to FVR, isa sa mga legacy niya ay itong LEDAC at sa ilalim rin ng kanyang panunungkulan nagkaroon ng APEC meet sa Pinas.
    Nagkaroon ng mga demokratikong pamamaraan ng pagbabago ng liderato ng pampanguluhan sa Senado noong 1992-1998.
    Liberalized Banking industry, Telecomms Liberalization Act, cajoling the MNLF into bargaining table, NUC, coaxing other ASEAN neighbor for a new ASEAN image, Philippines back into world map(i.e., visit of Karol Wojtyla, Dayanara Torres, Ruffa Gutierrez as Princess II) at marami pang iba.

    Ang isa sa climax ng ’92 to ’98 performance ng Office of the President at ng opisina ng Vice President ay ang political atmosphere noong bago mag-CENTENNIAL(1996-1998).
    Totoong hanggang ngayon kasalukuyan ay may bangayan pa rin ang team FVR at Team ERAP, pero tapos na ito.

    Hindi rin maisasantabi na noong panahon ni FVR, malaki ang quota ng allocation ng H1B sa Pinas noong panahon nito.
    Samantalang sa mahigit na 30 buwan ng pamamahala ni Erap, namonitor ba ang paglabas-masok ng mga gustong maging FIL-AM sa bansa?
    Ngayon panahon ni Gloria maitatanggi ba na alternatibo ang US Immigrant Visa para sa isang mas maliwanag na kinabukasan ng bawat pamilyang Pilipino?

    Noong panahon ni Erap ang kanyang VP na si GMA — ang role nito ay sa DSWD.
    Samantalang noong kay FVR, si Erap ay sa PACC.

    Sa panahon din ni FVR namuo ang ideya ng regimented democracy. Samantalang ang popular democracy ay kay Erap.

    Post-FVR scenario:

    36-months matapos ang panunungkulan ni FVR, nagsilabasan sa mga dyaro at komentaryo sa mga radyo ang kailangan ng isang authoritarian rule. Nandyan na ihambing sina Lee Kuan Yew, Mahathir Mohammad, Lee Teng Hui at ang mga mala-tigreng ekonomiya ng HK, Taiwan, South Korea at Singapore.
    Halos pati ang uri ng pagpapatiwakal ng mga lider sa bansang Japan ay inihahalintulad sa mga takaw-kurap image ng mga trapo dito sa bansa natin.
    Ipinagmamalaki natin na ang Pilipinas ang nag-iisang Katolikong bansa sa Silangan.

    Pero ano ang saysay ng pagiging katolikong bansa kung isunusukat ng paging tao natin ay sa pamamagitan ng economic performance na 2.8%.
    Manginginom, may kabit, human rights violator, ahente ng gyera, tuta ng kano, at kung anu ano pa?

    Sa panunungkulan ni GMA sa DSWD, natutunan kaya niya ang tunay na kahulugan ng Social Welfare?

    Ang dapat na pag-usapan nalang ay post-GMA scenario.

    Maipagkukumpara kaya si GMA kay Hun Sen?

  121. hawaiianguy - January 9, 2008 12:46 pm

    “Your cited figures offer strong proof that Erap even dragged down whatever FVR gained for the country in his last 6 months in office!” What? I thought you saw the rapidly accelerating downward slide, based on the ADB presentation. How could Erap drag down an already declining economy? By its own momentum or inertia, it will go down with or without Erap (there’s a principle in Physics on this, remember?).

    If you read Tongue’s analysis, the hangover of FVR’s (mis)management will go beyond Gloria’s term. Gloria’s recent power privatization scheme is a last-ditch attempt to salvage an ailing economy pushed down to the abyss by FVR.

    Sorry, the data I got are only until 1998. Will research on this further. Even then, I would not expect a drastic reversal of the trend.

  122. nelbar - January 9, 2008 1:41 pm


    kung pamilyar ka sa mga balita sa dyaryo na nababasa noong 1998-1999, sinasabi na ang Pinas lang ang nakatagal sa krisis sa Asya noong July 1997 …
    “Under Ramos admin, RP was able to withstand the effect of Asian financial crisis”.

    Maniniwala pa sana ako kay AS the 3rd kung masasabi nya rito na nagkaroon ng boom sa manufacturing sector sa kapanahunan ni Ramos. O paglago sa sektor ng semi-conductor industry.
    Ang pagiging golf buddy nina FVR at GCS(Gobernador ng Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas) siguradong hindi bibigyan pansin dahil malilihis tayo sa isyu.

    Pero iyong isisi kay Erap ang 2.8 percent ng 1998 ay isang lantarang hate campaign yan!

  123. hawaiianguy - January 9, 2008 1:51 pm

    Nelbar, yun na nga eh. Sa tutoo lang, di ako bilib kay Erap. Pero ang sisihin siya sa di naman niya ginawa, ah hindi na tama ang ganun, di ba?

    Bilib na sana ako kay FVR, kung nagpatuloy ang magandang takbo ng ekonomiya. Pero hanggang 1997 lang pala. Tapos, sinisi pa ang Asian crisis sa kabulastugan niya. Marami ang hindi nakakita sa masamang epekto ng IPP contracts, na palpak naman. Hanggang ngayon dama pa natin ang kahirapang dulot noon.

    Sinundan pa ng IMPSA deal pagdating ni Gloria, magaling talaga si $2 million man (Nani Perez). Kasi andun pala sa ang limpak-limpak na pera. Eh di nakuryente sila lahat!

  124. nelbar - January 9, 2008 2:49 pm


    Bilib na rin sana ako kay FVR kung hindi sya nagtago nuon sa PIRMA initiative.Tutal duon din naman ang tungo natin.

    Bangitin ko na dito ang mga hindi nabigyan ng pansin noong taon 1992 hanggang 2000.
    Ang slogan noon ay ‘Philippines 2000′ at ‘Angat Pinoy’ naman kay Erap.

    º Ang OFW factor na nabuo sa period ng taon na nabanggit ay siya nating tinatamasa ngayon.
    Karamihan ng mga Tatay na nag “life begins at 40″ nang period na yun ay napilitan na mag-abroad o mangibang bayan para makahanap ng trabaho para matustusan ang pangangailangan ng pamilya lalo na ang pagpapa-aral ng mga anak.

    º Walang malinaw na job security o kaseguruhan sa mga manggagawa o nagtatrabaho sa opisina. Karamihan, kung hindi dagdag sa unemployment, data naman ito sa underemployment.

    º Sa usapin pangkalusugan, bawal magkasakit – ito ang slogan na ipinakita sa TV.
    Nagpo-prodyus tayo ng napakalaking bilang ng mga Nurses pero hindi tayo ang nakikinabang.
    Natakot ang mga pasyenteng pumunta ng Hospital dahil sa kahirapan o walang kakayahang matustusan ang pangkalusugang pangangailangan.
    Umunlad ang industriya ng pagpapatawas, barang o anumang alternatibang medisina na sa pag-aakalang ang sakit na nakuha ay galing sa kulam(ang masama pa nito ay ang pasyente daw ay naengkanto).
    Maganda naman ang mga discovery sa herbal medicine.

    º Hindi na kailangan ang pabahay, dahil kung taon taon na bibisita ang mga lider na tulad ni Bush(Georgie Jr), uunlad o tataas ang demand ng mga lawanit, plywood at pintura upang pagtakpan ang tunay na estado ng kahirapan.

    º Hindi na uso ang salitang kahirapan, dahil nandyan naman ang mga Fil-Am at Pinoy Overseas – handa naman silang tumulong.
    KALUGMUKAN at hindi salitang mendicancy.

    º Ang uri ng paninilbihan sa proxy war ng Amerika sa ibang bansa ay isang paraan ng National Pride.

    º Hindi nakita ng Pilipinas na ang potential na maging text-capital sa buong mundo ay may kakayahan itong magdikta sa larangan o standard ng CELLPHONE TECHNOLOGY.

    º Ang pagsasabi ng katotohanan tungkol sa sakit ng mga Pilipino at paglalahad ng mga kabulukan ng Pilipinas ay isang uri ng EXTREMISM.


    …kayo na ang bahalang magdagdag ng FVR Presidency(ten years after) plus two years of abrupt Erap leadership (driven to the office by a ‘masa’ vote longing to find a hero to alleviate them from poverty).

  125. Mrivera - January 9, 2008 9:37 pm


    natatandaan mo ba si anthony scalia? ‘andito ‘yun. nagpalit lang ng username para hindi makilala. pero ang hindi niya maitago, ‘yung dating mga bagsak ng salita niya.

    hindi na rin gumagamit ng uppercase.

  126. hawaiianguy - January 10, 2008 5:42 am

    Nelbar: “Bilib na rin sana ako kay FVR kung hindi sya nagtago nuon sa PIRMA initiative.Tutal duon din naman ang tungo natin.”

    Yup! Buti na lang andun si Miriam na mortal enemy ni Tabako. Pati siya (Miriam), bumilib na din sana ako, kaya lang nawala ng bumaliktad siya kay Erap at pumanig kay Glo. Ang pinoy pulitiko nga naman, kung nasaan ang kusina lagi dun ang tungo.

  127. ASIII - January 10, 2008 9:37 am


    “How could Erap drag down an already declining economy?”

    using that premise, Erap added much weight to the free-fall. Kung talagang mahusay sya kahit konti, he could have slowed down the decline.

    and kindly cite also figures from 1992 to 1995. so we can see the trend of GNP growth in the 6 years of Tabako. it seems that on purpose you started with 1996, to show a decline.

    and to put perspective on Tabako’s IPP thing – towards the end of Tita Cory’s term, the whole country was experiencing long massive brownouts. Tabako was able to solve that with those IPP thing.

    yes the IPP set-up proved very onerous. but i have yet to hear ‘should haves’ – what Tabako should have done aside from the IPP set-up to solve the power crisis of the early 1990s.

    if you are in the IPP business, and you said the tabako entered into deals unfavorable to the government, then maybe ill believe you.

    go back during those times – the IPP business is so capital intensive, the investors are risking a lot, that they wont invest if the terms aren’t what they finally agreed to

    masamang epekto ng IPPs? tama ka, ngayon pa lang nakita, after more than a decade. you know why? di akalain ni Tabako na maso-solve ang power crisis quickly, na-solve yun earlier than expected. pero, committed pa rin ang Napocor to buy power from the IPP kahit di na ito kailangan.

    at the start of the IPP deals, medyo matagal ang duration ng pag-supply ng power. The IPP investor, to recover his investment, wanted a guaranteed purchase of power within a specified period. Kaso nga na-solve kaagad ang power crisis, di na kailangan ang supply from the IPP. Pero may contrata, and it had to be complied with. Kaya tuloy pa rin ang pagbili kahit di na kailangan. Take note, the IPP deal was signed in the midst of a severe power crisis

    kung maraming nangumisyon sa IPP deals, eh ibang matter na yun. ang pinag-uusapan natin ay yung pag-solve ng power crisis noon at bakit ganun na lang ang terms with the IPPS

    dont make the mistake of equating the IPP deal with the NBN-ZTE deal. we needed badly the IPP deals. we dont need the NBN-ZTE deal

    after more than 20 years, now we see the wisdom why Marcos thought of building the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

    at saka once and for all – the US$2M scandal involving Nani Perez ay extortion para di mademanda si Mark Jimenez. at hindi para mag-sara ng IPP deal.

    saka what failing economy are you talking about? kung negative ang growth rate, like what happened in the early 1980s, yun ang failing economy!

    and since you are inclined to citing figures, paki-cite na rin ang GDP from 1992 up to 2006, and let us see what years were the biggest in the group, and who was the president during those years. let me assure you – you wouldn’t like what you’ll see.

    and i already anticipate your retort – gumagandang economy, bakit wala pang trickle-down effect? thats another discussion

  128. TonGuE-tWisTeD - January 10, 2008 10:44 am

    Pasensiya na kayo kay AS128, maigsi masyado memory. Bilib ako kay nelbar, parang Almanac.

    Many economists ( the real kind) have said many times the reason why the Philippines was the least affected by the financial crisis in SE Asia was because it never took off in the first place, not yet at least, at the time FVR started to push the economy. I’ll give him credit for his accomplishments but at the same time, I will not shield him from being held responsible for his sins, whether by commission or omission.

    I will not tell you again the story about my company’s $300M IPP contract with Cory which was canceled by Ramos six months into his term. He and Guido Delgado were responsible for substituting their own suppliers who charged double our price and bought that operator’s incompetence, too.

    Remember, nationwide blackouts due to jellyfish? Ok, never mind that, how about PPA which required you to pay more than double of what you consume? Wasn’t it also responsible for making our energy costs the highest in Asia, the biggest deterrent to foreign investments, ergo the biggest single factor that caused all this migration and investor flight?

    Erap didn’t wipe out FVR’s achievements. FVR did it himself!

    But as far those IPPs are concerned, well, he made leaps and bounds to improve finances – of the Ramos household!

  129. TonGuE-tWisTeD - January 10, 2008 10:57 am

    Here’s your GDP Data:
    1998: +2.8%
    1999: +2.9%
    2000: +3.6%

    Comparing this with the declining Ramos figures, the uneducated Erap DID turn around the constant slide.

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