Palace eyes U-turn on Spratly Deal 2

Binay: Review an admission of agreement’s infirmities

by Regina Bengco

A Malacañang legal team is studying whether to push through with the 2005 Joint Marine Seismic Undertaking (JMSU) agreement with China and Vietnam on the disputed South China Sea.

Chief presidential legal counsel Sergio Apostol said the study was prompted by the “political noise” that President Arroyo might have committed treason by allowing the joint exploration of the disputed islands in exchange for loan agreements worth billions of dollars from China.

“That is what the political noise tends to do, tie the hands of the government. This is the crab mentality working. The economy of this country is very progressive but some people are pulling us down,” he added.

The legal team includes Apostol, Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez, Solicitor General Agnes Devanadera and government corporate counsel Alberto Agra.

Apostol said the Exploration Corp. of the Philippine National Oil Co. (PNOC-EC) asked for the review, which started last week.

He said the first phase of the JMSU, which would cover around 11,000 square kilometers, expires June 30 and government is mulling whether to go on to the second phase, which is in another area of the Spratly islands.

He insisted that “there is no legal problem” with the JMSU because the agreement only provided for seismic study and data gathering.

Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita said the Energy department has not given any position or assessment on the JMSU.

Ermita said aside from the Philippines, China and Vietnam are also reviewing the JMSU.

The JMSU, which was signed in 2005, involves the PNOC, the China National Offshore Oil Co. (CNOOC) and Vietnam Oil and Gas Corp. (PetroVietnam).

Of the total 142,886 kilometers targeted for seismic study, around 24,000 square kilometers belongs to the Philippines and falls outside the areas in the Spratlys which are claimed either in whole or in part by the Philippines, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia and Brunei.

The area also swallows almost 80 percent of the Kalayaan Group which the Philippines claims.

Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay said the reported plan to scrap the JMSU is a tacit admission that there are infirmities in the agreement, which could impact politically on the administration.

“The reported plan to scrap the so-called Spratly deal came amidst mounting calls for a Senate investigation, and warnings from the opposition that Mrs. Arroyo may have committed treason by entering into an agreement that allows China to explore Philippine waters for oil and gas,” he said.

Binay said media reports are now unraveling the extent of the “excessive and treasonous concessions” given by the Arroyo administration to China. These include six islands occupied by the Philippines in the Spratlys, and an area that is clearly inside Philippine territory.

“With each day, the description of the Spratly deal as an act of treason gains further credibility,” he said.

Malaya publisher Amado Macasaet, in an article, has said President Arroyo could be liable for treason, a ground for impeachment, for signing the tripartite agreement in exchange “for loans attended by bribery and corruption.”

Because of the political consequences, Binay said the Arroyo administration apparently intends to use the same exit strategy it employed at the height of the controversy over the ZTE-NBN broadband deal. The ZTE project is funded by a loan from China.

Binay described the Spratly deal as a “kickbacks for oil” deal, which surrenders Philippine sovereignty.

“Scrapping the deal will not absolve the Arroyo administration of possible criminal liabilities, including treason,” he said.

Binay said former PNOC president Eduardo Mañalac should be asked to confirm reports that presidential spouse Mike Arroyo had a hand in his departure from PNOC.

“Did he really displease Mike Arroyo because he stepped on the toes of cronies? Mr. Mañalac should be given the opportunity to answer this question,” he said.


Rep. Roilo Golez (Ind., Parañaque) twitted Malacañang for saying it had nothing to do with the signing of the Spratly deal “because the agreement was signed by the Philippine National Oil Co. “under the authorization of the Philippine Government.”

“It is not correct for chief presidential legal counsel Sergio Apostol to say that Malacañang had nothing to do with the agreement. The questions now are: Who signed the Philippine government authorization? How was the authorization worded? Where is that document?” said Golez, the principal sponsor of the House inquiry on the tripartite agreement.

He also asked: “Why was 24,000 square kilometers of undisputed Philippine territory included? That is an assault on our territorial integrity.”

Golez also said if it is true that an affiliate of the China National Offshore Oil Co. won the survey contract, “China now controls the gathering, analysis and storage of strategic data on possible natural resources in the area, most of which are claimed or undisputedly owned by the Philippines.”

“I doubt whether the Philippines has full access to such strategic information. Our country’s national security has no doubt been compromised,” he said.

Golez said the government should disclose what Annex A of the tripartite agreement says about the location of the survey area and why the survey area is only in the vicinity of the Philippines and not in the vicinity of Vietnam in the east and vicinity of China in the north.

“The devil is the details,” he said. “That makes the area a Zone of Concession to the prejudice of Philippine interests.”

At its farthermost eastern edge, the survey area is around 25 kilometers from the southern tip of Palawan while the northern boundary is alongside the Malampaya oil field and includes an area the Philippines had long awarded to a British company for oil exploration.

The company, Forum Energy plc (Forum), reportedly bought a counterpart Filipino company, Basic Petroleum and Minerals Inc. (BPMI) which was renamed to Basic Petroleum Corp. (BPC).

Reports said businessman Jose “Joey” de Venecia and his uncle Oscar de Venecia were elected to the board of BPC.


Mañalac, in a press conference, confirmed that then chief presidential legal counsel and now Ombudsman Ma. Merceditas Gutierrez had reservations about the tripartite agreement.

Mañalac disclosed that it had something to do with the word “exploration.”

He said Gutierrez’ concern was resolved “when we limited it (agreement) to just seismic work.”

Mañalac effectively confirmed the earlier statement of former Justice Secretary Franklin Drilon that Gutierrez sought his help in justifying the tripartite agreement as its approval could be a ground for the impeachment of President Arroyo.

Mañalac said the JSMU is “aboveboard and technically sound.”

He said as a co-signatory to the agreement, he is in a position to know that it would not affect the country’s claim to the disputed Spratly islands.

As to the claim that the areas to be covered by the seismic study would overlap that of the country’s 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), all Mañalac could say was it is still a disputed area.

He added that it is still not clear where the country’s EEZ started.

Mañalac said the agreement would not infringe on the country’s sovereignty as it was only a joint seismic study and for exploration purposes.

Research Study

Mañalac said that after the data is gathered and interpreted, the Philippines, China, and Vietnam would have to sign a new agreement.

“That is the agreement which must be constitutional, legal. Because that is when we will drill for oil, how we will share and divide it, who will pay taxes,” he said.

“We have different laws in each of these nations. So we have to have one agreement that will conform to each and every government’s laws,” Mañalac said.

Mañalac said the agreement does not take up the conflicting territorial claims of the Philippines, China, and Vietnam.

Mañalac said the JMSU is a “confidence-building measure” which could lead to a major oil or gas find.

He said it was better for the three countries to share in the oil or gas finds than to just let these energy resources stay untapped.

Mañalac said the Philippines does not have he money for oil exploration.

If oil or gas is found, he said, the Philippine government only has to ensure the 60 percent government share in royalties from the income of the project.

He said Philippine law allows 100 percent foreign ownership in oil exploration, but it must be 60-40 percent sharing in favor of government in the royalties.

Very encouraging

Mañalac said it would be good if the JMSU is taken to its next step – drilling for oil or gas – since the money invested in the seismic survey would be put to waste if the project is not pursued.

Mañalac said the initial results of the seismic survey were “very encouraging.” They showed “potential prospects” for oil or gas drilling.

At the same time, Mañalac acknowledged that the public disclosure of the map would help determine if the JMSU between the three countries violated the Philippine Constitution or any law.

“I, for one, encouraged the Department of Energy Philippine National Oil Corporation to release the map,” he said.

The PNOC refused to disclose the map, citing a confidentiality agreement among the three countries.

Lawyer Harry Roque, an expert on maritime laws, said under international laws,” colonial boundaries are conclusive.”

Under Philippine boundaries set by the Treaty of Paris in 1898, the JMSU intrudes into the country’s Exclusive Economic Zone extending up to 200 miles offshore whereby the coastal state would have sovereign rights over the natural resources such as fish and minerals and all other economic activities and also jurisdiction with regard to scientific research and environmental preservation.


The House committee on foreign affairs chaired by Antonio Cuenco (Lakas, Cebu) is set to start the hearing on the Spratly deal Thursday as requested by Golez.

Kampi Rep. Luis Villafuerte of Camarines Sur said Golez should clarify whether the investigation is aimed toward allegations of treason against the President.

“Nobody is declaring war on anybody and giving aid and comfort to enemy,” he said, quoting the Constitution and the Revised Penal Code.

“It is ridiculous, sowing any implication of treason,” Villafuerte said.

Rep. Teodoro Locsin Jr. (PDP-Laban, Makati) said the crime of treason can refer to the common law crime of “high treason” which he said means “dishonesty to the republic.”

“Yes, treason is a proper subject of inquiry,” he said, noting this could be a subject of an impeachable offense against the President.

“The best evidence is the document and once the document is submitted all issues will be resolved,” Locsin said. – With Ashzel Hachero, Ellen Tordesillas and Wendell Vigilia

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  1. chi - March 10, 2008 10:46 pm

    U-turn si Guria. Atras na naman. So predictable to save her smelly ass! Gagawin ang lahat ng U-turns para manatili sa nakaw na pwesto.

    This bitch refuses to acknowledge any sense of responsibility and accountability at all. And yet she’s shouting for everyone to hear that she’s the ONLY NAG-IISANG presidente. Kapal!

    Isa-publiko ang Spratly deal na ‘yan kung aboveboard nga gaya ng sinasabi ng mga lackeys ng pResident Evil. Ang kapinuyan ang huhusga at hindi kayo na mga korap!

  2. bitchevil - March 10, 2008 10:50 pm

    It never ends. From day one, Mike Arroyo’s name is always implicated in scams and corruption. Whether it be as small as Telecom to large scale ZTE and Spratly. This Devil disguised as Presidential Spouse must be hanged upside down and then thrown into the Lake of Fire. How can he now deny involvement? Is he saying out of 100 scandalous deals, he has no involvement even once? What does he got that this Gloria Arroyo fails to stop? I don’t think Mike has the biggest dick. Or he his the most handsome. Possibly, Gloria is using her spouse in all these corruption cases. She keeps saying no one is above the law. Well, start with your own husband.

  3. Toney Cuevas - March 10, 2008 10:55 pm

    Still a well guarded secret of who in Malacanang gave an authorization to PNOC (C.E.O. Manalac) to enter into an agreement with the Chinese to perform seismic survey (aka oil/gas exploration) at undisputed water territorial of the Philippines Island. Just can’t trust a liar and thief devil Gloria. Evil bitch couldn’t differentiate the right from wrong nor she has any understanding of honesty. Gloria is a certifiable lunatic, head of criminal syndicate. Why a big secret? Gloria treason?

  4. Toney Cuevas - March 10, 2008 11:09 pm

    If evil bitch Gloria or the Philippines gov’t looking out to the best interest of the Philippines as a whole, why kept this agreement a secret all these years? Somehow it doesn’t make any human sense at all. Still would be nice to know who Eduardo Manalac’s personal contact in the gov’t? This endeavor is just too awesome for him to handle alone, he must’ve some support from the gov’t, I would think. In addition, the JMSU agreement was signed by only two individuals, China man and Eduardo Manalac, lacking legal witnesses to the agreement. If this above, I would think the agreement would have been attested and witnessed by numerous individuals, including Philippines gov’t officials representing the best interest of the Philippines Republic.

  5. Eggplant - March 10, 2008 11:19 pm

    Maganda ang layunin ng oil exploration kung ito ay pakikinabangan ng buong bansa. At this when the transport associations are going on strike due to never ending increases in the price of oil products, the Joint oil exploration with other claimant nations of the Spratleys could be an answer to energy crisis. It’s sad that the good intention of the deal had been greatly doubted because of perceived corruptions and irregularities. The administration should show to the public the contracts it signed and entered into with China and Vietnam to once and for all resolve this issue–if ever there is no constitutional violation committed as assured by JDV and Manalac. But as expected, Malacanang will still have to tell the truth, nothing but the truth. More noise and public outrage padded up each day.

  6. Toney Cuevas - March 10, 2008 11:32 pm

    I wonder, if the luckiest bitch around is really the luckiest and will survive this latest Spratly deal? Treason? Odds,I Imagine on her favor. Thus far, Joey is right, Gloria is the luckiest bitch around? Erap only went to 2nd round, and Gloria is in her 8th rounds. You gotta give evil bitch Gloria credit, somehow she outwitted everyone. She has continue to escaped all the charges against her: Coup d’etat, Impsa, Jose Pidal and German accounts, dad’s most expensive blvd, Piatco, P1.3 billion Mega-Pacific election computerization, Hello Garci, Joc-Joc Bolante fertilizer scam, it appeared $329 mil NBN-ZTE kickback losing its vigor, Northrail/Southrail, CyberED, et al. These are biggies projects in billions and yet evil bitch Gloria has beaten each and everyone of them charges, including all the rallys on the street. Evil bitch Gloria is quite an amazing Teflon, non-stick.

  7. Toney Cuevas - March 10, 2008 11:45 pm

    I would like to think we can trust Joe de Venecia and Eduardo Manalac, especially JDV, but the man has no credibility. JDV will take to his grave, I imagine all evil Gloria’s hidden corrupt secret. Unless, JDV has a change of heart and brave enough to implicate himself, gave up all his ill gotten wealth. I don’t think that’s going to happen. I’ve no doubt JDV is in with evil bitch Gloria since the beginning which is to why JDV wasn’t coming forward to tell all after when he was ousted as the Speaker of the House. If Gloria is evil, JDV I suppose is right along side her. Both couldn’t careless of the truth or the Philippines. Selfisness and greediness are their motto in life, all they can steal from the people.

  8. SumpPit - March 11, 2008 12:19 am

    Tomorrow’s Transport Strike will be the biggest in recent memory, yet the DepEd is not suspending classes in order to prevent the students from watching the Senate Hearing with its new “Suprise Witness” that could nail the coffin, once and for all!

  9. kapatid - March 11, 2008 12:22 am

    Treason yes, the deal has been consumated. The CNOOC and PETROVIETNAM has conducted studies and had poached our waters and teritory already. Note, the agreement was signed, 14 March 2005, JMSU is valid for Three Years, after which, they would review and recommend if it should be taken to phase 2, which is exploration and exploitation of Philippine Territory. Hence, the pronouncements of Apostol, that it is under review and could be cancelled due to political noise is nonsense. The agreement is really up for review, the agreement expires 14 March 2008! Refer below, JOINT STATEMENT.

    Joint Statement on the Signing of a Tripartite Agreement for Joint Marine Seismic Undertaking in The Agreement Area in the South China Sea
    March 14, 2005
    Makati Shangri-la Hotel

    A Tripartite Agreement for Joint Marine Seismic Undertaking in The Agreement Area in the South Sea was signed on the 14th March 2005 in Manila, Philippines, by and among China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), Vietnam Oil and Gas Corporation (PETROVIETNAM), and the Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC).
    By signing this Agreement, the three parties expressed their desire to engage in a joint research of petroleum re resource potential in the Agreement Area as a pre-exploration activity. The joint activities will be conducted in the Agreement Area in accordance with the seismic work programmes approved by the parties.

    The term of the Agreement will be three (3) years. The joint activities will cover an area of about 143,000 square km which is defined by specific geographic coordinates.

    **end of statement***

    Note, originally this deal is between China nd Philippines only. Vietnam could have become an unwitting partner. Relative to this deal are the other loans and advances granted by China to the Philippines, like, 67 Contracts were signed by GMA with China. This is alot more than all the deals combined since the 70’s , 80’s and 90′! Do the Math and figure out why would GMA get all those loans from China… It’s all in the kickbacks!!!! JDV and ED Manalac should be able to give the inside information on this deal. Also, Senator Biazon should be the lead committee, NOT Sen Miriam Santiago, who is lobbying to lead the investigation, otherwise it would be finished in no time and GMA absolved!

  10. AdeBrux - March 11, 2008 12:40 am

    Why can’t Gloria just do things by the book instead of undermining the book, follow the rules so we don’t have this signing, cancelling, signing, cancelling of contracts????

    Is that so hard to do? No, it’s not but Gloria is an indescribable lil immoral pygmie who has no respect for the Constitution nor for RULE OF ORDINARY LAW…

  11. duren - March 11, 2008 12:46 am

    Your role as responsible journalists is to bring that truth to light, not to bend it in someone’s favor, but to shine the light of unbiased reporting on contentious issues in order to discover what that truth really is.  —Eduardo V. Mañalac

    Mga mangmang na journalista, mga walang prinsipyo at walang pag galang sa katotohanan.

  12. bitchevil - March 11, 2008 12:52 am

    Duren, why don’t you address your call to Manila Standard and Government TV station? Why don’t you tell it to Malacanang’s favorite journalist Alex Magno? Why don’t you tell it to Meldy Poblador and Pagcor who handle pay-off to media people and the church?

  13. juggernaut - March 11, 2008 12:54 am

    Why can’t Gloria just do things by the book instead of undermining the book, follow the rules so we don’t have this signing, cancelling, signing, cancelling of contracts???? – AdeBrux

    She needs to buy loyalty so she needs an endless supply of money – to the point that she has to do what needs to be done. Take away her capability to pay and we’ll see some changes for sure…

  14. andres - March 11, 2008 12:58 am

    Syempre U-Turn, nabuking eh! Gaya lang din yan ng ZTE Deal na binawi after 5 months, ng lumabas na ang anomalya sa media.

    Ang galing talaga magsinungaling ni Evil Bitch! Akala mo binawi dahil sa sariling desisyon ang mga kontrata. Hindi kami tanga Gloria! Binawi mo dahil nabuking na ang kaswapangan mo!!!

  15. andres - March 11, 2008 1:00 am


    Mas mangmang at tanga ang mga kumakampi pa kay Evil Bitch! O di kaya naman halang din ang kaluluwa tulad ng mga among si Gloria at Mike Arroyo diba?

  16. d0d0ng - March 11, 2008 1:03 am

    Another dirty hands in a cookie jar.

    Oops…. baliktaran na naman!

    Dapat bitayin for treason.

  17. andres - March 11, 2008 1:06 am


    tama ka, kundi bitay, dapat firing squad! sobra ang dami ng kasalanan ng pamilya Arroyo sa Bayan!

    from what i heard, sa Spain daw ang takbo ng pamilya ni Evil Bitch upang tumakas sa mga kaso! Talagang guilty dahil may exit plan na sila upang enjoyin nila ang kinamkam nila sa Pinas!

  18. duren - March 11, 2008 1:10 am

    kaibigang bitchevil, dito ko ihahayag ang aking saloobin sa dahilang dito nanggaling ang aking poot sa sobrang walang katuturang pamamahayag. Dito ko nalaman kung paano mainis at lumaban sa aking paniniwala. At dito ko nabatid kung hanggang saan kalalaim ang kamangmangan ng iba nating kalahi. The blog and comments included here are prime example of shallowness, the lack of critical thinking and neglect of solid judgment based on evidence and common sense.

  19. bitchevil - March 11, 2008 1:14 am

    I don’t totally disagree with you, Duren. I don’t care if you’re indeed Luli. I treat people with fairness and respect. I believe in the basic kindness of men and that include your parents. For all we know, your parents might also be victims of our corrupt system that exists for many decades. It’s very hard to solve this problem. But it has to start now from Malacanang. Anyway, here’s one you should try to ponder on. We should congratulate this Col. Alvarez for speaking up on behalf of PNP and other victims in the Police Force:

    Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Avelino Razon Jr. ordered yesterday an investigation of a complaint by a colonel who rejected his promotion to a directoral post because of “too much politics” in the organization.

    Senior Superintendent Joel Alvarez turned down his appointment after criticizing the placement and promotion board in the police force.

  20. duren - March 11, 2008 1:16 am

    Mga kaibigan wag nyo akong banatan..hindi kayo ang kaaway ko. Kaaway ko yung mga sinungaling nating journalista, mga oposisyon at mga mangmang na walang alam kung hindi mag ingay na wala naman sa lugar. Bagamat kinakaawaan ko kayo dahil kayo ay biktima ng hindi wasto at iresponsableng pamamahayag. Magkasalungat man ang pananaw natin, Pinoy pa rin tayo lahat at iisa lang hinahangad natin para sa bayan..kapayapaan, kaunlaran at KATOTOHANAN!

  21. bitchevil - March 11, 2008 1:20 am

    Are you saying Ellen Tordesillas is a liar? Just because journalists like Herman Tiu Laurel, Lito Banayo, Billy Esposo criticize the Arroyo government they are already liars? Why don’t you say the same think to those friendly to Malacanang like Alex Magno and now a changed man, Ducky Paredes? In a way, I know and believe that the media is as corrupt. It was the media that helped oust two legal presidents, Marcos and Erap. But today, they’re ousting an illegal president; so what they’re doing now is right.

  22. duren - March 11, 2008 1:37 am

    Are you saying Ellen Tordesillas is a liar?

    I have the reason to believe that she may be irresponsible, if not sometimes…most of the times. O galit na naman kayo. I-delete nyo nalang kung gusto nyo. Iba kasi ang sinungaling, iba ang irresponsable. Yung sinungaling, alam na mali ang ipinahahayag nila, ang irresponsable ay yung walang kagitingan na magsuri bago mag handog ng balita na patas kahit ano mang sektor ang pinapanigan ng katotohanan.

  23. tikbalang - March 11, 2008 1:39 am

    Katotohanan? Ito basahin mo DUREN at gusto ko malaman ang katotohanan paki paliwanag lang lahat sa amin ang buong katotohanan.

    “Toney Cuevas Says:
    March 10th, 2008 at 11:32 pm
    Coup d’etat, Impsa, Jose Pidal and German accounts, dad’s most expensive blvd, Piatco, P1.3 billion Mega-Pacific election computerization, Hello Garci, Joc-Joc Bolante fertilizer scam, it appeared $329 mil NBN-ZTE kickback losing its vigor, Northrail/Southrail, CyberED.”

    Salamat Toney Cuevas sayong pagpapaalala ng mga kahayupan ni “GLORIANG MANANANGGAL”.

  24. andres - March 11, 2008 1:48 am

    Ang laki siguro ng balato ni Bitchy Glo dito kay Duren. Lahat kinakalaban! Di kami ang naliligaw at di kami ang biktima ng journalists, ikaw ang baluktot at wala sa tamang pag-iisip!

    O baka naman talagang malaki lang ang pakinabang mo sa pinaka corrupt na presidente?

  25. bitchevil - March 11, 2008 1:50 am

    Ellen an irresponsible journalist? You might be partly correct because she acted irresponsibly in allowing you to post here. If she was responsible enough, she wouldn’t let someone like you to be here. To answer your allegation just the same, if you notice Ellen usually gets her sources from records and documents provided to her. Most were not even her own opinion. Now tell me, what source or sources do you think are facts and responsible? We don’t know for sure, right? That’s why it’s in Ellen’s opinion as well as most Filipinos that these reports be looked into…be investigated and let the truth comes out. However, Malacanang tries to stop and block every attempt to know the truth. How can Ellen’s posts and letters be now considered as irresponsible when in fact we’re all trying to find out the truth?

  26. duren - March 11, 2008 1:54 am

    tikbalang ano pa ang ipapaliwanag ko sa iyo eh nagpaloko kana na totoo lahat ng mga iyan. Hindi ako magaaksaya ng panahon na paintindihin ka, wala na namang magbubukas ng pintuan.

  27. duren - March 11, 2008 1:57 am

    To answer your allegation just the same, if you notice Ellen usually gets her sources from records and documents provided to her. Most were not even her own opinion. Now tell me, what source or sources do you think are facts and responsible? We don’t know for sure, right? That’s why it’s in Ellen’s opinion as well as most Filipinos that these reports be looked into…be investigated and let the truth comes out.

    that was my point exactly..salamat kaibigan.
    “ang irresponsable ay yung walang kagitingan na magsuri bago mag handog ng balita na patas kahit ano mang sektor ang pinapanigan ng katotohanan.”

  28. parasabayan - March 11, 2008 2:02 am

    Tulog pa kasi si Ellen kaya ang mga DAGA ay naglalaro dito. But let us not be deceived by this RAT! Baluktot ang logic nitong isang ito! As far as we are concerned, Ellen has uncovered a lot of anomalies so far! To mention a few, she was able to get a copy of the Prelim Investigation of the 28 detained officers, then she got Madriaga’s expose on the ZTE deal and a lot more of other anomalies in the the Evil Bitches’ regime. Sa totoo lang, I only read the Inquirer, Malaya and The Tribune. These are the only publications I read because the rest of the other publications have more paid journalism. Ellen uncovers the anomalies and that is all I care. As for the RAT that loiters in Ellen’s blog, I do not give a damn, he or she is afterall just a RAT!

  29. duren - March 11, 2008 2:08 am

    Name-calling are for losers. Kakaawa kung hangang saan kababaw ang ating kaisipan. Kaawa-awa.

  30. Toney Cuevas - March 11, 2008 2:09 am

    Lets not be fooled by this liars and corruptors, we the people are not that naive. Call Spratly deal for what really is and not what they wants the people to believe. Joint Marine Seismic Agreement with the Chinese was an oil/gas exploration, and were not to measure the earth tremor cause by earthquake. Those liars technically just want to go around the territorial sovereignty of the land in order to pursue there moderate greed. Evil bitch Gloria, needless to say, wants to sale the Pilipinos to the Chinese.

  31. parasabayan - March 11, 2008 2:10 am

    Sino ang mas madalas magbigay ng “fed” information, di ba ang kampo ni Evil Bitch? Tignan mo na lang itong si Manalac. Sino ang nagpalabas na siya ang susunod na witness ng Senate? Whoever gave that info, kumagat naman itong si Manalac. The Evil Bitch is doing everything she can so make sure that she can divide and rule. Magaling siya sa panggigipit at pagtago ng katotohanan. This is why we need journalists like Ellen who will not bend to the rules of the Evil Bitch. She publishes what she has uncovered. Kung paniniwalaan natin, it is our call but she has the goods. She must be trustworthy because people trust her with their documents and information.

  32. duren - March 11, 2008 2:20 am

    I do not trust her. Noon meron, ngayon wala. Go figure.

  33. parasabayan - March 11, 2008 2:25 am

    The business in the Spratley’s is more in who gets the sole operation in the area if indeed there is oil! Do we think that China will share with us the bounty? If the boundaries of operations are not very clear as to who gets what, magkakagulo lang ang mga bansang gumagawa ng exploration lalo na kung ang China ang may equipments. Ano ang China hilo? Will China share the information they have gathered kung talagang meron ngang oil sa Spratlys?

    Jdv says this Spratlys agreement will prevent war between the three countries. No wonder he is being dumped by the Tongress and his own founded party. Di lalong magaaway ang mga bansang ito when the results are only beneficial to one country. What would happen if the oil find is more towards our country? Will China admit that? Or will China simply keep its find afterall China spent on the exploration. Ganito talaga nag mangyayari kung wala tayong resources and we just allow other countries to exploit us. Other countries, in the guise of mutual benefit, will secure our permission to explore our natural resources and bingo! Once the find is favorable, wala na ang Pilipinas sa picture. All we are stuck with are debts which out grandchildren will be forced to pay. Ang masaklap most of these debts are not even used for the infrastructures and development of the country but almost 50% goes to the “GREEDY BUNCHes'” pockets! This is a truly sad picture for us!

  34. Toney Cuevas - March 11, 2008 2:26 am

    Everyone should be more appreciative of this blog instead of attacking in generality the credibility of the proprietor. If you wish to discredit the owner, I’d hope that the individual(s) will cite in particular any subject offered that were untrue as the talking point. It would be unfair to just attack the owner without foundation. However, if such individual(s) objective is to create chaos in this blog, I’d suggest, don’t let the door hit you in your way out.

  35. parasabayan - March 11, 2008 2:27 am

    Duren, if you don’t trust Ellen, you do not even have any business being here. But what the heck! Be here anyway because we get to defend Ellen when you hurl these accusations!

  36. tikbalang - March 11, 2008 3:39 am

    Duren kung hindi mo kayang sabihin ang “KATOTOHANAN” walang maniniwala sayo. Naniniwala pa rin ako sa mga sinasabi ng mga bloggers dito. Kaya, kung ako sayo sabihin mo ang “KATOTOHANAN” para malaman namin lahat ang buong “KATOTOHANAN” sa mga nangyayaring kaguluhan at kurakutan sa bayang Pilipinas.
    Kung wala kang tiwala dito mas wala akong tiwala sayo dahil hindi ka nag sasabi ng “KATOTOHANAN”.

  37. Diego K. Guerrero - March 11, 2008 3:52 am

    Re: Palace eyes U-turn on Spratly Deal 2

    Ano ba ito? Urong-sulong o Yo-Yo policy? Kapag nabuking atras sa kontrata. Kahit ilang U-turn gawin ng Malacanang, alam na ang China at Vietnam ang ‘potential’ ng Kalayaan Group Is. at karatig pook. Ang bagong usapan kung magano ang patong sa exploration-exploitation mining rights.

  38. assumptionista - March 11, 2008 4:37 am

    Just curious Duren, where was GMA between 5-7 pm last night? did you attend?

  39. d0d0ng - March 11, 2008 4:45 am

    Duren claim Ellen is irresponsible but at the same time cannot categorically state any specifics. Sounds so responsible, hmmm.

  40. masha - March 11, 2008 4:46 am

    guys, pasensyahan niyo na si duren/luli. he/she is just acting like anybody without a substantive argument would do–make vitriolic attacks and spew out motherhood statements without basis. by repeating these statements, he/she thinks that others may be convinced to think his/her way, or convince others that there are still those who believe in gma. he/she represents a tiny minority in the philippines who still defend gma. this is part of the campaign so that the so-called inevitable tide wont go over. futile though. only those with blinders still believe gma is not corrupt. it’s just a matter of figuring out a viable alternative. that’s where the discord lies. pagnagkatugma dito, tapos and boxing.

  41. gusa77 - March 11, 2008 6:12 am

    MR.DUREN entire 70% believing investigative journalist are idiots and stupids,Ms.Ellen and her colleages are deciminating information to public are baseless,only hearsay,is that your point bending the truth,for somebody, which you know,probably “who is/are”.Since you think are smarter than anybody else of 70% Believer, GIVE AS A HARD FACTS,DOCUMENTS and footages of vidoes can not be alter by false informations,except paid projected to cover of incedences w/c mostly you knew those medias are just merely survives from what they getting paid for.Those BAG TAKER MEDIAS,are like your kind try to be a paint artist but not good paint mixer.TRY TO FIND THE MEANING OF THAT WORDS.

  42. rose - March 11, 2008 8:36 am

    duren: May I ask a question? By your definition of liar and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, the so called President of the Phil. a liar? irresponsible? or both? Thank you.

  43. rose - March 11, 2008 8:36 am

    addendum! or a saint?

  44. rose - March 11, 2008 9:02 am

    marami palang reversible clothes is Gloria. Uso pa pala ang atras avante na makina.. puede rin niya seguro ireverse ang kanyang buso, at puede rin niya baguhin hindi ba?

    duren: are you a he/she/it/ or all? You are quite a unique character..out of this world!

  45. sandinista - March 11, 2008 9:17 am

    Mga ka-bloggers, wag kayo masyadong padadala sa mga katulad ni Duren.. pansinin nyo, puro pang-asar lang ang ginagawa, pang-iinsulto sa kamangmangan natin. Pero uriratin nyo ang mga sinasabi, wala namang laman to refute what many in this community is posting. May tawag dyan sa psy-war: diversion and indirect refutation.

    Sabi nga nang nasirang Capt. Rene Jarque, kung gusto ng gobyernong GMA na manalo sa larangan ng propaganda to win our hearts and minbds, the best psy-op tactic that it must use is “direct refutation” — to refute your enemy’s propaganda with truthfulness without any sense of cover-up. Kayo na ang humusga kung gagawin yan ng gobyernong ito… parang humukay ng sariling libingan ang gobyerno kung gagamitin nila ito. Kaya magpapakawala yan ng mga katulad ni duren para iligaw tayo sa pamamagitn ng pagsundot sa mga sensibilities natin at a personal level.

  46. Valdemar - March 11, 2008 9:45 am

    Mangmang nga talaga ang mga journalista dito according to a frustrated one above. Kaunti pa at maconvince na ako. Anyone who has more knowledge on electronics or IT has sympathy with the NBN/ZTE promoters. And one who gets irritated with our freedom of spits has leanings towards the powers in being. And mind you its not the Lulli some here suspect. Who is it?

  47. SumpPit - March 11, 2008 10:16 am

    It’s Leo San Miguel!

    Where’s the panic button?

  48. andres - March 11, 2008 11:48 am

    Duren, you are the loser, not the bloggers here. Your tack of name calling and insults being hurled to lmedia, journalists and bloggers only goes to show the kind of character you are.

    It is clear that Duren is an attack dog of the Evil Bitch just like Raul Gonzales, Anthony Golez, et al…

    I am not insulted by Duren, in fact i pity him for he/she/it will go to hell with the Evil Bitch!!!


  49. andres - March 11, 2008 11:49 am

    DUREN is a LOSER

  50. rose - March 12, 2008 11:15 am

    Duren: I would like to hear your answer to my question: By your definition of liar and irresponsible is your beloved President Gloria Macapagal a liar? responsible? both? or saint? Alam kung matalino ka (matalino pa nga seguro sa matsing) thus I would love to get your answer..salamat at matulog ka ng mag rest in peace ka na lang..Good night! sweet dreams!
    P/S I am not interested in asking for evidences in your answer..kung mayroon man… stink you and sink you…

  51. gusa77 - March 12, 2008 5:24 pm

    What else everybody,gonna expect from a person,no matter what sector they belong to,if they drank and eat from made from devil sources,it always comes out from their breath the goodness of providers.Always the provider side favor.Even do they knew it was lied and deciets of their faith to our lord.As long as they gained more bread from the DEVIL.No wonder our progress are creeping of a worm towards our goal to have a better life in our birthland, as long as there are soldiers of darkness,lurking in our society,will never achieve better of our lives.

  52. happy gilmore - March 13, 2008 2:05 pm

    para ding senado dito – unless anti gloria ka – puro kasinungalingan ang kahit anumang sambitin mo – be it impartial or objective analysis….

    pag anti gloria ka naman – ang pananaw ng nakrarami ay purong katotohanan yan, at di na kailangan ng anupamang katunayan…

    whatever happened to “the burden of proof lies upon the accuser?”

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