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J Lo turns to cyberspace to continue delivering his message

Last Friday, at the forum organized by the Concerned Citizens Group at the Manila Polo Club last Friday, UP students who are active in the blogging said NBN/ZTE star witness Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada will be launching his own blog. Restricted by security and logistic concerns from going around the country, Lozada uses cyber technology. Today, […]

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Gov’t is biggest gainer from high oil prices

Malaya editorial: We see that the International Monetary Fund is standing four-square behind the government’s refusal to scrap the value added tax on oil and, by extension, on power rates, and sticking to providing direct support to the poor in this time of surging prices. Government’s refusal to scrap the VAT on oil is based […]

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Military lawyers want to arraign officers on prescribed offenses

By Joel Guinto Inquirer Court martial proceedings for the 28 officers accused of an alleged February 2006 coup plot on Friday were deadlocked on whether or not the lesser charges against the group have prescribed and should be dropped.

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Mindanao simmers again

I was reading an analysis “The Philippines:Counter-insurgency vs Counter-terrorism in Mindanao” when news of an explosion in Zamboanga City came in. Two persons were confirmed dead while 23 others were injured. Investigators were looking at the possibility that Al-Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf militants were involved in the attack. The analysis I’m reading was precisely warning about […]

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Pagpahalaga sa karapatang pantao

Update: Mukhang maayos itong si Leila de Lima, ang bagong chair ng Commission on Human Rights. Sana mabigyan ng katapat na aksyon ang kanyang mga sinasabi.

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Reporter says Magdalos had no plan to take over government

by Ashzel Hachero Malaya Reporter Alvin Elchico of ABS-CBN and a close friend and townmate of one of the Magdalo leaders, former Army Capt. Milo Maestrecampo, took the witness stand for the defense Tuesday and said he never heard the soldiers holed up at Oakwood hotel talk of any plan to take over the government […]

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Fight for human dignity

Update: He would have wanted to hold her hand “for moral support” as she was being wheeled to the operating room.

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Gen. Miranda recalled back to Isafp midnight

Another case of “give- and- take” policy of this illegitimate administration. Just now, I was told that Gen. Miranda was ordered back to ISAFP detention quarters by Gen. Espino, the camp commander after just a few hours with his wife in the hospital. Heartless. What are they afraid of? Will give update on this tomorrow. […]

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Kapag katotohan, tama sa lahat na oras

Ano ba naman itong si JDV? Naghihintay raw siya ng tamang panahon para sabihin ang alam niya tungkol sa NBN-ZTE scandal kasi kapag kinuwento raw niya ang alam niya baka raw matumba si Gloria Arroyo. O ano ngayon kung matumba si Arroyo? Yun ang pinakamagandang mangyari sa Pilipinas. Sinabi ng Inquirer kahapon na tinawagan raw […]

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Fugitive Marine captain presents ‘vision’ on YouTube

By Joel Guinto or here: Fugitive Marine Captain Nicanor Faeldon said he was prepared to die in the pursuit of his “vision” to arouse “national consciousness.” Faeldon surfaced on the popular video sharing website YouTube almost six months after he eluded arrest during a failed uprising by rebel soldiers on November 29 […]

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