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Ang 20% ng mga senior citizens

Kumambyo na ngayon ang Malacañang at pipirmahan na raw ni Gloria Arroyo ang batas na nagbibigay ne exemption sa mga senior citizens sa 12 per cent na Value Added Tax. Pipirmahan na raw ni Arroyo ang btas sa susunod na linggo. Noong Miyerkoles kasi ng ipinasa ng Kongreso ang batas, sinabi ni Deputy presidential spokesman […]

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Trial and error mark automated election field tests

by Mario Ignacio VERA Files The Commission on Elections held field tests in Taguig and Pateros Friday to try out the automated voting machines to be used in the May elections. But in Aguho Elementary School in Pateros, the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machine failed several times to transmit the election reports using its […]

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It’s politics, not ethics

This is another view on the C-5 controvery: by Rene B. Azurin BusinessWorld More credibility, probably, would attach to the Senate committee report on its so-called “investigations” into the C-5 road project controversy if senators — most politicos, actually — were not widely perceived as being distinctly unshy, brazen even, about using their considerable power […]

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Bikers pedal vs cervical cancer

There’s no letting up for “Tour of Hope” bikers in informing the public that there is a way to defeat cervical cancer. If last Wednesday’s launch is to be an indication of this year’s Tour of Hope, participants are in for an exciting, enjoyable, meaningful cycling event once again come March. Tour of Hope is […]

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‘Ganito kami noon, ganito pa rin kami ngayon’

Malaya editorial Our favorite “pa-pogi” guy in government, Arthur Yap of the Department of Agriculture, is at it again. In the face of soaring prices of sugar, he directed the National Food Authority to make available 150,000 kilos to poor families through NFA’s “Tindahan Natin” outlets in Metro Manila. The volume of 150,000 kilos translates […]

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Tunay na kulay

Kahit na pangit ang nangyayari ngayon sa Senado, mabuti na rin dahil lumalabas ang tunay na kulay ng marami sa kanila. Kung hindi sila nagbabangayan, di hindi sana natin nalaman ang mga behind the scenes na ginawa ni Sen. Manny Villar katulad ng pakiki-usap kay Senate President Juan Ponce-Enrile na parang ang dating daw ay […]

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A conspiracy to continue illegitimate governance

Gloria Arroyo must be the happiest person today. While the people are pre-occupied watching the Senate circus and other political entertainment, she is laying down the infrastructure for what looks like her last try to stay in power beyond 2010. The group that calls themselves Former Senior Government Officials (FSGO) has information of a sinister […]

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Tensions run high in C-5 showdown

by JP Lopez Malaya Tension ran high yesterday as Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile reported out to the plenary Committee Report 780 censuring Sen. Manuel Villar Jr. for allegedly using his position to realign the C-5 road extension project that will benefit his and his family’s real estate firms. Villar, who never showed up at […]

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Pati simbahan nangangamba sa automated election

Mabuti naman at nagsalita na rin ang Simbahang Katoliko ng kanilang pangamba tungkol dito sa automated election sa Mayo. Sa kanilang annual general assembly noong Sabado, sinabi ni Bishop Nereo Odchimar, presidente ng Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines na marami tanong tungkol sa ‘reliability” (maasahan ba?) at integridad ng mga makina na gagamitin sa […]

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Three critical turnovers

There are three changes that would be happening in May and June that should be a cause of concern for the Filipino people. No, we are not talking about the presidency. It’s not the replacement of Gloria Arroyo after June 30, 2010 that we are worried about. It’s more of she might be replacing herself. […]

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