Clans dominate in Maguindanao; 68 Ampatuans, 15 Mangudadatus running

by Carolyn O. Arguillas

Andal Ampatuan Sr ((December 4, 2009 - Photo by Jeoffrey Maitem/Getty Images AsiaPac)

Andal Ampatuan Sr ((December 4, 2009 - Photo by Jeoffrey Maitem/Getty Images AsiaPac)

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/08 Feb) – The Ampatuans, Mangudadatus, Midtimbangs, Sinsuats, Masturas, Sangkis comprise the majority among Maguindanao’s 879 candidates running for 374 posts: two congressional representatives to Congress, one governor, one vice-governor, 10 provincial board members, 36 mayors, 36 vice mayors and 288 municipal board members or councilors.

The Ampatuans lead the list of candidates with 50 carrying the same surname, at least 23 of them directly related to the patriarch, Datu Andal Ampatuan, Sr., and 18 with Ampatuan as middle name, according to records of the Commission on Elections (see list in article below)

Among the Ampatuans running are the patriarch, Datu Andal Ampatuan, Sr., the three-term governor of Maguindanao who resigned in January 2009 and returned as OIC governor in late 2009 (he was OIC governor when the November 23 massacre in Ampatuan town happened).

He is running for vice governor as an Independent candidate against three others, including his daughter Shaydee Ampatuan-Abutazil. His other opponents are Ma-arouph Bajunaid Candao and Ismael “Dustin” Veloso Mastura.

The Ampatuans were Lakas-Kampi members until evening of November 24 when the party expelled the patriarch and his sons.


Ampatuan Sr. is detained in a military hospital in this city; his sons Datu Zaldy, Datu Anwar and Datu Sajid are detained in General Santos City with his son-in-law Datu Akmad Ampatuan Sr., husband of eldest daughter Rebecca.

Datu Sajid, Ampatuan’s youngest son with first wife Laila Uy, is running for board member in the second district along with Datu Sarip Kasan and Puti Mamasapano Ampatuan.

Ampatuan Sr., and Sajid were unopposed when they ran for governor and vice governor in 2007. But Ampatuan Sr., resigned in January 2009 following the Supreme Court decision declaring unconstitutional the creation by the ARMM’s Regional Legislative Assembly, of the province of Shariff Kabunsuan which was earlier carved out of Maguindanao.

Andal Sr. claimed he had no mandate from Shariff Kabunsuan voters. A “New Maguindanao” was how the reconstituted Maguindanao was called. ARMM Governor Datu Zaldy Ampatuan named Sajid as OIC Maguindanao governor and his brother in-law Akmad, mayor of Mamasapano town, as OIC vice governor.

Datu Andal “Unsay” Ampatuan, Jr., mayor of Datu Unsay town who was supposed to run for governor of Maguindanao, is presently detained at the National Bureau of Investigation in Manila. Ampatuan is principal suspect in the November 23, 2009 massacre of at least 58 persons (32 of them from the media) in Ampatuan, Maguindanao.

The massacre victims, including six persons who happened to pass the highway at the wrong time, were on their way to the provincial office of the Commission on Elections in Shariff Aguak town to file the certificate of candidacy of Buluan vice mayor Esmael “Toto” Mangudadatu, who was running for governor.

Wives, children running

The detained Datu Zaldy was reelected ARMM Governor in August 2008. His term is supposed to end on September 30, 2011. His wife and daughter are now running for mayor and councilor of Datu Hoffer Ampatuan.

Datu Andal, Jr., was not able to file his certificate of candidacy before he was taken into the custody of the National Bureau of Investigation on November 26 but his wife is running for mayor of Datu Unsay town.

Datu Sajid’s wife is also running for mayor of Shariff Saydona Mustapha town while Datu Akmad and his children are running for top posts in Mamasapano.

Datu Zaldy’s wife, Bongbong is running for mayor of Datu Hoffer town while the eldest daughter, 20 year old Bai Noraillah Kristina is running for the Sangguniang Bayan (municipal board).

In Mamasapano, the political empire of the Ampatuan-Ampatuan (Rebecca Ampatuan, the eldest child of Datu Andal Sr. and Bai Laila Uy; and husband Datu Akmad Masukat Ampatuan, Sr., is apparently following the tradition set by the patriarch of fielding family members to run for the town’s elective posts.

But due to the uncertainties brought about by the expulsion of the Ampatuans from the ruling party in post-massacre Maguindanao, instead of the usual fielding of one candidate, two candidates from the same family branch are now being fielded – the Ampatuan-Uy branch fielding Andal Sr. against daughter Shaydee Ampatuan-Abutazil for Maguindanao vice governor – while the Ampatuan-Ampatuan branch is fielding brother against brother and daughter against father.

Brother vs Brother

Mohammad Bahnarin Ampatuan Ampatuan, was elected vice mayor of Mamasapano in 2007 with his father, Mayor Datu Akmad “Tato” Masukat Ampatuan Sr., (they ran, along with the board members, unopposed). Bahnarin was named acting mayor when his father was appointed OIC Vice Governor of Maguindanao in January 1999. Bahnarin, among those still being hunted for the massacre and for rebellion, filed his certificate for candidacy for mayor as an Independent, against his brother, Tahirodin Benzar Ampatuan (Ind), Apisa Paglala Mascud (Lakas-Kampi) and Mama Alegria Masukat, Jr., (Ind).

Bahnarin’s and Benzar’s sister, Lady Sha-honey Ampatuan Ampatuan (Ind) is running for vice mayor against her father, Akmad “Tato” Masukat Ampatuan (Ind), Mahani Udeg Kalukal (Lakas-Kampi) and Jalandoni Sendad Masukat (Ind).

Four more Ampatuans are running for municipal councilor: Anwarudin Masukat Ampatuan, Mahir Masukat Ampatuan, Mohamad Nor Abdilla Ampatuan and Usman Unto Ampatuan, all running Independent.

Yacob “Datu Jack” Lumenda Ampatuan told MindaNews in a telephone interview that, indeed, the uncertainty pervading during their meeting before the deadline of filing for candidacy, prompted them to field two candidates “just in case.”

Yacob is running for mayor of Rajah Buayan against his brother Kuzbari.

All in the family

In Shariff Aguak town, Anwar Uy Ampatuan, Sr., mayor until his arrest on December 5, is running for vice mayor (Ind) while his wife Zahara Upam Ampatuan is running for mayor (Ind).

Zahara is running against Abdugani Adam Butuan (Ind), Datu Peka Singgit Mangacop (Ind) and Zainodin Mustapha Paglala (Lakas-Kampi).

Anwar Sr. is running against Menzi Mendeg Balabaran (Ind) and Noraisa Gadao Paglala (Lakas-Kampi).

Three of their children are running for councilor: Anhara Upam Ampatuan (Ind), Anwar Upam Ampatuan, Jr., (Ind) and Rowella Upam Ampatuan. Also running are relatives Farisha Imam Ampatuan, Norodin Datumanong Ampatuan and Syrah Fatima Biruar Ampatuan, all of them Independent candidates.

Reshal Santiago Ampatuan (Ind), first wife of Datu Andal Jr. is running for mayor of Datu Unsay town against Aisa Salman Paglala and Said Sinapal Salik, Sr.

Two other Ampatuans are running for councilor in Datu Unsay town: Abdullah Kaliangget Ampatuan and Pandag Salibo Ampatuan.

In Datu Saudi Ampatuan town, incumbent mayor Saudi Biruar Ampatuan, Jr. (Ind), is running for mayor against Kindtu Umar Datucali (Lakas-Kampi) and Diego Dianal Mamalapat (Ind).

Saudi Jr’s brother, Saudi Biruar Ampatuan III is running for vice mayor against Tamano Kamaong Mamalapat (Ind) and Zainudin Rakman Salik (Lakas-Kampi).

Their mother, Soraida Macarimbang Biruar Ampatuan (widow of Saudi Ampatuan Sr.,) is running for vice mayor of Parang while Saudi Jr.’s wife, Jehan-jehan Lepail Ampatuan is running for councilor of Saudi Ampatuan town.

Manny “Badboy” Upam Ampatuan and Nasser Ampatuan Datumanong are also running for councilor.

In Shariff Saydona Mustapha, Zandria Sinsuat Ampatuan, wife of detained former OIC Governor Sajid Ampatuan, and presently acting mayor of the new town, is running for mayor (Ind) against Mando Kambal Bituanen with Ameerah Ampatuan Mamalapat running for vice mayor (Ind) against Hamin Kelo Timbao.

Two more Ampatuans are running for councilor: Michelle Sakal Ampatuan and Zainal Buto Ampatuan.

Mangudadatus, Masturas, Sinsuats

Fifteen Mangudadatus are running, 10 of them carrying the surname. The remaining five are using Mangudadatu as their middle name.

Esmael “Toto” Gaguil Mangudadatu is running for governor (Lakas-Kampi) with Ismael “Dustin” Veloso Mastura as his running mate.

Esmael’s brothers, Datu Ibrahim Gaguil Mangudadatu, Zaid Gaguil Mangudadatu and Freddie Gaguil Mangudadatu are running for mayor of the towns of Buluan, Pandag and Mangudadatu, respectively. They’re all running under Lakas-Kampi.

Freddie is a sure winner as he is running unopposed along with Prince Mangudadatu Dilangalen and the entire slate of eight council bets, among them Jackson Kanda Mangudadatu and Fort Mangudadato Daniel.

Other Mangudadatus running for councilor in Buluan are Datu Mikisnan Kanda Mangudadatu and Kugao Dalimbang Mangudadatu. Also running are Macaraton Mangudadato Bedial , Bai Rhamla Mangudadatu Kadalim and Esmael Mangudadatu Piang.

Zaid Gaguil Mangudadatu is (Lakas-Kampi) is running against Jocelyn Tee Adam (Ind) and Seno Piang Adam, Jr. (Ind). His running mate is Dahlia Uko Magundadatu (Lakas-Kampi). The other vice mayoralty bets are Bai Babai Gaguil Mangudadatu and Esmail Midsalipag Padao.

Among those running for councilor in Pandag is Datu Kubo Mangudadatu and Sali Banog Mangudadatu.

The Mastura clan has two mayors and a vice mayor even before the election campaign could begin.

Tucao Ong Mastura, is running for mayor of Sultan Kudarat while incumbent mayor Armando Talusan Mastura of Sultan Mastura is running for reelection. Both are unopposed.

Incumbent Sultan Kudarat mayor Shajida Biruar Mastura, daughter of Tucao, is running for vice mayor, unopposed.

Ismael Veloso Mastura, son of Datu Michael O. Mastura and Lourdes Veloso, is running for Maguindanao vice governor under Lakas-Kampi, as running mate of Esmael Gaguil Mangudadatu.

The Sinsuats have a mayor, vice mayor and two councilors even before the campaign could start. Brothers Lester Siesmundo Sinsuat and Sajid Siesmundo Sinsuat (B.Bayan-VNP) are running for mayor and vice mayor, unopposed, along with their slate of eight council bets, among them Dexter Datumanong Sinsuat (Ind) and Osmena Lucas Sinsuat III (Ind).

Datu Ombra Quesada Sinsuat, the father of Lester and Sajid, is the incumbent mayor of Datu Odin Sinsuat. He is running for governor under B. Bayan-VNP. Two other Sinsuats, Michael I Cueto Sinsuat and Russman Quesada Sinsuat are running for the provincial board’s first district with Asnawi Sinsuat Limbona.

Sidebar: Detained, yes, but Ampatuans still running for top posts in Maguindanao
by Carolyn O. Arguillas/MindaNews

DAVAO CITY (MindaNew/08 February) – Their leaders may be detained outside Maguindanao but they remain a clan to reckon with in Maguindanao, if we are to base it on the number of candidates running for election or reelection on May 10. The Ampatuans, Sinsuats, Sangkis, Mangudadatus, Pendatuns, Masturas, Midtimbangs, etc.. are fielding candidates for the May 10 polls but the Ampatuans have the highest number at 68, 50 of them carrying the same surname while the remaining 18 use Ampatuan as their middle name.

Of the 50, at least 23 are members of the immediate family of the patriarch, Datu Andal Ampatuan, Sr.

The Mangudadatus have 15, 10 of them bearing the surname with the remaining five use Mangudadatu as middle name

On November 23 last year, the Mangudadatus sent a convoy of relatives, women lawyers and 32 journalists to the provincial office of the Commission on Elections in Shariff Aguak town, Maguindanao, to file the certificate of candidacy for governor of Buluan Vice Mayor Esmael Gaguil Mangudadatu.

The convoy was stopped by armed men believed led by Datu Unsay mayor Andal Ampatuan, Jr. who would have been the Ampatuans’ candidate for governor and along with six others who happened to pass the highway at the wrong time, were herded into Sitio Masalay, Barangay Salman in Ampatuan town, where they were massacred – at least 58 of them — 35 of them buried in three mass gravesites.

Andal Jr. was taken into custody on November 26.

On December 5, hours after martial law was declared over portions of Maguindanao, Andal Sr., then OIC Governor of Maguindanao, was taken into custody at 1:30 in the morning while his son Datu Zaldy, governor of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) was taken in at around 7 a.m. and brought to General Santos City. Two other sons, Datu Anwar, mayor of Shariff Aguak and Datu Sajid, former OIC Governor of Maguindanao were also taken in along with son-in-law Datu Akmad “Tato” Ampatuan, Sr., were also arrested and brought to the 6th Infantry Division in Awang, Datu Odin Sinsuat but a few days later were transferred to General Santos.

So who’s running among the Ampatuans?

Candidates directly related to Datu Andal Ampatuan, Sr.

Datu Andal Salibo Ampatuan, Sr., for vice governor
Shaydee Ampatuan-Abutazil (daughter), for vice governor
Sajid Islam Uy Ampatuan (son), for Provincial Board
Bongbong Midtimbang-Ampatuan (wife of Datu Zaldy), for mayor of Datu Hoffer
Ampatuan, unopposed
Bai Noraila K. Midtimbang Ampatuan (daughter of Zaldy and Bongbong), for councilor,
Saudi Biruar Ampatuan, Jr., (son of the late mayor Saudi) for mayor of Datu Saudi
Saudi Biruar Ampatuan III, (Saudi Jr’s brother) for vice mayor of Datu Saudi Ampatuan
Soraida Macarimbang Biruar-Ampatuan (wife of the late Mayor Saudi Ampatuan), for vice
mayor of Parang
Jehan-jehan Lepail Ampatuan (wife of Saudi Jr.), for councilor of Datu Saudi Ampatuan
Reshal Santiago-Ampatuan (wife of Andal Jr.), for mayor of Datu Unsay
Yacob “Datu Jack” Lumenda Ampatuan (husband of Aloha, a daughter of Andal, Sr.) for
mayor of Rajah Buayan
Zahara Upam Ampatuan (wife of Anwar), for mayor of Shariff Aguak
Zandria Sinsuat Ampatuan, (wife of Sajid) for mayor of Shariff Saydona Mustapha
Mohammad Bahnarin Ampatuan Ampatuan (son of Rebecca and Datu Akmad Sr.), for
mayor of Mamasapano
Tahirodin Benzar Ampatuan Ampatuan (son of Rebecca and Datu Akmad Sr), for mayor
of Mamasapano
Akmad Masukat Ampatuan (father of Bahnarin and Benzar), for vice mayor of
Lady Sha-Honey Ampatuan Ampatuan (daughter of Rebecca and Akmad Sr.), for vice
mayor of Mamasapano
Anwar Uy Ampatuan, Sr. (son of Andal Sr.; wife of Zahara), for vice mayor of Shariff
Anhara Upam Ampatuan (child of Anwar and Zahara) for councilor of Shariff Aguak
Anwar Upam Ampatuan, Jr., (child of Anwar and Zahara) for councilor of Shariff Aguak
Rowella Upam Ampatuan (child of Anwar and Zahara) for councilor of Shariff Aguak
Manny Upam Ampatuan (child of Anwar and Zahara), for councilor of Datu Saudi
Galema Ampatuan-Olimpayan (daughter of Andal Sr. with another wife) for councilor of
Shariff Saydona Mustapha

Other candidates with Ampatuan as family name:

Datu Sarip Kasan Ampatuan, for Provincial Board
Puti Mamasapano Ampatuan, for Provincial Board
Akmad Baganian Ampatuan, for mayor of Datu Salibo
Marob Batabol Ampatuan, for mayor of Datu Salibo
Kuzbari Lumenda Ampatuan, for mayor of Rajah Buayan
Datu Rennier Sinsuat Ampatuan for mayor of Talitay
Kanor Datumanong Ampatuan, for vice mayor of Datu Salibo
Baiungang Dilangalen Ampatuan, for vice mayor of Datu Abdullah Sangki
Farida Lidasan Ampatuan, for vice mayor of Matanog
Normina Baganian Ampatuan, for councilor of Ampatuan
Bai Sittie Sugadol Ampatuan, for councilor of Datu Abdullah Sangki
Datu Khalid Sandag Ampatuan, for councilor of Datu Hoffer Ampatuan, unopposed
Norodin Lakman Ampatuan, for councilor of Datu Hoffer Ampatuan, unopposed
Mama Datumanong Ampatuan, for councilor of Datu Salibo
Moharif Batabol Ampatuan, for councilor of Datu Salibo
Yasser Baganian Ampatuan, for councilor of Datu Salibo
Abdullah Kaliangget Ampatuan, for councilor of Datu Unsay
Pandag Salibo Ampatuan, for councilor of Datu Unsay
Anwarudin Masukat Ampatuan, for councilor of Mamasapano
Mahir Masukat Ampatuan, for councilor of Mamasapano
Mohamad Nor Abdilla Ampatuan, for councilor of Mamasapano
Usman Unto Ampatuan, for councilor of Mamasapano
Farisha Imam Ampatuan, for councilor of Shariff Aguak
Norodin Datumanong Ampatuan, for councilor of Shariff Aguak
Syrah Fatima Biruar Ampatuan, for councilor of Shariff Aguak
Michelle Sakal Ampatuan, for councilor of Shariff Saydona Mustapha
Zainal Buto Ampatuan, for councilor of Shariff Saydona Mustapha

Candidates with Ampatuan as middle name:

Bai Sandra Ampatuan Sema (wife of incumbent Cotabato City mayor Muslimin Sema) for
1st district rep against Didagen Piang Dilangalen
Simeon Ampatuan Datumanong, for 2nd district rep, unopposed.
Samsodhen Ampatuan Sangki, for vice mayor of Datu Abdullah Sangki
Monir Ampatuan Asim, Sr., for vice mayor of Datu Unsay
Ameerah Ampatuan Mamalapat, for vice mayor of Shariff Saydona Mustapha
Tulondatu Ampatuan Sumagka, for vice mayor of Talitay
Johaipa Ampatuan Basilan, for councilor of Ampatuan
Datumama Ampatuan Dilangalen, for councilor of Datu Abdullah Sangki
Rohaida Ampatuan Ebrahim, for councilor of Datu Abdullah Sangki
Bai Giom Ampatuan Kindo, for councilor of Datu Abdullah Sangki
Prince Razul Ampatuan Sangki, for councilor of Datu Adullah Sangki
Nasser Ampatuan Datumanong, for councilor of Datu Saudi Ampatuan
Mohammad Don Ysriel Ampatuan Asim, for councilor of Datu Unsay
Datumama Ampatuan Bandila, for councilor of Rajah Buayan
Saada Ampatuan Sambolawan, for councilor of Rajah Buayan
Norodin Ampatuan Datumanong, for councilor of Shariff Aguak
Amil Hamza Ramshais Ampatuan Macapendeg, for councilor of Shariff Aguak
Melvin Ampatuan Sumagka, for councilor of Talitay

Cotabato City is not part of Maguindanao but there are three Ampatuans running for elective posts there: Linda Untal Ampatuan, running for vice mayor; Johariz Usman Ampatuan, running for councilor; and Omarkhalid Ampatuan Ampatuan, running for councilor.

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27 Responses

  1. AnnaDeBrux - February 9, 2010 9:08 am

    Good heavens!

    I believe in democracy, free speech, freedom of action and all the bloody mess but my goodness me, I never thought that democracy extended to allowing an entire crime operating Mafia clan to run for legit govt positions.

    I mean, there’s gotta be a limit!

    Where I sit, organised crime operators are jailed!

  2. AnnaDeBrux - February 9, 2010 9:09 am

    Are they trying out to be in the Guiness Book of World records or something?

  3. asiandelight - February 9, 2010 9:14 am

    OMG…god bless Philippines. These people are not assets but liabilities.

  4. AnnaDeBrux - February 9, 2010 9:17 am

    How very polite of you asiandelight!

    They definitely are a bunch of ASSES

  5. asiandelight - February 9, 2010 9:23 am

    great job comelec !!!

  6. AnnaDeBrux - February 9, 2010 10:04 am

    Good lord! Frightening picture you’ve got there, Ellen!

    So, that gangsta looking individual is the godfather of the Ampatuan Organized Crime Force?

    Definitely not a face you’d like to run into in a dark alley. And this is Gloria’s bossom buddy in Mindanao? Shit a brick!

    Saying is right: Birds of the same feather flock together.

  7. asiandelight - February 9, 2010 10:27 am

    holy shmoly!!!.. and what about the nose? lol

  8. pranning - February 9, 2010 2:51 pm

    09 February 2010

    Sad to say that is the very sad plight of Philippine politics.

    Before anything, lest forgotten, there are a lot them in our systems… the Macapal, este Macapagal-Arrovos, este Arroyos, the Binays of Makati, the Aquino and Cojuangco clan, the Estradas, to name oa few of them. But as I said there are plenty of them in our main political stream.

    ANother problem is, after the exipration of their tour od duties as Presidents, Mayors, Senators, Congressmen, Councilors, ar any elective posts, they will just transfer their post to their wife, sons, daughters or any relatives until they can ran again.

    WHEW!!!!!!! Bottomline, we have to be wise in choosing our candidates based not on their campaign ads, promises and many more.


  9. MPRivera - February 9, 2010 2:57 pm

    Bakit hindi pa nila isinama ‘yung mga alaga nilang aso’t kambing upang lalong kumpleto?

    Nagtira pa sila?!

  10. Isagani - February 9, 2010 9:23 pm

    A while ago I proposed legislation to legalize gambling. This came to fruition. I also proposed legislation to legalize kidnapping, bribery, smuggling, stealing, lying, mass murder and all forms of plunder.

    Some of the bills have gone through preliminary deliberations in the house of representatives and will be taken to the floor as soon as under the table payments are completed.

    Note that payments are still made under the table since legalization to legalize bribery is under intense scrutiny. Some congressmen talk of delikadesa and insist that changing its current form would take away the rush and excitement in the current process. Glue under advisement from Mr. Pedal, however, went on tantrums and insists that it doesn’t matter how bribery is done and that the House must pass the plunder legalization bill NOW!

    GMA now orders all financially independent diaspora pinoys who are concerned about the lawlessness in the Philippines to come back home. After the Crime-free-Philippines family of bills are passed, the Philippines will be crime free!

    Just in:

    A special bill is being machinated by a group of Malacanang corruption experts to vindicate the Ampatuans of false mass killing charges. This bill also declares an Ampatuan free trade/autonomy zone to recognize their contribution to GMA style democracy and is expected to pass into law when GMA becomes Prime Minister.

  11. Isagani - February 9, 2010 9:54 pm


    DOT secretary Ace Durango predicts at least a 300% increase in tourism revenue with the passage of Crime-free-Philippines family of bills.

    DTI is also excited over Crime-free-Philippines: Growth of foreign investments will be more evident in the first months of Crime-free-Philippines as foreign investors get more acquainted with our new cash and carry policy.

    It really makes it very easy to do business here. You can buy almost anything you like so long as you have the cash. You also save investment capital on middlemen since payoffs can be done in the open.

    PM GMA, who holds a Masters degree in Economics says that the Philippines will be Numero Uno again in Asia.

  12. AnnaDeBrux - February 9, 2010 10:30 pm

    DOT secretary Ace Durango predicts at least a 300% increase in tourism revenue with the passage of Crime-free-Philippines family of bills.

    What a joke, and a stupid joke at that!

  13. rose - February 9, 2010 11:08 pm

    Ano ba ang ibig sabihin nitong Crime-free-Philippines? Ang ibig sabihin ba ninto ay you can commit a crime in the Philipiines and will be freed? Kung ganito ay tataas talaga ang tourism sa atin..Mindanao is a very rich area..Crime is free in the Philippines..wari ko hindi lang ang precio ng gas, bigas, asukal at ilan bang pangangailangan natin..tataas na ang mga crimen at dadami na ang mga criminals..hindi pala mga alaga ni putot..

  14. rose - February 9, 2010 11:17 pm

    kung ganito ang maging scenario sa will attract tourists those who have criminal records particularly but will it attract those who want to live simply and enjoy the beauty of our country? maan tana kanimo! ay ay kalisud!

  15. chi - February 9, 2010 11:35 pm

    A, kahit nanay ay hindi mamahalin ang ganyang hilatsa ng mukha kasi pati sya ay papatayin.

  16. rose - February 10, 2010 12:11 am

    Chi, naunahan mo ako..pero ang sasabihin ko sana ay “his is a face only a mother can love”..alsm ko hindi sila Christiano pero ang pag alam ko ang tunay na Muslim ay hindi hindi nag aalaga ng baboy..pero ang mga Ampatuans ay may special na piggery at ang mga baboy nila ay matataba..busog ang bulsa..

  17. tru blue - February 10, 2010 1:08 am

    My gad, do we really believe this guy doesn’t eat lechon. The pork fat is written all over in his being. Sana mahuli ng kapwa muslim na nag lilitson so they will just hang his fat ass, hehehe…

  18. chi - February 10, 2010 1:23 am

    Hahaha!!! Yan ba ang mukha ng ayaw sa taba ng baboy?

  19. martina - February 10, 2010 4:15 am

    Hitsurang mabagsik … pera.

  20. AnnaDeBrux - February 10, 2010 6:28 am

    He doesn’t look remotely like your average domestic pig. He must be first cousin to wild pigs!

  21. florry - February 10, 2010 6:37 am

    Now we know that democracy does not exist in Maguindanao. The “state” is locked under the grip and dictatorship of one clan- the Ampatuans. It’s no wonder then that Arroyo hanky pankied with them. It’s a very rich source of needed manufactured votes to win an election which Recto, Zubiri and Gloria enormously benefited.

    During Marcos time very few heard of the Ampatuans. After the fall of Marcos, Cory Aquino sowed the very first seed of power by appointing the elder Ampatuan to an OIC position. From then on, they amassed wealth and power and soared to be the high and mighty demigods of Maguindanao. The clan is so big and on the verge of cornering all elective and non-elective positions in that “state” and it’s not impossible to spread into neighboring provinces in the future.

    What will the next government do about it?

  22. asiandelight - February 10, 2010 7:00 am

    crime free Philippines? sure it can be done but we have to understand what exactly it is…National security is a necessity to guarantee the freedom and peace of the people, including protection of human rights. National security and its policies are different in every country. I will focus on why Peace is a marketable value thus create employment not only in tourism in Mindanao but to the many other industries in the country.

    Peace is a precondition for attracting investors into the country. Foreign investment would only advance into the country if stability is confirmed. When there are more economic enterprises, more income-generating possibilities, more food on the table, there is always a higher level of peaceful co-existence. As academic opportunities broaden alongside a growing middle-class, we cannot also neglect the fact that rising levels of law breaking and crime might also affect the degree of tolerance of popular norms. For those countries ranked higher in peace keeping, their standard numbers of policemen varies by 2 to 5 in every 1000 population. There are more policemen in the city or where crimes were recorded very high. To solve the overwhelming problem for our national security, Philippines must invest more, hire and train more policemen and double the size of its police force. ( this is where the crime free bill). Among the candidates, only GIBO made sense to me during the previous interview.

    These are the facts
    1. On Global Peace at vision of humanity study, Philippines ranked 114 among 144 countries on peace building. The details are in that site. please try to check the site just in case.

    2. In Mindanao alone.
    On Oct 2009

    A fact sheet released Monday by the regional NSCB said there are now at least 2,814 policemen providing security to Central Mindanao’s 3.9 million population. This means that every policeman in the region serves 1,386 people.
    But based on Republic Act (RA) 6975 or the Department of Local Government Act of 1990, the standard police-to-population (PTP) ratio in the country is at least a policeman per every 500 individuals. The required number of police strength varies depending on the peace and order situation, population density, and actual demands of the service in a particular area, but the minimum PTP ratio, also according to RA 6975, should be one police per 1,000 persons.

    To satisfy the ideal police to population ratio of 1:500 based on the RA 6975 standard, the region must enlist about 5,000 more policemen, the regional statistical office said. To comply with the minimum requirement of one police per 1,000 population, the region needs to recruit an additional 1,086 police to beef-up its current force of 2,814, it added. Also, the region’s population was growing by 3.8 percent annually from 2000 to 2007.

    The rise in criminalities in the region outpaced augmentation of the police force.

    We have nothing to lose if this Bill will pass Congress but please remember that to implement this policy will require collective effort from the Senate , the House and all the other executive departments. It must account , record and investigate every little detail instead of taking something in the middle????

  23. asiandelight - February 10, 2010 7:09 am

    Since we are looking at the pig’s nose, it may be better to re-group its armies and CVO’s to disconnect their loyalty to the clan or convert them into the regular force or replace them with newly trained recruits policemen and new members of the AFP who are not related or previously associated with both clans.

    the pig’s farm might behave hopefully…

  24. tru blue - February 10, 2010 8:21 am

    “Hahaha!!! Yan ba ang mukha ng ayaw sa taba ng baboy? – Chi

    Hitsurang mabagsik … pera. – martina

    He doesn’t look remotely like your average domestic pig. He must be first cousin to wild pigs! – adb”

    Paanong di matatakot ang botantes kung pag-gising mo sa umaga, yan ang mukhang nakadikit sa yung may pintuan o bintaba? Ala eeh….iboboto ko nga si Mr Maton!, hehehe….

  25. rose - February 10, 2010 11:12 pm

    tiningnan ko uli ang mukha ng dalawa…mukhang wild baboys nga!

  26. TonGuE-tWisTeD - February 11, 2010 1:29 am

    Itsurang diyablo diba? Pati nga pagpatay sa anak niya (Datu Saudi) sa kanya isinisisi. Gagamitin daw niya sana sa drama si Saudi para mapagbigyan ni Gloria na gamitin ng gobyerno ang mga private army niya, papaswelduhin, ite-train, aarmasan etc. Na siya ngang nangyari.

    Gumawa sila ng scenario sa palengke para kunwari na-ambush yung convoy niya. Siyempre may palitan kunwari ng putok, ang siste, may di sinasadyang nagpalipad ng RPG, si Datu Saudi ang nayari.

    Sabi ng witnesses kung totoong ambush yon, nung madale si Saudi, bakit biglang tumigil ang putukan at sabay na nag-alisan ang dalawang grupo?

  27. Ellen - February 11, 2010 11:01 am

    Grabe, no.

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