VERA Files statement on Grace Lee

In a text message to Ellen Tordesillas, author of the report, Lee said, “The only points about your article I want to clarify is that I never uttered the words ‘altar’ or anything that might hint to desiring marriage.”

It was her co-anchor DJ Suzy, not Grace Lee, a Korean TV and radio personality President Benigno Aquino III is said to be dating, who said the relationship between the two was headed for the altar.

Lee made the clarification in reaction to a VERA Files story yesterday that said she saw herself tying the knot with the President.

In a text message to Ellen Tordesillas, author of the report, Lee said, “The only points about your article I want to clarify is that I never uttered the words ‘altar’ or anything that might hint to desiring marriage.”

Lee later said in a phone interview with Tordesillas that the issue about she and the President ending up at the altar was part of the banter between hosts of the program “Good Times in the Morning” which airs on radio station 89.9.

Lee also said it was Suzy who replied “The full length” when asked by New York-based Mo Twister how long the relationship would last.

She also clarified that she did not say “I’m praying for this,” referring to her relationship. “What I said is that I pray everything will go well,” she said.

“It was my female co-DJ who teased me on the air and I laughed it off,” Lee said in her tweet earlier in the day as social networking sites ran the story.

In the phone interview, Lee also denied revealing that the President had offered to provide her a team from the Presidential Security Group. “It’s not true. There was no security issue that I ever discussed with anyone,” Lee said.

VERA Files sources had earlier quoted Lee telling a TV talk show host off-camera that the President had offered to provide her with PSG escorts.

For her report, Tordesillas quoted from the conversations of the “Good Times” anchor during the show’s episode on Feb. 8, which happened to be Aquino’s 52nd birthday. She was listening to the program at the time.

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  1. chi - February 13, 2012 9:27 pm

    May source naman pala e, it was Lee’s co-anchor DJ Suzy who uttered the word “altar”. Lee did not deny the “altar” joke, just laughed it off.

    Para na ring ganun, hahaha!

    Kung magkatuluyan, I wonder how Grace Lee would act as Pnoy’s First Lady and how she’d affect the presidency. :)

  2. chi - February 13, 2012 10:36 pm

    Sabi ni Viel Aquino ng tanungin tungkol sa ka-date ng kapatid na hindi pa raw nya nakakadaupang-palad: Kung maligaya si Pnoy, maligaya rin ako.

    Tanong ko: Gusto kaya ni ate Ballsy na ma-dakdak ang first lady ng kapatid na pangulo ng Pinas?

    The lady doth protest too much. :)

  3. Mike - February 14, 2012 1:54 am

    Chi, baka kunin kang brides maid sa kasal ni PNoy. Ako naman, magpriprisinta akong ring bearer. :P

  4. chi - February 14, 2012 2:28 am

    Mike, hanggang dito na lang tayo sa Ellenville at baka hindi tumagal buhay natin sa mainit at mausok na kapaligiran. :)

  5. dinah-pinoy - February 14, 2012 2:43 am

    ay susmaryosep. ano ba yan, nakinig lang sa radio? hindi man lang nag verify muna? na-i-record ba ang usapan sa radio kaya sigurado kung sino ang nagsabi? ang nag-uulat dapat accurate.

  6. dinah-pinoy - February 14, 2012 2:48 am

    “I’m deeply offended that a journalist like Ellen Tordesillas would write an article of lies to sensationalize one’s private life. I have never said anything remotely close to what her write-up says I did. I believe the public deserves an apology from her,” she tweeted.

  7. Mike - February 14, 2012 2:51 am


    Chi, yung mausok maiintindihan ko pa dhil yosi boy si PNoy, pero mainit? Bakit? Ikaw Chi ha! Ano kaya yun? :P :P :P

  8. dinah-pinoy - February 14, 2012 2:59 am

    Citing interviews conducted by the article’s author, Ellen Tordesillas, via phone and text message, VERA Files acknowledged that it was Lee’s co-anchor, DJ Suzy, who said that the relationship between the two was headed for the altar.

    ginawa muna sana ito BEFORE i-publish ang article.
    Public apology is a must here.

  9. dinah-pinoy - February 14, 2012 8:04 am

    Sa kanyang Twitter account, sinabi ni DJ Suzy: “Grace Lee sees herself marrying PNoy – LIES. someone send this dude a recording of the show please.”

  10. jerick2011 - February 14, 2012 11:56 am

    Personally, I think Grace Lee’s comments were taken out of context and then sensationalized.

  11. arvin - February 14, 2012 4:16 pm

    Bagay silang dalawa lalo na kung kukunin na ninang sa kasal si dating pangulong Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Ang ganda ni Grace Lee buti hindi niya nakilala si Hayden Kho dahil kung nagkataon may scandal din sila.

  12. chi - February 14, 2012 9:18 pm

    Mike, mainit ngayon ang mga puso dun kailangan ang fireman. :)
    Pero gusto ko ngayon ang attitude ni Pnoy na tahimik after acknowledging that his dating. Ito naman isa, mukhang nagkarun ng virus ang tuktok at sobrang madakdak (na-uber si Kristeta).

    Kung nalilito ang mga nakikinig sa kanya sa radio program at nagbabasa ng kanyang mga etsings, mas tuliro sya sa mga pinagsasabi. Actually, I saw her being interviewed, ayun nga, in between words ay tawa ng tawa na parang hyena na nasobrahan sa asukal. :)

    Oh, I missed Shalani talaga, the one that is now in a better loving arms. Hahaha!

  13. TonGuE-tWisTeD - February 15, 2012 2:10 am

    namputsa. Hyena na nasobrahan sa asukal? hahaha. That made my cold Valentines night.

    Happy Valentines’ sa lahat ng mga tropa dito sa barangay Ellen. Especially kay Ellen, chi, annedb, Magno, cocoy, joeseg, rose, yuko (saan ka man), parasabayan, juggernaut, saxnviolins, skip, Hawaiianguy, purple, baycas2, trublue, reyna elena, Phil Cruz, johnmarzan, Mike, olan, balweg, prans, Dante/Tedanz, vonjovi, martina, henry90, vic, Valdemar, jawo, Sumppit, patria adorada, baguneta, isagani, buraot, hilman, norphil, ocayvalle, humus, jr_lad, xman, dinah-pinoy, pati na si artsee.

    Testing lang. hehehe. Me kulang ba?

  14. dinah-pinoy - February 15, 2012 2:39 am

    kahit pala dyornalista sa Pinas, wala na’ng accountability.

  15. chi - February 15, 2012 7:57 am

    Ss dami ng vocodin at valium, sharper than ever Tongue! :)

    Happy Love Day to all!

  16. humus - February 23, 2012 11:19 pm

    #13 ni TT
    May kulang ba, wala seguro, kita ko ako eh.

    Heto ang take ko sinuman ang pakasalan ni P Noy dapat basahin ito.

    Take a look at Presidential spouses of Ferdinand and Gloria (walang spin limited lang sa kanila). P noy as her sisters and close friends probably know that his character from childhood to wisdomhood will be eyeless blindness to whatever immoral and unethical importunings, persuasions, coercions or blackmail his wife will exert on him. Baka divorce or jail ang mapala ng Mrs. ni P Noy. P Noy is made of “sterner stuff.”

    He has plenty of weaknesses and faults, but his rare and his best armor that no other Philippine Presidents have so far demonstrated is his being blind to reasons and sentiments that will water down and weakened his principles.

    If P Noy adopts the logic of the greatest good for the greatest number of Filipinos , no utang na loob, awa or gandang loob can erode that rock of his logic. There will be exceptions of course.

    That could be his tuwid na daan which a future wife and her relatives have no choice but to follow. Rather than mock him, insult him, and laugh at him his critics and detractors should try to get inside his head to see what makes him tick. His righteous bent could constitute danger and punishment to criminal minds. Read the intensity of his soul from his own words and those he adopts and accepts on his written speeches.

  17. humus - February 23, 2012 11:27 pm

    Look at this, even WITHOUT P Noy’s orders this can happen to the Philippines during his watch through the zeal and dedication of his cabinet and law enforcers.

    We, the millions BOSSES of P Noy may not be Disheartened since this may come to pass.

    The best case scenario which the true (uncorrupted) Filipinos all over the world are waiting for which can only happened in the Philippines is the resounding acquittal of CJ Corona by the Impeachment Court FOLLOWED days later which can only happen in South Korea, Singapore, Britain, USA, and Canada is the mass arrest of tax evaders from the members of the Impeachment Court, the Supreme Court and members of the defense and prosecution teams. The people who know will rejoice to see Corona, Enrile, Santiago, Escudero, Cuevas, Fr. Bernas and many more etcetera, lead by Police in handcuffs to the army trucks that will collect the tax evaders to take them to Muntinlupa. Let the people watch with their tomatoes, eggs and shoes as these rascals and scalawags marched with police escorts to attend their court trials and be given justice by the genuine rule of law.

    With great possibility and people’s eager anticipation this scenario will shock and awe the people of South Korea, Singapore, Britain, USA, and Canada on how the Phil President using the true rule of law led a revolution that halted the tide of corruption and smash to pieces the rock culture of impunity.

    Filipinos all over the world will be looked up with respect and reverence more than the first EDSA, more than the FBI efforts on the MAFIA, more than Guilliani’s bringing peace and order to the streets and homes in New York City.

    Let the intellectual goons and hoodlums ask for it. The people will eventually sock it to them.

  18. humus - February 23, 2012 11:51 pm

    When the Department of Health–with assistance from local governments –conducts its massive clean up and eradication campaign against dengue, and other serious diseases, the mosquitoes and the rats do not complain. The people approve and applaud.

    If and when the Bureaus of Internal Revenue and Customs, the DoJ and COA join hands to conduct tax collection and tax evasion investigation; when the PNP and the NBI joined in to arrest tax evaders, the society is ON FIRE. Tax evaders are not Mosquitoes and rats which can not complain. And tax evaders, those high or low in society are not mosquitoes and rats and must be treated in politically correct ways.

    We don’t but the mosquitoes and rats might know the cost and damage they inflict to society might be peanuts when compared with the cost of tax evasion.

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