Aquino urged to appoint PWD as Comelec commissioner

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Magbanua: her idol is the late Haydee Yorac,the feisty former Comelec commissioner

Elections Commissioner Rene Sarmiento is urging President Aquino to make history by appointing state solicitor Jessica S. Magbanua, a person with disability, to the Commission on Elections, replacing Augusto C. Lagman who was bypassed by the Commission on Appointments.

“Attorney Magbanua is a lawyer, a woman, a PWD,” Sarmiento said at the launching last week of Fully Abled Nation, a campaign that aims to increase the participation of persons with disability in the 2013 elections. “All things considered, she would be an asset to the commission.”

Sarmiento, the election body’s focal person for PWDs and other vulnerable sectors, also said the Comelec is fully supporting the campaign to encourage PWDs to exercise their right to suffrage. He added that Magbanua, who has been active in the campaign, would be a big help.

“She will be an eloquent voice for the vulnerables,” said Sarmiento, who is himself retiring early next year, leaving another vacancy open before the May 2013 midterm elections.

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  1. arvin - April 23, 2012 3:50 pm

    Good luck sa kanya sakali man.

  2. MPRivera - April 23, 2012 5:40 pm

    sarmiento is trying to leave something good when he steps out of Comelec’s door. but, if he assumes that would erase all the anomalies he did during the last election exercises held under the arroyo administration he better think again.

    washing his linens at this time is all too late!

  3. vic - April 23, 2012 7:42 pm

    I think one way this Congressional Cofirmation (Another coppycat from the US in style only) should be rid of) as it deprives the deserving person the position if Enrile or a powerful politician happens to have a personal grievance towards that individual…I`d much rather had a position other with Tenure not co-terminus with the sitting administration will go to thru the process of vetting just like any job without the Politics and those that go with the Administration is under the prerogative of the Head of the Government…to fall or rise with its decision…

    We had for the First Time did the process of confirming Parliamentary the appointment of SC Justice and it was so awkward that nobody felt comfortable doing it…After all the vetting and checks by an “arms lenght selection committee“ what is the Idea of the Politicians questioning the appointee?
    And by the way, is the Bills of Rights very Clear (and it was part of the Constitution) that Under the Law, every Individual is Equal and that I believe includes individuals with Disabilities and will have equal protection under the law and equal benifits…Ms. Magbanua disablity is not even to have been a factor at all…our Lt. Governor is an individual with disability and nobody knows he has one during his very succcessful Journalistic Career before appointed the Lt. Governor of the Province. (that was the time when he was seen in the full view in his wheelchair, he was a victim of Polio in childhood)

  4. vic - April 23, 2012 8:06 pm

    Sorry to say that noone knew our Lt. Gov. disability before he was appointed to the Fact he was very Visible and very active in the campaign for accessibility for the disabled since he was in the Media and also a lawyer. and He carry that mission as the Lt. Governor and now if anyone will have an opportunity to experience even the mass transit where a wheelchair can now be driven up the Busses (buses can “kneel” close to the pavement to accomodate baby carriage and wheelchair) and all busses and trains have Voice and signs for the hearing and vision impaired on board.
    And for voting, those with disabilities and can not make it to the polls can vote at home, with a witness and the election official. and I Say when the Charter Guarantees it, it must be a good guarantee, not just a lip Service…

  5. chi - April 24, 2012 8:37 pm

    Being a PWD should not be a reason for Magbanua to being appointed Comelec Commissioner. Kung qualified, sige!

    “She will be an eloquent voice for the vulnerables,” -Sarmiento

    I would to think that PWDs are not vulnerables, I treat them as equal. True, they may need assistance as to their physical needs but a caring government should provide them the necessary needs. In terms of ability to discharge duties and responsibilities, they are not different from all the abled bodies individuals, marami sa kanila ay mas magaling pa.

    Iba and dating sa akin ni Sarmiento, paawa epek ang gusto nyang mangyari sa appointment ng highky qualified Magbanua.

  6. MPRivera - April 25, 2012 4:28 pm

    anyone who thinks PWD’s as useless and must only be pitied should examine first his inner self, watch reflection infront of a mirror and see what is lacking in him before judging anyone’s capabilities.

  7. MPRivera - April 25, 2012 6:41 pm

    kung hindi nila gustong magkaroon ng isang commissioner na PWD ay pumili na lamang sila ng katulad nilang PWE.

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