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While everybody was busy with Corona impeachment, legislators push anti-media bills

While the public, most especially media, was busy following the Corona impeachment trial, legislators were pushing measures that would undermine journalists’ work of making government officials accountable, which senator-judges declared as the major accomplishment of the just-concluded political exercise. The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines alerted the media community on three legislations: Sen. […]

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Statement of President Aquino included in this article. Update:Carpio is Acting Justice In a vote of 20-3, the impeachment court declared Chief Justice Renato Corona “Guilty” of having committed “culpable violation of the Constitution and/or betrayed the public trust when he failed to disclose to the public his Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth […]

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Images of an Impeachment

Mario Ignacio of VERA Files compiled some images he captured during the almost five months of impeachment trial by Chief Justice Renato Corona which is expected to end today.

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Fariñas’ ‘Palusot, most compelling in closing arguments

Fariñas: Several ‘palusots’ in CJ defense ABS-CBN News Online House prosecutor Rodolfo Fariñas on Monday described as “palusot” (excuse) Chief Justice Renato Corona’s explanations on why he did not declare some of his assets, including multimillion peso and multimillion dollar accounts, in his statements of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN). Fariñas said Corona made […]

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Brady,a good choice as envoy to China

Update:Brady confirmed There are times when things have a way of falling into place. Malacañang has announced the appointment of a China old hand, Sonia Brady, as ambassador to China which was made possible by the withdrawal of businessman Domingo Lee, whose primary qualification was a friend of the President’s parents. Sen. Serge Osmeña, a […]

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Sonia Brady returns to China as ambassador

GMA News As Panatag boils, Aquino appoints career diplomat as envoy to China During one of the Philippines’ worst diplomatic crises in recent history, a stand-off with Asian superpower China, talks have been hobbled by the lack of an ambassador in Beijing. President Benigno Aquino III has finally appointed one, career diplomat Sonia Brady, a […]

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Ombudsman denies being ‘used’ by Palace

by Jon Carlos Rodriguez, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales on Friday denied the allegations made by Chief Justice Renato Corona that she was “used” by Malacañang to present documents from the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) regarding the chief justice’s dollar accounts. “I was never ever used by Malacañang,” Carpio-Morales told reporters in a press conference. “Hindi […]

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Coronas’ cash: US$2.4M plus P80M

Chief justice says he won’t resign By Ira Pedrasa, Chief Justice Renato Corona on Friday admitted having US$2.4 million, including interest earnings since the early 1970s, plus P80 million in co-mingled funds. “I never, at any time, had 10, 11 or 12 million [US] dollars,” Corona said, denying a claim by Ombudsman Conchita Carpio […]

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Corona faces conviction

The walkout by Supreme Court Justice Renato Corona sealed his fate: he will be convicted. During his three-hour narration, wherein he didn’t mince words against those he perceived were maligning him including President Aquino, whom he scornfully referred to as “hacienderong Pangulo”, he kept on complaining about his detractors undermining the rule law and bastardizing […]

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Corona disassembles

Update: Impeachment court won’t wait for Corona, who is now at the ICU of Medical City. Enrile gives defense up to Friday to present their evidence. Oral arguments will be on Monday. After that, voting. Just when it seemed that Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona had scored with his almost three -hour long testimony, […]

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