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Scary decisions by the National Printing Office re 2013 elections ballots

NPO employees shading sample ballots prior to scheduled testing 1 pm of Oct 11, 2012. A violation of the rules because it should be only done in the presence of BAC members.[/caption]Strange things are going on at the National Printing Office which has been given the job to bid out P780 million contract to supply […]

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Lakas ng loob manlait ni PNoy, popular kasi siya

Binatikos si Pangulong Aquino sa kanyang mga pinagsasabi nang siya ay nasa New Zealand. Una ay ang kanyang patutsada kay Gloria Arroyo at ang pangalawa ay ang panlalait niya kay Rep. Teddy Casiño ng Bayan Muna. Sa miting sa Filipino community sa Auckland, sabi ni Aquino:”Share ko ho lang sa inyo isang tawang-tawa ako sa […]

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Edith Burgos on Aquino’s ‘leftist propaganda’ remark

Edith Burgos, wife of press freedom icon Jose Burgos Jr. and mother of Jonas Burgos, who was never seen since he was abducted by persons suspected to be members of the military on April 28, 2007, issued a statement yesterday in reaction to President Aquino’s remark dismissing criticisms about the dismal human rights records of […]

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Padaca will not be tie-breaker in Akbayan case

Newly-appointed Comelec Commissioner Grace Padaca wrote to correct what I said in my column in Abante last Sunday that she would be the tie-breaker in the case of Akbayan as partylist. I wrote: “Hati raw ang Comelec sa isyu ng Akbayan at ang boto ni Grace Padaca, ang bagong Comelec commissioner, ang magdedesisyon kung lusot […]

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The enviable Akbayan

In his verbal sparring with Anakbayan’s Vencer Crisostomo at ANC last week, Barry Gutierrez, undersecretary for political affairs in the Office of the President, exuded the smugness of people who are well-entrenched in the center of power. Nakasandal sa pader. He said there are many Akbayan members who are holding high positions in the Aquino […]

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Hindi yata tama gawing legal ang pagpuputa

Inirekomenda ng United Nations Development Program (UNDP) na gawing legal ang prostitution o pagpu-puta para daw maproteksyunan ang mga kawawang puta. Hindi yata tama. Naawa ako sa mga puta dahil hindi talaga kanais-nais na trabaho ang kanilang ginagawa at marami sa kanila ay napipilitan lang para mabuhay ngunit mali yata ang solusyun na paggawa nito […]

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‘A Framework with missing Agreements’

By Raul C. Pangalangan Philippine Daily Inquirer One more not rise to a standing ovation for a trailer even before the movie is made, lest unrealistic expectations spoil the actual viewing. Similarly, the Framework Agreement with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front is a milestone for sure, but unrestrained hype may well derail peace in the […]

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Making sure we got the President correctly on internet libel

This is what President Aquino said at the forum of the Foreign Correspondents Association in the Philippines Wednesday on internet libel in the Cybercrime Law which he signed last Sept. 12: Question: My question is in regards to Cybercrime Law. Just in regards to your mantra under your term to improve human rights in the […]

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Ways and Means committee:pitfall for two Batangueño legislators

In a period of one year, the Ways and Means committees of both legislative chambers claimed two Batangueños. Last Monday, Sen. Ralph Recto resigned as chair of the Senate Ways and Means committee after he found himself a target of criticisms for his committee report and his own version of the Sin Tax bill which […]

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Recto’s equilibrium and erectile dysfunction

Update: Recto quits as ways and means chair: Studies have shown that the ill-effects of smoking coupled with poor diet and lack of exercise are not limited to cardiovascular, respiratory disease, diabetes and cancer, which are afflicting Filipinos at their most productive age, 40’s and early 50’s. In one of the lectures,Dr. Anthony Leachon, […]

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