Aquino’s LP increases hold on House of Representatives

By YvonneT.Chua,VERA Files

Photo by Mario Ignacio.

Photo by Mario Ignacio.

President Benigno Aquino III has further strengthened his lock on the House of Representatives with 108 members of the Liberal Party likely to make it to the 16th Congress, official and unofficial counts of Monday’s midterm elections show.

The figure is a big leap from the 92 Liberals who make up two-fifths of the district representatives in the present chamber. Aquino is chair of the Liberal Party.

The LP’s dominance in the House is in sharp contrast to its small force in the current Senate, which will practically remain the same when Congress opens in July.

Although Aquino’s Team PNoy coalition is assured of nine of its 12 senatorial candidates winning, in reality only one candidate, his namesake and nephew Bengino “Bam” Aquino IV, is a member of the LP.

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  1. vic - May 18, 2013 2:24 am

    But believe this Ellen, it was mostly in Minority Governmnet, where better programs been put forwards by the Ruling Party as a compromise to the party holding the Balance of power.. We never had a Coalition Government. Few years ago, Liberal Leader Dion was attempting to form a Coalition with another opposition to take over the Government but the Govt was Prorouge and an Election was Called instead. And Dion was Punished for trying to take over the Govt without an Election, he was ousted by the liberals as their Leader. Right now Ontario is under the Minority Go ernment. The Socialist is holding the Balance .. And It can contribute some of its program into the Liberal government.. That is the beauty of the multi Party. the voters can decide if they wanted to give the government a Free hand’ then hand it a Majority, if in Doubt a Minority. But the Idea is if the idea is great, then the Party line is sometime is border less… Just for Example, all these Social Programs we are enjoying now were the ideals and dreams of the Tommy Douglas and his Socialist Party , yet All other Parties upon seeing their wisdom and vissionary embraced them as their own.. And promoted the programs all over the land and institutionalized them.. Even the Conservative Leader Mulroney declared them as our Fundamental Rights, untouchable..

  2. srcitizen2000 - May 19, 2013 8:07 am

    After a series of pre- and post-election boo-boos (highlighted finally, by the three phased partial proclamation), the entire comelec commissioners should resign en masse and issue a public admission “we don’t know the election laws period”

    Brillantes, on the other hand, can make a gracious exit and do a Melo resign prompto and say “mission accomplished” I want to rest. I am already old

  3. vic - May 24, 2013 7:37 pm

    srcitizen2000 exactly in line with the reason of resignation of JP Kingsley after running Election Canada for 17 Good Years. But it was the Decision of the Court on the Charges his Election Commisioner brought against the sitting Prime Minister for exceeding his political contribution limits of $1000 (Maximum per individual is $5000 /yearly ) The PM argument in Defense was that the Fundraising Dinner for which the “Ticket” cost $ 1000 did not make any Profit, thereby it can not be counted as his Political contributions.. Not so argued the Chief since the PM if he Claims Wil be refunded by the Revenue agency for the said contribution and also the Party will get rebates for the expense for the fundraising Dinner. The court ruled a Compromise that since the Law is not clear on the Issue, the Contribution will be Applied for the PM next Calendar Limits and that no Violation Will be Recorded in his name(also the amount is not significant) The Chief Quit the Job citing Personal reasons and took the Job in International related nGO promoting and helping developing countries improve their electoral Process.. He was Responsible for Fully automating our election including the Permanent Voter’s List and those not in the List but wish to vote can just walk in during Elelction day and add his name to the List (take less than two minutes to do) and VOTE and will then be on the List permanently and will follow wherever he moves anywhere within the country. ( records will auto upgrade from Income Tax returns, Licenses change of address or any govt form or just go on line to do the changes yourself).. We only have one Chief, one Cmissioner in Charge of enforcing the election law and every district or Riding, each a Returning Officer responsible to the Chief in conducting an orderly election in his Riding or District of Responsiblity … That is how simple JP Kingsley made it to be and very smooth and inexpensive.

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