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How not to get stressed out by Vhong-Deniece-Cedric overdose

A lot of “educated” people are grumbling as they enumerate what is happening in the country: • More than 30 people are reported to have been killed in Maguindanao in clashes that erupted immediately after the government signed the last of the annexes in the peace agreement between the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation […]

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Roque: Bloggers enjoy same protection as journalists

The latest decision by a United States court on the case of blogger Crystal Cox does not say bloggers are journalists as bannered in the Lawyer Harry L. Roque’s analysis of the decision is more accurate: “Bloggers enjoy the same protection as journalists.” Two weeks ago the Ninth Circuit ruled in the case of […]

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PNoy, Ramon Ang and Zenaida Ducut

Two lawmakers who are allies of President Aquino last week filed with the Office of the President a complaint against Chairperson Zenaida Ducut of the Energy Regulatory Commisssion accusing her of failure to protect the interest of the consumers when it approved last December Meralco’s application for a staggering P4.15/kilowatt-hour increase. “Respondent is guilty of […]

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Wanted: Tagalog word for “human trafficking”

In an informal survey conducted by a civil society group working to stop human trafficking, they asked people in the streets what comes to their mind when they hear the phrase “human trafficking.” Everybody answered:“Traffic.” As in vehicular traffic. Such is the level of public awareness about human trafficking- the trade in human beings for […]

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Liars all

Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr., one of the three senators charged with plunder before the Ombudsman in connection with alleged anomalous use of Priority Development Assistance Fund, related Monday an incident that took place in December 2012, a few days before the conclusion of the impeachment of ousted Chief Justice Renato Corona. Revilla said Roxas, […]

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Save the children from perverts

One of the memorable movies shown last year was “Alagwa: starting Jericho Rosales as the widower Robert Lim and Bugoy Cariño as the boy Brian. Directed by Ian Loreños, it’s a heartbreaking story of the young father’s search for his son who was kidnapped in a mall.. Lim (Rosales) left the son in the Men’s […]

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A celibate Kris Aquino as president will eradicate poverty in PH

I cannot imagine the Philippines without Kris Aquino. It would be boring. I want Kris Aquino for President. Everybody talks about the need for out-of-the box solutions to the problem of poverty that is the lot of almost a third of the country’s 99 million population. Kris Aquino has found the solution: don’t have sex […]

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China’s smallest province plays big role in South China Sea claim

Alarm bells rang again with the announcement last week by China that Hainan, its southernmost province, was implementing a Fishery Law that requires foreign fishing boats to get its approval when venturing into the South China Sea starting Jan. 1, 2014. Hainan, with an area of 32,900 square kilometers, is China’s smallest province. Yet the […]

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President Aquino told an impressionable bunch of highschool students from Miriam College that he will not be putting on more pressure on his cabinet members concerned that they would suffer burnout. This is what he said last Tuesday: “The Cabinet is very hardworking, they’re very dedicated. You can’t ask anything more of them and perhaps […]

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MVP’s intriguing Christmas Party remark about Secretary del Rosario

At the Christmas Party of Metro Pacific Investment Corporation last month at J.W. Marriott Hotel in Hongkong, the company’s chairman, Manuel V. Pangilinan (MVP) made special mention of Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario saying, “he will soon be rejoining us in the private sector.” MVP’s remark intrigued other guests who asked each other, “Why, is […]

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