Did Aquino use his power judiciously in deleting Nora Aunor from National Artists list?

HimalaPresident Aquino and his minions should not wave the legal banner about the Chief Executive’s power not to uphold the recommendation of the National Commission on Culture and Arts and the Cultural Center in conferring the National Artist awards to Filipino individuals who have made significant contributions to the development of Philippine arts.

The issue is: did he use that power judiciously in deleting the name of movie actress Nora Aunor from the list submitted by the NCCA and CCP for the National Artist awards?

Press Secretary Herminio Coloma cited the 2013 ruling of the Supreme Court on a 2009 National Artist controversy (former NCCA Chair Cecile G. Alvarez inserted her name to the list submitted jointly by NCCA and CCP to Malacañang which Gloria Arroyo upheld) which, he said, states that the President does not have to justify his decision.

Coloma should be reminded that Aquino is not a King who reigns without accountability to the people.

The press secretary should also be reminded that Aquino won on the platform of transparency. He has time and again told the people, “Kayo ang Boss ko.” He now feels superior over his “Boss” that he does not have to explain his action?

Thy WombThe six new National Artists, who are chosen every three years, are : :Alice Reyes (dance), Francisco Coching (visual arts, posthumous); Cirilo Bautista (literature); Francisco Feliciano (music); Ramon Santos (Music); and Jose Maria Zaragoza (architecture, design and allied arts, posthumous).

NCCA Chair Felipe de Leon, Jr. is apparently not privy to Malacañang’s reason for excluding Aunor. “While we still need to determine the bases for Ms. Aunor’s exclusion, the commission is prepared to review the processes of proclamation and formulate policies to strengthen procedure and to ensure that the determination of who finally gets the title of National Artist is free from political influences and elements unrelated to artistic accomplishments,” he said in a statement.

Aunor, morena and small in size, broke the mestiza tradition for a movie star with her singing and acting prowess. She has given the Filipino people and the country memorable films such as the much-awarded “Himala”, “Bona”, “Flor Contemplacion Story”, “Thy Womb.”

Unconfirmed information said Malacañang was wary of proclaiming Nora Aunor National Artist, the highest national recognition given to a Filipino artist for his or her contribution to the cultural heritage of the country, because of her “morality” and previous involvement in a drug case in the United States.

The drug case was dismissed by a Los Angeles court in 2007. As to “morality”, it is not in the criteria for the selection of a National Artist.

The guidelines say “The Order of National Artists shall be given to artists who have met the following criteria:

“Living artists who are natural-born Filipino citizens at the time of nomination, as well as those who died after the establishment of the award in 1972 but were Filipino citizens at the time of their death. Filipinos who have lost and re-acquired Filipino citizenship, through dual citizenship status for at least the minimum period of five years shall be eligible for nomination.

The Flor Contemplacion Story“Artists who through the content and form of their works have contributed in building a Filipino sense of nationhood.

“Artists who have pioneered in a mode of creative expression or style, thus, earning distinction and making an impact on succeeding generations of artists.

“ Artists who have created a substantial and significant body of works and/or consistently displayed excellence in the practice of their art form thus enriching artistic expression or style.

“Artists who enjoy broad acceptance through: prestigious national and/or international recognition, such as the Gawad CCP Para sa Sining, CCP Thirteen Artists Award and NCCA Alab ng Haraya; critical acclaim and/or reviews of their works; respect and esteem from peers. “

Colleagues of Aunor are aghast and furious by the Malacañang snub. Filmmaker Joel Lamangan, who directed Aunor in “The Flor Contemplacion Story,” said “Morality is not part of the criteria, it’s the body of works that matters. Not whom an artist sleeps with. Not what he or she smokes or drinks. What should be considered is the uniqueness and excellence of an artist’s works.”

Movie Director Jose Javier Reyes captured the sentiments of many with his comment: “I thought we were choosing a National Artist, not a saint.”

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  1. Joe America - June 23, 2014 5:34 am

    You know, this is one of those cases where the President will get criticized no matter what he does. Colleagues of Aunor are furious. There are also those who would be disgusted if esteemed artists were put in the same bucket as Aunor. So what’s a president to do?

    He took a conservative road. A Catholic road, if you will. For me, no problem at all, on the list or off. More important is getting the grass mowed.

  2. saxnviolins - June 23, 2014 7:59 am

    Drugs? Below are a few artists who were knighted by the Queen, despite drug issues.

    1. Sir Paul McCartney

    2. Sir Mick Jagger

    3. Sir Elton John

    In the US, there is the National Medal of Arts. No. Macoy did not copy from the US. His Presidential Decree (1972) predated this award, created by the US Congress in 1984.

    The US list of recipients are found below:


    Some of the awardees are also drug users, and personal favorites of yours truly, like McCartney, Jagger and Elton John above.

    1. James Taylor – ex heroin addict

    2. Sonny Rollins – tenor saxophonist and also heroin addict. He is one of the three great Sonny’s who played jazz saxophone – Sonny Rollins, Sonny Stitt, and Sonny Criss.

    3. Ray Charles – ex addict, and fathered 12 children with 10 women.

    Wanna talk about morality? Ask sister Kris?

  3. Joe America - June 23, 2014 10:52 am

    @Saxviolins, that may be true, but the Philippines has very different social values than America, including respect for her elders and the Church that anchors the values. The President would be remiss, I think, to disregard those values and go American on his decision. How can we criticize him when he is showing respect for Filipino values?

    Kris Aquino is not required to be perfect, and she is not President.

  4. ricelander - June 23, 2014 1:01 pm

    Well, has the President explained why he disregarded Nora Aunor? No, he has not and he seems uninterested to, so it is all speculation for now. What do you know, maybe he is a closet Vilmanian so he could be hurting that Nora would beat Vilma to that distinction hehehe.

    Morality issues would disqualify a great many artists. An artistic mind tends to be wayward, a little off the track, somewhat mad even, experimental, chaotic, rebellious, amoral, unconventional… If we used our “Filipino” standard of goodness, even Leonardo da Vinci would not qualify.

    You want a goody-goody type model for your children, hahaha do Search for Best Candidate for Priesthood.

    Anyway, it is not Aunor’s shame that she is bypassed, is it? Her time will come. How could she be ignored? It is just that the honor to confer that award belongs to someone else.

  5. Joe America - June 23, 2014 1:47 pm

    @ricelander, yes, you speak wisdom again. I am all for artistic expression that pushes the edges, personally. I’d give her the distinction and speechify why, in the terms of an artist not a priest. My point is that the President’s decision has some legitimacy, that it is respectful, not disrespectful if looked at in the right way. I strive endlessly to encourage Filipinos not to be so “my way or the highway” on every nit picking decision, or to assign the word “incompetent” to the whole of a man (or woman) based on one decision. The Philippines would be less acrimonious, more united, more patriotic, and stronger if it granted others – and especially an elected president – some wiggle room. Anyone who has been in management and delegated authority down knows the sense of this. There has to be some letting go done. I’m suggesting the President be given some wiggle room on a decision that has some legitimacy, and let’s move on to other important matters. The passions surrounding this award are simply too much.

  6. manuelbuencamino - June 23, 2014 2:22 pm

    The issue is not whether the president used his power judiciously, the issue is why do we take as a given that it is good or right to have the state tell us what is art (notice the categories of art have expanded over the years), who are to be considered great artists “who have made significant contributions to the development of Philippine arts.”

    Hindi naman tayo monarchy, hindi din tayo totalitarian. Demokrasya tayo. Pero bakit pagdating sa arts and culture eh pumapayag tayo na meron appointed commission na nakaupo sa ibabaw ng arts and culture? Bobo ba tayo, bulag at bingi na wala tayong kakayahan magkaroon ng sariling diskarte sa larangan ng arts at culture na kailangan meron tayong yaya na magsasabi sa atin ito maganda, ito pangit etc. etc.?

    Eh paano ngayon kung ang mismong commission, at hindi pinakialaman ng kung sino mang presidente, ay magdesisyon na si Carlo Caparas, si Willie Revillame ay ang mga susunod na national artist at ang commission ay gumawa ng special category na kasyang kasya para sa kanila?

    Alisin na yang state sa ganyang pakikialam, pondahan na lang estado ang mga arts schools at bahala na kung saan pupunta ang mga artist.

    Kung talagang gusto natin ng awards, eh di hayaan ang mga artists kumilala sa kanilang mga kasama, parang famas o tv show awards. Huwag ng makialam ang estado, huwag ng mag appoint ang estado ng committee na magbibigay parangal at pension mula sa kaban ng bayan para sa mga artist na napipili kasi type sila ng mga committee members o di kaya type sila ng isang presidenteng type si carlo caparas. Paano kung ma typan ni PNoy si Anne Curtis, national artist na din siya next year? At bakit hindi, tiyak mas maraming fans si Anne kesa mga nagsisitandanng Noranians.

  7. Ellen - June 23, 2014 5:48 pm

    The screening process for the National Artist Award:

    A Special Research Group commissioned by National Artists Award Secretariat verify information on the nominees.

    The Special Research Group is composed at least ten members (10) who have expertise in one or more fields of discipline.

    Then a National Artists Award Panel of Experts and Jury of Experts is convened to screen the nominees. We were told Dolphy was nominated but got eliminated in the screening.

    Some of the qualifications of the Panel of Experts and Jury of Experts:

    (a) should have achieved authority, credibility and track record in his field(s) of expertise;

    (b) should have extensive knowledge in his field(s) and his views on Philippine art and culture must be national in perspective;

    (c) should be a recognized authority in the study or research of Philippine art and culture.

    After the rigid screening process, “The list of awardees shall be submitted to the President of the Republic of the Philippines for confirmation, proclamation and conferral.”

  8. Joe America - June 23, 2014 6:23 pm

    @Ellen#7, when I was a young executive at a large California bank, I was in our President’s office when he erupted in anger on the phone, reading the riot act to someone who had dropped off a document, expecting his signature. “I’m not a rubber stamp,” he concluded and slammed the phone down.

    President’s are like that, and should be like that. That’s why they have the position. To mandate that President Aquino sign the list is the height of disrespect and arrogance.

  9. vic - June 23, 2014 7:23 pm

    Why not just use the voting system like we did when we decided to choose who is the Greatest of All Time…More than 300 nominated with their lifetime accomplishments and it was whistled down to a few where the all Citizens were invited to cast their vote by the TV networks who will be the Greatest..It was won by Tommy Douglas, the Socialist Premier of Saskatchewan, Member and Leader of the federal New Democrats and a politicians for 4 decades, Baptist Pastor, and the Father of Medicare and dozens of Social Programs that are now the fundamental rights of all…Terry Fox, came in Second for his effort of uniting the country with his cross country run on one leg and Pierre Elliott Trudeau,the Serial womanizer (some of his women said that he had them two at a time, “the many women of Trudeau)but one of the greatest PMs.

    By the way,the Highest country Medal, the Order of Canada is Decided by the Supreme Court Majority Votes based on the recommendation by Committees…and the SC does not have to give the reasons for rejections…

    Also upon the request of the Parliament in a Resolution passed in l920, to the Throne not to grant its Canadian subjects (Citizenship act was only passed very much later) the Peerage or Royal titles and was established as precedent in Chretien v. Black where PM Chretien wanted Mr. Black to Renounce his Citizenship if he wanted to accept his Lordship from the Queen..he did after the case won in favour of the government in court..and later Sir Conrad Black was convicted of Fraud in the US and his Order of Canada medal was recalled and now he is just a guest in his own country of birth…He is still a British Citizen by Parentage…

  10. vic - June 23, 2014 7:51 pm

    My Mistake…the Inductees to the Order of Canada is selected by the Advisory council Headed by the CJ of the SC and out of the 800 nominations each year must select a few deserving inductees to recommend to the Queen for Acceptance into the Order…some selected few refused the Medal but since the LIST is Confidential those who came out of the open were the only known ones and the reasons why they refused and or rejected the Honour”

    One of the most Controversial act of the advisory council is the induction of Abortionists Dr. Morgentaler to the Order which prompted a few members to return their medals and a Petition to Impeach or remove the CJ was filed with the Judicial Council but did not progress…(the process of removing the SC Justices is the file the charges for ‘bad behaviour with the Judicial council and if the council found justified reason to remove a SC justice, it will be submitted to the Parliament for final voting..so far none been removed by this process)

  11. manuelbuencamino - June 23, 2014 9:13 pm

    Re #7

    a) who decides when they have become authorities?
    b) how do you measure this?
    c) a recognized authority is someone whose written works have the most citations?

    Mas madali siguro kung bilangin na lang natin ang nakangangang bunganga pag nagsasalita itong mga so-called authorities na ito.

    Hindi ba si cecile guidotti ay naging authority at ninominate niya ang sarili niya for national artist?

    Bottomline issue is do we need an academy to set standards for us?

    Art appreciation is subjective. Bakit tayo magpapadikta sa mga so-called art authorities?

  12. Ellen - June 23, 2014 11:09 pm


    In the end, the presidential snub of Nora Aunor became a confluence of presidential bias with the fey haughtiness in his circle—and their detractors anticipating and realizing finally their worst fears. It is, all told, a petty clash of wills that has led to what is possibly the most blatant omission in the award’s history. Boy, did GMA get it right the first time when she spited the artistic community by her queer choice of Caparas. Who’da thunk her successor, with all his purported hatred of GMA, would, for whatever his reasons, follow suit.

  13. Ellen - June 23, 2014 11:34 pm

    From “The Nora Aunor for National Artist Movement:”

    We are not asking President Aquino to reconsider his decision, because by now it is clear to us that he is not the right person to sign off on that paper declaring Nora Aunor as National Artist. We are glad that he will not be the one to proclaim her as such. We will wait for that time when we would have a Chief Executive who is more appreciative and supportive of the arts and the artistic community

  14. Joe America - June 24, 2014 4:46 am

    I dropped this off at Angela’s blog, which you can take as the perspective of someone who does not really care who wins the argument. Except that I don’t like the argument.

    “So by respecting the established, the elderly, the Catholic, he disrespected the economically challenged and marginalized. Had he respected the economically challenged and marginalized, he would have disrespected the established, the elderly, the Catholic. If we really respect the Office of the President, I suggest that we recognize that, in some cases, there is no win to the decision unless we, of our own willingness to sacrifice, grant him the right to do what he thinks is best. Failing to do that, we rip at the nation’s fabric with this eternal “I must win” passion.”

    I wonder if y’all even know what I’m talking about. I don’t think there is a word for “gracious concession” in Filipino.

  15. ricelander - June 24, 2014 8:34 am

    #14. I do not know JoeAm if you are not yourself guilty of “I must win this at all cost” for PNoy who you consider is a very good President Passions naturally run high when they touch on something close to the heart and I tell you many people are passionate about Nora Aunor. But no one is suggesting a coup just yet because of that, right? No one has yet thrown a shoe at him, right? I read you and I get the impression that what you really want is for people to just shut up– because the President means well.

    Well, we have not even established that the reason for her disregard is what they claim it is. Many people know the President’s temperament. It occurred to me just now that Aunor was GMAs most prominent endorser in her last campaign, and hmmm I wonder if that is not indeed the REAL reason.

  16. duane - June 24, 2014 8:41 am

    Morality? A good example is the president’s sister!

  17. saxnviolins - June 24, 2014 10:09 am

    Catholic ey?

    Nora Aunor bagged best actress in 1981 from the Catholic Mass Media Awards, established by the Archdiocese of Manila, under then Cardinal Sin.

    So is the Penoy more Catholic than the Archbishop?

  18. Joe America - June 24, 2014 10:28 am

    @#17 saxnviolins, she was arrested in 2005 on a drug possession charge in Los Angeles and the charge was dropped after she completed a six month drug rehabilitation program. Would she win the award today?

    @#14 ricelander, yes, I am of stubborn German and Dutch family lines. Point taken. The President is under fire from a lot of places, a lot of it coming from friends of the corrupt, and the general tendency of critics is to paint the whole man as incompetent because of one or two decisions they don’t like. Well, I fundamentally see the accumulation of all the criticisms as bad for the Philippines. Someone needs to stand by a good president. I don’t mind doing that.

  19. ricelander - June 24, 2014 12:27 pm

    This comes from a PNoy admirer.


  20. Joe America - June 24, 2014 12:52 pm

    Look, I’d have granted her the award. That’s not the point. The point is keeping the decision in proper perspective and finding ways to respect people who disagree with us. Here’s another view from a President Aquino admirer: http://joeam.com/2014/06/24/nora-aunor-and-the-filipino-machete-machine/

  21. duane - June 24, 2014 1:44 pm

    The point is: Pnoy is the head of the country and the People are his “boss” as he has said every now and then, not that the president is the boss of the people.

    Being boss of the people is the main reason why there are divisions all over the country.

    If Pnoy wants to be the Boss of the People, he should portray himself as one with his performance and convincing decisions.

  22. Joe America - June 24, 2014 2:04 pm

    @duane, you are not happy with Philippine progress these past years under Mr. Aquino? The nation is on the wrong path? Should be growing more? Should take up war with China or sell out to them? Should re-conquer Mindanao instead of make peace?

    There are divisions all over the country because there have always been divisions all over the country. The only way to gain unity is for people to find it within themselves to sacrifice their own stand for someone with a different and broader view. Like, for their nation and for their President, who is about the only guy around whose first priority is the Philippines, not his own wallet. I don’t see how always carping at the President builds anything.

  23. Joe America - June 24, 2014 2:14 pm

    And as for the President’s sister, she is a kind and compassionate woman who lives her life in the spotlight and is entitled to be different than you or me. We don’t walk in her shoes or know what she does on Sunday morning or how she takes care of her family or the stresses and good times she has. It’s okay to judge her performance or views on television, but to question her morality? I’ll leave that to God.

  24. arvin - June 24, 2014 2:45 pm

    Hindi pinayagan si Nora Aunor dahil daw kamukha ni GMA, nariyan din na Marcos loyalist daw. Iyon ang nabasa ko sa diaryo.

  25. Ellen - June 24, 2014 4:34 pm

    Fr Jun Mercado, OMI:

    Nora Aunor -National Artist!

    If stupidity is the prerogative of President Noynoy… let him be…! Let the people proclaim L’Aunor as the PEOPLE’S NATIONAL ARTIST.

    From hereon, I recognize and acclaim L’Aunor as National Artist. Asking all my friends to post this acclamation in their FB timeline and let us all join together in acclaiming “‘Aunor as the PEOPLE’S NATIONAL ARTIST!

  26. Ellen - June 24, 2014 4:46 pm

    From the FB wall of Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos, who produced the iconic movie “Himala”:

    Nakakadepress ang nangyari kay Superstar Nora Aunor. Sa totoong buhay naman, lahat tayo bumabangon at talagang ilang beses na siyang bumangon at nagbalik. She is back, the unkabogable unsinkable and unbeatable Elsa! She is the embodiment of the Filipino spirit, we always get up and survive and better than survive we become stronger!

  27. manuelbuencamino - June 25, 2014 2:13 pm

    The prevailing opinion, it seems from all those articles that have come out, is that it is okay for the State to become involved in the elevation of selected artists into National Artists.

    I strongly disagree.

    Art, when it becomes a means to advance the ends of the State, – nationalism, patriotism, national unity, etc. – becomes official political propaganda.

  28. TonGuE-tWisTeD - June 25, 2014 9:03 pm

    National Artists are expected to be respectable, responsible, they epitomize the Filipino values we hold dear. TheY should inspire the youth and become role models. Yes, short of being proclaimed saints. I heard one awardee say so in a video. He now watches his language in public unlike before when he swears with his Marine-sergeant vocabulary. He also now avoids drinking in public.

    Honoraria are postponed whenever living awardees enter scandalous situations he said. He needs the stipend for his maintenance meds. I think that broke the deal for Aunor, a known druggie, alcoholic, gambler and lives with a lezbo. Again, this is the Philippines, not Hollywood, Broadway or West End.

    I can’t believe the country’s intellectuals are wasting so much energy on this pettiness. Aunor herself should do the right thing – hush her fans and apologize for the wrong choices she made. That should stop the disunity.

    Next topic.

  29. manuelbuencamino - June 25, 2014 10:54 pm

    If National Artists awards are handled exclusively by the private sector then those awards would be a private matter like the FAMAS, MMFF, Oscars, and Tonys. They would not bear the State’s seal of approval. But in the hands of the State, in the hands of an administration temporarily in charge of the affairs of the State, the giving out of National Artist awards turns into something different, it becomes political, it becomes an affair of the State.

    Let awards for the arts be left in the hands of the private sector so that there is no political argument over whose fan club gets satisfaction first and more importantly that nobody starts a debate about whether or not the president exercised good judgment or used his power judiciously when he “snubbed” their idol.

  30. manuelbuencamino - June 25, 2014 10:58 pm


    Tama si Fr Jun Mercado. Walang nagbabawal sa mga Noranians na i-proklama nila bilang National Artist nila si Nora.

  31. trigger - June 26, 2014 6:30 am

    I don’t understand why is this an issue at all? Nora was not declared national artist so what? Does it mean the end of the world? For Christ’s sake I won’t even spend a peso on this this but here is my two cents: The President has the prerogative not to declare anyone he or she thinks not deserving of the award, period! Prerogative is a special privilege, period! That’s two period in one comment, if anyone still has a problem with that, go run for congress or senate and revoke this privilege, period (there is another one). I think the word is Respect and Mind our own business, period (last one). Take it easy people.

  32. jcj2013 - June 26, 2014 4:09 pm

    Payo ko lang sa mga nagpipilit kay PNoy na ipa-proklamang National Artist si Nora Aunor: GUMAWA NA LANG KAYO NG SARILI NYONG AWARD AT IGAWAD NYO KAY ATE GUY ORA MISMO!

  33. Joe America - June 26, 2014 5:05 pm

    NCCA sets the record straight. The media frenzy was out of hand: http://entertainment.inquirer.net/145750/ncca-blames-media-for-nora-aunor-fiasco

    I’m relieved that there is maturity here after all, and respect for the office of the president.

  34. trigger - June 26, 2014 6:47 pm

    @25 – I said I won’t spend more than two cents for Nora’s issue, but I could spend all day on the root of all problems that the world has, particularly on this part of earth: and that is the catholic Church itself (partly if not primarily). I am a Catholic and I am happy with my Religion. When I was younger I used to go to church regularly, I used to love going to church because it was relaxing, there was tranquility, calmness, peacefulness and all that. My favourite part was the homily, when the priest started talking about Compassion, Humility, Love, Sympathy, Respect, Forgiveness and many other topics that are relevant in our spirituality and the promotion of peace and unity among us. That is far from what we normally hear today. I have read and heard how catholic priests and religious organisations talk today and they are so different.

    For example Fr. Jun Mercado’s comment, “If stupidity is the prerogative of President Noynoy… let him be…! Let the people proclaim L’Aunor as the PEOPLE’S NATIONAL ARTIST”

    Where is respect here? Where is compassion, where is humility, love, sympathy, brotherhood, oneness? No wonder why Pope Francis is on a firing spree today. I can talk about this the whole day, but it won’t be pretty so I will just leave a message to Fr. Jun Mercado and all other priests who are very active in social media, while you are of course have freedom of speech just like anybody else, you are not a civilian, instead of berating the government and inciting widespread disobedience, hatred and division, in my humble opinion you have to start working to unite the people and instill positive attitudes like the old church used to do. Lastly, I don’t even understand why Fr. Jun was so affected by this non-issue and had to give such opinion, perhaps he could tell us, what is it for him?.

    I Love our Country and my Religion, with responsible Journalism, well informed People and a Pope that is determined to reform the Catholic church, there is hope. Thanks Ellen, I hope life in the Philippines would be worth living really soon.

  35. chi - June 27, 2014 9:08 pm

    Gusto ni kuya Noynoy na si ate Vi ang National Artist kesa kay ate Guy kasi ang una ay kapartido niya at asawa ni kuya Ralph Recto, while ang huli ay kamukha raw ni aleng Goyang at identified kay pareng Erap. :-D

  36. saxnviolins - June 28, 2014 2:34 am

    Ano ang nangyari kay Aling Conching? Amending the information (charge sheet) at the last minute? Akala ko ba sharp as a Swiss knife yang idolo ng Penoy?

    Like mother, like son. Puro ad hoc. I am not sure if it was from Rene Saguisag that I first heard the term adhocracy.

  37. MPRivera - July 1, 2014 6:34 pm

    kung ano anong pinagkakaabalahan at pinag-aaksayahan ng panahon ng kagalanggalang na pangulo at kanyang gabinete. napakaraming nakabinbing ipinangako sa mga katulad naming nawalan ng tirahan at kabuhayan. hanggang ngayon ay nakatira pa rin sa evacuation center ang karamihan sa aming mga nasunugan sa zamboanga city.

    unang ipinangako ay PhP3.8 BILLION at sinundan pa ng panukala ni rep. tupay loong na dagdagan ng Php 2 BILLION upang mapadali ang pagsasaayos ng aming relokasyon at panimulang pamumuhay. ilang buwan na ba ang nakaraan? bakit hanggang ngayon ay wala pang linaw? ilan na ang nangamatay dahil lamang sa karaniwang mga sakit bunga ng kakulangan ng pasilidad AT pagsasawalang alang-alang ng mga kinauukulan.

    kailan uli sila kikilos? kapag malapit na uli ang eleksiyon?

    maawa kayo sa amin na kaya nawalan ng tirahan ay dahil na rin sa kapalpakan ng gobyerno sa pagharap sa isang simpleng pag-aaklas na hindi dapat humantong sa ganito kamiserableng buhay ng mga kawawang walang kinalaman.

    gusto ninyong makita ang kalagayan ng nakararami sa zamboanga city? subukan ninyong mamasyal doon at makikita ninyo na marami na ang namamalimos sa lansangan dahil walang makain at panggastos sa pang-araw araw na pangangailangan.

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