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Fisheries agreement upgrades PH, Taiwan political relations

Remember the Balintang Channel incident two years ago that briefly strained relations between the Philippines and Taiwan? It was triggered by the shooting by members of the Philippine Coast Guard of a Taiwanese fishing vessel in the overlapping maritime borders between the Philippines and Taiwan in the Balintang Channel off Batanes on May 9, 2013. […]

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Duterte and Aesop’s fable about the frogs who desired a king

The frustration of the people over the ineptness of the Aquino government has made the “kamay na bakal” brand of leadership that Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte appealing to many. Former Human Rights Commission Chair Etta Rosales warned about the dangers of a leader who wants to play God. Rosales said, ““These people who say […]

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The latest from Duterte

The May 2016 elections is now more fun with the entry of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in the race. Last Monday, Duterte, after months of flip flopping – even writing an open letter last Oct. 12 saying, “The country does not need me” – he declared last weekend in a birthday party in Cavite, […]

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Obama and Xi talk about jet lag at APEC reception

Do powerful persons ever engage in small talk? And what do they talk about? Former Vice President of Taiwan Vincent C. Siew shared with members of media some tidbits about the Leaders Meeting of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation held in Manila last week. Siew, who represented Taiwan in the 21-Economy grouping, said during the […]

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The great divide in an ‘inclusive’ APEC

The monstrous traffic jam last Monday that caused thousands of people to walk to their destinations under the sweltering heat of the noonday sun shows the disastrous gap between noble intentions and miserable realities on the ground. That’s what makes many people resist embracing the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation which is holding its 23rd summit […]

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PH, Vietnam to hold naval drills, scientific research in South China Sea

(On Tuesday, Nov. 17, on the sidelines of the 23rd APEC Leaders Meeting, President Aquino and Vietnam President Truong Tan Sang will hold bilateral talks in Malacanang. They will finally be signing the “Joint Statement on the Establishment of a Strategic Partnership between the Republic of the Philippines and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam” which […]

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In awe of how the French handled the crisis

We join everybody in condemning the attacks in Paris and nearby places that killed more than 120 people and injured about 200 Friday night. There’s no justification for violence perpetrated on innocent people. The group ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), a fanatical group that aims to transform the entire earth as an Islamic […]

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A Metro Manila never seen before during APEC2015

Next week, we will experience Metro Manila we have not seen before. For the 23rd summit of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation or APEC which will be held in Manila on Nov. 18 and 19, stringent measures will be implemented to ensure the safety of leaders or their representatives of the 21 member Economies. A […]

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Alibaba’s Jack Ma in APEC

Aside from President Xi Jinping, another APEC guest from China is stirring interest. He is Jack Ma, founder and chairman of the Alibaba Group, the largest marketplace in the world which is expected to be worth over $150 Billion by next year, according to Ma is the second richest man in China (Forbes: $28.7 […]

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South China Sea looms large even if not in APEC 2015 agenda

South China Sea looms large even if it is not in the agenda of the 23rd meeting of the leaders of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation in Manila on Nov. 18 and 19. Foreign Undersecretary Lula del Rosario, chair of the APEC 2015 Senior Officials Meetings, which did all the vital spadework for the Foreign […]

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