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Duterte to visit China Oct 20 -21

By Charmaine Deogracias Vera Files Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte will visit Beijing on Oct. 20 and 21, in what reliable diplomatic sources say is a move to reboot the country’s relations with China amid territorial issues in the South China Sea. Duterte had earlier announced he is visiting China and Russia but did not give […]

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My question to God: why did you give us President Duterte?

President Duterte finally hit the highest target: God. After taking on the holiest of the living figures – Pope Francis; the president of the world’s superpower – U.S. President Barack Obama; and the Secretary General of the United Nations – Ban Ki Moon, he had ran out of adversaries. The leader voted by “the National […]

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The Filipino people will survive Duterte

In the traditional first 100 days assessment of a President’s performance one does not really expect concrete results knowing the complexities of governance but within the first three months, the public should have an idea the direction that the president is leading the country to. Duterte has made clear what the public can expect in […]

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Gloria Arroyo as foreign secretary?

So traumatized and demoralized are the foreign service corps – with the damage control operation that they have to perform every time President Duterte curses other governments and international institutions plus the impending appointments of retired generals to ambassadorial posts – that many like the idea of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo as the next […]

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Truth cannot be killed

If the allies of President Duterte in the Senate think that the public will never know the truth in the testimony of Edgar Matobato, self-confessed member of the Davao Death Squad, now that Sen. Leila de Lima has been ousted as chair of the committee on justice and human rights, they should be reminded that […]

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Root of Malacanang’s communication problem: Pres. Duterte

We don’t have to enumerate bunglings by the Duterte communication team because Press Secretary Martin Andanar has admitted it. “Tayo naman ay hindi perpekto ‘no, tayo’y nagkakamali din, pero Inaayos natin itong mga pagkakamali na ito (We are not perfect and we make mistakes. We are correcting our mistakes),” Andanar said in a radio interview. […]

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Sobrang galing ni Alan Cayetano

Unang lumabas ang column na ito sa Abante ( Bilib na talaga ako kay Sen. Alan Cayetano. Biruin nyo walang naka-isip sa mga senador sa hearing ng Senado tungkol sa mga nangyayari na extra-judicial killings kunektado sa kampanya ni Pangulong Duterte na i-testing ang kredibilidad ng witness na si Edgar Matobato. Sabi ni Matobato, dati […]

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‘Cutting off the nose to spite the face’

There’s an expression in English,”Cutting off the nose to spite the face” which refers to a person’s self-destructive action as he hits back at someone he thinks had done him wrong but his needless action actually hurts him more than the object of his anger. That appears to be what President Duterte is doing against […]

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Duterte hints his best performance in int’l stage is yet to come

President Duterte at first played coy when asked about his assessment of his debut in the international stage in the 2016 summit of the 10-country Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the 18-country East Asia Summit in Laos last week, upon his arrival from Jakarta where he proceeded after the Asean meetings saying it would […]

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Duterte’s debut in the international stage a disaster

Whatever one’s political leaning is, every Filipino wants to be proud of the President when he appears in the world stage. He represents the Filipino people. His success is our success. His embarrassment is our embarrassment. The 2016 Asean summit in Vientiane, Laos was President Duterte’s first official foreign trip. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the other […]

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