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Mourning the lack of collective outrage

Every Undas or All Souls Day (Nov. 2) when Filipinos troop to cemeteries to remember departed loved ones, I always think of the families of desaparecidos. Where do they go to offer flowers and light the candles for their dead whom they didn’t bury? I think of Edith Burgos, whose son Jonas was last seen […]

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VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Is President Duterte a Foreign Service graduate?

VERA FILES FACT CHECK: Is President Duterte a Foreign Service graduate? October 29, 2016 IN his state visit to China, President Rodrigo Duterte said he has “the proper perspective to judge” whether a foreign policy is good or not for the country. He credits this to his profession and education.He said he is a graduate […]

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Duterte a Foreign Service graduate?

Do you know that President Rodrigo Duterte is a Foreign Service graduate? That what he said in his press conference with the foreign correspondents in China last Oct. 19. He boasted: “Now that I am the President, by the grace of God, I read a lot; I’m a lawyer and I studied geopolitics and all, […]

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Comelec probes Duterte’s campaign finance

By MARIA FEONA IMPERIAL, VERA Files The Commission on Elections Campaign Finance Office (CFO) has started looking into campaign finance records of President Rodrigo Duterte after it found that he had not declared Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos as a campaign donor in his Statement of Contributions and Expenditures (SOCE). In a speech on Oct. […]

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South China Sea in Japan visit agenda

By CHARMAINE DEOGRACIAS VERA Files IF the South China Sea took a backseat in President Rodrigo Duterte’s visit to China, it will be high in the agenda in his bilateral talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Wednesday. A diplomatic source said, Duterte will look to Japan for its maritime security needs in the […]

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So it boils down to visa issue

President Duterte’s sharing of his experience with “American idiotic arrogance” has lifted part of the veil of mystery about the reason for his intense hostility towards the United States that many are concerned is adversely affecting long-standing Philippine-US relations. In his speech before Philippines-China Trade and Investment Forum in Beijing during his three day visit […]

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Duterte allows Xi to take lead on South China Sea issue

By CHARMAINE DEOGRACIAS, VERA Files President Rodrigo Duterte will not initiate and will instead let Chinese President Xi Jinping to take the lead on whether the ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration will be discussed in their meeting today. In a press conference in Wednesday night with Beijing-based media, on the eve of his […]

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Fishery accords during Duterte China visit way forward in SCS dispute

By CHARMAINE DEOGRACIAS VERA Files WHETHER Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and Chinese President Xi Jinping talk about Scarborough Shoal in their first meeting in Beijing, the specter of the triangular-shaped coral reef 124 nautical miles west of Zambales looms large in this landmark visit that signals the rekindling of relations between the two Asian countries […]

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China visit will surely be ‘fruitful’

An upbeat Chinese Ambassador Zhao Jianhua told members of media last Friday that they expect President Duterte’s four-day state visit to China to be “fruitful.” He said at least a dozen Memoranda of Understanding are being worked out to be signed during the Oct. 18 to 21 visit and one of them will be on […]

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FVR has earned the right to critique Duterte

The critique of former President Fidel V. Ramos of President Duterte’s first 100 days should be a warning to the latter that he cannot go on with his “Kill, Kill” mantra with five years and nine months more to go in his presidency. FVR burst the bubble of Malacañang’s euphoria over the President’s 76 percent […]

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