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SEA lawyers groups call on Senate not to pass Villanueva bill on fake news

The concern about Fake news has created another concern: in the urgent desire to solve the problem of fake news, we might end up with a cure that is worse than the disease. Fake News has been blamed for political upsets like the decision of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union and the […]

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ASEAN COC framework affirms Duterte’s policy shift in PH dealing with China

The Philippines’ major shift in foreign policy which is to talk with China bilaterally on the territorial dispute over Scarborough shoal has gotten affirmation from ASEAN with the adoption of the Framework of the Code of Conduct for the South China Sea in last’s weeks ASEAN summit. “We discussed the matters relating to the South […]

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Trudeau ‘owned’ the Manila East Asia Summit

There was a collective squeal of kilig when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau strode into the cavernous main briefing room of the International Media Center of the 31st Asean Summit and related summits where about a thousand journalists, government officials and events staff gathered for the first press conference of a visiting leader attending the […]

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Will Duterte and Trump (and other leaders) do the fist pump?

That’s the most awaited happening in the 31st ASEAN Summit and Related Meetings that will take place Nov. 13 and 14 in Metro Manila. At the press briefing last Friday, Foreign Affairs spokesman Robespierre Bolivar was asked if President Duterte and United States President Donald Trump would be doing a fist pump together. Bolivar, not […]

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Malacañang podium suits Roque’s senatorial plans

It has not been a week since lawyer Harry Roque started speaking for President Duterte and he has effectively taken the heat off the President. The last meeting of the President with media was upon his arrival from Japan last Oct. 31 where he was asked about his reaction to the statement of imprisoned senator […]

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Antique’s pride proudly proclaim ‘Antiqueño Ako!’

Photos from Melvin de la Serna’s Facebook page Visayan short story writer Teodulfo A. Naranjo is turning 80 this year and he has one wish: to read more stories by Antique’s young writers. “Gusto ko magsulat ang mga bata para may mabasa ako (I want young people to write so there;s something I can read),” […]

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