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Duterte does not rule out nationwide martial law

Let’s brace ourselves up for martial law, nationwide. President Duterte said it’s a possibility. Persistent questioning by reporters elicited this admission from the President in a talk with reporters in Fort Bonifacio Wednesday after delivering a speech marking the ceremonial demilitarization of captures, confiscated, surrendered and recovered firearms during the Marawi rebellion. To avoid misinterpreting […]

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Why do supermarkets charge for plastic bags

When I complained about the removal of water stations where customers can have free water in SM Food Courts, another issue was raised by UP Professor Roland Simbulan about mall giant SM: plastic bags being sold in supermarkets. Simbulan said: “The SM Supermarkets have actually made more money out of the ban on the use […]

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Duterte’s new one year deadline for war on drugs unbelievable

– President Duterte doesn’t have to give himself another deadline in his war against illegal drugs. He has flip-flopped so many times on his war on drugs that nobody takes his public declarations seriously anymore. In a speech Dec. 6 during the oath taking of his latest batch of appointees in Malacañang, Duterte again talked […]

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SM explains pullout of water stations in Food Courts

We got a letter from Mr. Steven T. Tan, senior vice president of SM Supermalls, in reply to our complaint about their discontinuation of providing free drinking water in their Food Courts both through water stations and concessionaires. We learned that “SM Cares,” a division of SM Foundation Inc. that handles the corporate social responsibility […]

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La Salle’s class act

The Sports Section is one of my priority pages in reading newspapers even if I don’t play any sports. Nor do I understand the rules of any sports game. But I love reading stories about triumph against odds of many athletes. I love reading about the values that sports nurture among athletes. My collection of […]

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No free water in SM Food court gives a lie to ‘SM Cares’

“SM Cares” is supposedly the social conscience of SM, the mall giant. Its website says SM Cares, a division of SM Foundation Inc., is the group that handles the corporate social responsibility programs of SM Prime Holdings, Inc. It was launched in 2004 to organize the sustainability efforts into a comprehensive program that tackles a […]

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No Chinese withdrawal from Scarborough shoal seen despite improved relations between Manila and Beijing

By Arianne Christian Tapao, VERA Files Ambassador to China Santiago “Chito” Sta. Romana does not see Chinese leader Xi Jinping ordering the withdrawal of Chinese Coast Guard ships from Scarborough shoal and returning to the pre-April 8, 2012 situation, when the area was under the control of the Philippines, despite Beijing’s improved relations with the […]

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