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5 possible reasons why PNoy floated Chacha and term extension

Faced with overwhelming opposition to a Charter Change to allow President Aquino to extend his term beyond 2016, Malacañang has backtracked and assured the public that he is not supporting changes in the Constitution in the last two years of his presidency. Press Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr and Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte can resort […]

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Listen to your mother

Had former President Cory Aquino not died on Aug. 1, 2009, her son, Benigno Aquino III would not be in Malacañang today. At the time of Cory’s death, nine months before the May 2010 presidential elections, Noynoy Aquino, who had an unremarkable record as legislator (9 years as representative of the 2nd district of Tarlac […]

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Si Manny Pacquiao at ang Cha-Cha

Hindi ako sarado sa pag-amyenda ng Saligang Batas ngunit medyo may kaba ako na mai-pasok ang mga hindi kanais-nais na pagbabago. Sana hindi nila ibahin ang limitasyun sa edad ng gusto kumandidato para presidente at bise-presidente. Natatakot kasi akong tumakbo si Manny Pacquiao sa 2016 at mananalo. Kawawa naman ang bayan. Kamakailan sinabi ni Pacquaio […]

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Beware of Cha-Cha as Arroyo’s Trojan horse

Related article: ex CJ Puno: It’s time for charter change Cha-cha tune is being played again and we should be wary and alert. Last Sunday, a friend working in the House of Representatives alerted us that Gloria Arroyo and her allies are ready with the charter-change operation and they are just waiting for the right […]

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The swords are out

The swords are drawn. President Aquino gave orders to investigate crime against the Filipino people. Pampanga Representative (2nd district) Gloria Arroyo files a resolution to amend the Constitution. First day of the new administration and Gloria Arroyo has served notice that she won’t be just waiting for sheriffs to pick her up and dump her […]

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Gloria Arroyo files charter change resolution

On her first day as congresswoman, Rep. Gloria Arroyo filed a resolution calling for charter change. From ABS-CBN News online: A day after stepping down as President of the Republic of the Philippines, Pampanga Rep. Gloria Arroyo filed a resolution to amend or revise the 1987 Constitution. Arroyo’s proposal seeks to convene Congress in a […]

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Legalizing the illegal

This is what is disturbing about the Supreme Court decision allowing Gloria Arroyo to make a midnight appointment to succeed Chief Justice Reynato Puno: Arroyo can do anything illegal to stay in power beyond June 2010 and the Supreme Court will give it a mantle of legality. Photo by Mario Ignacio for VERA Files This […]

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Bakit pinagpipilitan ni Gloria Arroyo ang Con-Con?

Talaga naman itong si Gloria Arroyo. Hope springs eternal. Pinagpipilit pa ngayon ng kanyang mga kampon sa House of Representatives ang pagpapalit ng Constitution. Hindi na Constituent Assembly ang pinagpipilit. Sumakay na sila sa Constitutional Convention na nakasaad sa House Bill 6975 na nasa second reading na. Sabi ni Rep. Neptali Gonzales II tatawag daw […]

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The gall of Gloria

Riddle of the day: What’s the difference between a fairytale and a state- of- the- nation address? Answer, according a text message: A fairytale is fiction with dwarfs as characters.SONA has a dwarf relating fiction. Gloria Arroyo was not even an engaging storyteller. Bitchy, catty and spiteful, she looked so ugly.

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Ex-defense chief Nonong Cruz: Defy unlawful orders

Malacanang’s reactions:: Never did GMA think of declaring martial law Hallucination Cruz urges soldiers to stay loyal to Constitution By Philip Tubeza Philippine Daily Inquirer Warning about a “disturbing pattern” showing that the Arroyo administration will try to perpetuate itself in power, former Defense Secretary Avelino Cruz Jr. Wednesday urged soldiers to defy “patently unlawful […]

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