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When stupidity resulted in something good

The incident involving car model Alyzza Agustin and Police Chief Superintendent Alexander Ignacio is one example of something good coming out of a stupid act. God works in mysterious ways indeed. Last Sept. 28, Agustin, who apparently enjoys social media but does not comprehend it’s power and perils proudly posted in her Facebook and Instagram […]

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SC decision on Cybercrime law:OK, but…

We did not fully get what we asked Supreme Court regarding the Republic Act 10175 otherwise known as the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 which was to declare the whole of it as unconstitutional primarily because of its libel provisions. But we can live with the Supreme Court decision released yesterday. We still have to […]

February 18, 2014  Tags:   Posted in: Cyberspace, Human Rights, Media  14 Comments

Thank you note from Neonate’s daughter

We remember again Neonate with this letter from his daughter, Grace. Dear Ellen, It has been months since I visited my father’s blog, Winks and Blinks, so it was only today that I saw the link to your eulogy. It was very touching, and reading all the comments that followed brought me to tears. In […]

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Humaneness in the age of technology

Stirring journalism and security worlds are WikiLeaks releases of classified military documents on the war in Afghanistan filched by a 22-year old American intelligence analyst from State department online files. The leaked documents are unprecedented in terms of volume – 91,000 diplomatic cables out of the 260,000 that Bradley Manning, the intelligence analyst, said he […]

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Office of the President website is back

If you click to, the website of the Office of the President, it will direct you to,the official website of the Philippine government. This is the page: It’s good to see President Aquino on the page finally. The Communications Team is at work even without the E.O. Related articles: Standoff at Malacañang’s media […]

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Hit by Basiang; no electricity

Update: electricity resumed in our place first hour of July 16 (Friday). With that water supply also resumed. A welcome relief. Internet connection not yet back. I’m in an internet cafe. We still don’t have electricity in Las Pinas after typhoon Basiang. Pkease bear with me or being unable to update this blog daily. I’m […]

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Will it be Carandang or Coloma?

Update, July 10, 2010: Carandang resigns from ABS-CBN. ANC Management accepted the resignation of Anchor Ricky Carandang, which he submitted Friday, July 10, 2010,” the statement from ANC read. According to sources, Carandang has accepted the offer to be part of the communications team of President Benigno Aquino III. Earlier Friday, Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa […]

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After three days, this blog is back!

Wow, after three days of inaccessiblity, this blog is back. Same thing with VERA Files. Thanks for your patience.

June 25, 2010  Tags:   Posted in: Cyberspace  5 Comments

Thanks, this blog is back!

I woke up this morning to find this blog suspended. Ploghost, my service provider, said there was Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS)attack. Napa-research pa tuloy ako ng di oras about DDOS. Ploghost said it was detected past 12 midnight by WordPress and they had to suspend my blog fearful that it would also extend […]

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Being connected

It never ceases to amaze me that I’m able to access internet from my remote corner in Antique, even if the connection is so slow and intermittent. I have always dreamed of being able to file my stories from our place in Guisijan while listening to the chirping the birds surrounded by orchids, bromeliads, heleconias, […]

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