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Duterte, purveyor of fake information

Information empowers. But in the age of fake news which has found a fertile base in social media especially Facebook, lies being passed on as information have become a powerful tool for mass idiotization. This occurred to us watching President Duterte regal the Filipino community in Saudi Arabia, with falsehoods which the audience lapped it […]

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Lascañas says Duterte paid him using Davao City’s ‘ghost” employees

Lascañas on ghost employees from VERA Files on Vimeo. By Ellen T. Tordesillas VERA Files In the business of death, self-confessed hitman Arturo Lascañas had reaped a ghastly reward: He became a “ghost” employee of the Davao City Hall, whose paycheck got a boost from the salaries of other “ghost” employees. Lascañas, who retired in […]

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Transcript of the press conference of former policeman,SPO4 Arthur Lascañas at the Senate

February 20, 2017 Ako po si Arturo Barikit Lascañas, 56 years old, isa pong retiradong pulis na miyembro ng Davao City Police Office. Ako po ay pinanganak at tubong Davao City. Dito sa gagawin kong isang public confession, ito po ay pagsunod ko po sa kagustuhan ng Diyos, at labis na takot sa Diyos, pagmamahal […]

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Trillanes to Duterte: sign waiver of bank secrecy law addressed to BPI

The public should be more discerning this time with President Duterte’s bluster when confronted with the issue of his BPI bank accounts which have been recipients of deposits amounting to over P2 billion from 2006 to 2015 from several sources. News reports Friday quoted President Duterte as ordering the Anti-Money Laundering Council to give information […]

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Duterte can’t decide kung siya ay anak mahirap o anak mayaman

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The difference between Trillanes and Zubiri

The confrontation between Senators Antonio Trillanes IV and Miguel Zubiri at the Senate floor last week refreshed the public’s mind of relevant issues which have been relegated to the sidelines by more horrifying reports like the murder of Korean businessman Ick-joo Jee by police officers inside Camp Crame just a few meters away from the […]

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Lozada’s conviction stresses urgency of whistleblowers law

At this time of his life, it’s his faith in God that keeps Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada Jr. going. The government has failed him. The country’s justice system turned against him. Many “friends” have abandoned him after they have used him for their agenda. After his conviction to six to ten years in prison by the […]

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The Junjun Binay libel case vs Trillanes

Telling the truth does not make one immune from libel suits. Last Monday, Judge Dina Pestano Teves of the Makati Regional Trial Court 142, released the warrant of arrest for Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV after finding probable cause in the suit filed by former Makati Mayor Jejomar Erwin “Junjun” Binay Jr. Trillanes, who is running […]

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Ball is now with the people after Senate ends Binay probe

Now that the Senate Blue Ribbon subcommittee has wrapped up its hearings on the alleged anomalies in Makati under the watch of the Binays, the ball is now with the Ombudsman and the Filipino people. In his opening statement at the beginning of the 25th and last hearing of the Senate Blue Ribbon subcommittee Tuesday, […]

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Lina: slammed and reversed

They are well- deserved beatings that Customs Commissioner Alberto Lina is getting this week. After being slammed by the OFW community (that means the estimated 2.3 million overseas Filipino workers plus their relatives at the average of six per OFW) for his order to impose tighter inspection of balikbayan boxes, a regional trial court Monday […]

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