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Aquino, Del Rosario and Gazmin should watch ‘Heneral Luna’

I watched “Heneral Luna” last Friday at Southmall in Las Pinas and I witnessed something that re-affirmed my faith in the Filipino: after the screening the students in the audience clapped. I should not be worrying much about the future of our country. Actress, writer and director Bibeth Orteza, who is a member of the […]

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Aquino ignores Bonifacio

Photos courtesy of Renato Reyes, Jr. Yesterday was the 151st birth anniversary of one of Filipinos’ great heroes, Andres Bonifacio (November 30, 1863 – May 10, 1897). Today, we are a sovereign nation, independent and free, largely because of Bonifacio. Bonifacio is considered the “the Father of the Philippine Revolution”. He founded the Katipunan, short […]

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Forgotten details from an old story

By Luz Rimban, VERA Files THE photograph is 30 years old, but it provides startling details to an old, almost forgotten story. Taken by a Japanese photographer, the picture came out in the Sept. 5, 1983 issue of Time Magazine. It showed the apparent lifeless body of former Sen. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. whose murder […]

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Rizal as member of media

Tomorrow, we celebrate Jose Rizal’s 151st birth anniversary. If Rizal were alive today, it is not farfetched that he would be in media. I would imagine him writing stinging commentaries on the corrupt politicians and self-righteous civil society leaders the way he took on the hypocritical friars and cocky and incompetent Spanish colonial officers in […]

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When and where was Philippine flag first unfurled?

A friend who listened to President Aquino’s speech at the 114th Philippine Independence Day celebration at Barasoain Church in Malolos, Bulacan yesterday called me up confused about a historical event he cited. The President started his speech recalling last year’s Independence Day celebration in Kawit, Cavite: “Noon pong nakaraang taon, nagtipon tayo sa Kawit, Cavite, […]

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A Galleon museum in Manila

There’s a plan to build a galleon museum in Manila that will not only make Filipinos appreciate Philippine historical ties with Latin America but in the words of Mexico’s First Lady Margarita Zavala, “ could serve as an intercultural and globalization research center which will further help in uniting us.” Madam Zavala, wife of President […]

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Researchers discover fossil of human older than Tabon Man

By Howie G. Severino, GMANews.TV Move over, Tabon Man. Callao Man is here. Evidence has emerged that the islands comprising the Philippines could have been inhabited by humans more than a dozen millennia before the so-called Tabon Man of Palawan, long thought to be the archipelago’s earliest human remains. A team of archaeologists led by […]

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Between legend and truth

by J.B. Baylon Malaya This holiday season has allowed me to do something I like doing a lot – and which costs very little. I refer to my habit of going to a bookstore, and staying there for an hour or two, sometimes even three – while I browse the many books available, taking my […]

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