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Duterte’s new one year deadline for war on drugs unbelievable

– President Duterte doesn’t have to give himself another deadline in his war against illegal drugs. He has flip-flopped so many times on his war on drugs that nobody takes his public declarations seriously anymore. In a speech Dec. 6 during the oath taking of his latest batch of appointees in Malacañang, Duterte again talked […]

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Don’t forget the unresolved 604 kilos of shabu

With so many issues cropping up every day, a controversy is usually good only for a week. Unresolved, it is set aside to make way for another controversy. Nobody gets punished, the culprit gets away with the crime. The problem stays and goes on. The Gordon-led Blue Ribbon Committee, in its report more than a […]

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Founded on false hopes, sustained by more falsehood

Fake news. We have that in abundance direct from the President himself. Now we have Fake Charge. Senior Associate Justice Antonio T. Carpio minced no words in his 39-page dissenting opinion to the majority decision (9-6) upholding the warrant of arrest on Sen. Leila de Lima issued by the Muntinlupa Regional Trial Court early this […]

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‘Me Pulis sa ilalim ng tulay ‘ in times of EJK

When things are difficult, you laugh and you sing. Those are coping mechanisms that Filipinos have developed into art. There’s a song going around social media that is so much fun. It’s a new version of an old game song “May Pulis sa Ilalim ng Tulay.” The song is usually sang in a party where […]

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ICC will be the next battleground

It was not surprising that the Malacañang-friendly congressmen killed without much fuss the impeachment complaint against President Duterte filed by Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano Monday. Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, also a member of the Magdalo group (which started as a group of young military officers advocating for reforms in the military), lamented the quick dismissal […]

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When protectors become tormentors

Update: SC issues writ of amparo in favor of kin of slain drug suspects There’s a part in the narration by the surviving victims of Oplan Tokhang in Payatas in Quezon City last August 21 that sends chills down one’s spine. In the petition for Writ of Amparo filed by Centerlaw before the Supreme […]

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A scary scenario: A drug-tainted police officer has a protector in Malacanang?

Update: Duterte admits ordering Marcos re-instatement If Police Supt. Marvin Marcos has long been identified as a protector of drug lords, why is somebody high up in Malacañang protecting him? What does this make of President Duterte’s bloody campaign to eliminate illegal drugs in the country which has claimed the lives of some 3,000 […]

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Mourning the lack of collective outrage

Every Undas or All Souls Day (Nov. 2) when Filipinos troop to cemeteries to remember departed loved ones, I always think of the families of desaparecidos. Where do they go to offer flowers and light the candles for their dead whom they didn’t bury? I think of Edith Burgos, whose son Jonas was last seen […]

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The Filipino people will survive Duterte

In the traditional first 100 days assessment of a President’s performance one does not really expect concrete results knowing the complexities of governance but within the first three months, the public should have an idea the direction that the president is leading the country to. Duterte has made clear what the public can expect in […]

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Side effects of Duterte’s war against illegal drugs

Do you feel sick watching daily images on TV and newspapers of people killed, lying lifeless on the sidewalks covered with newspapers or plastic with only their dirty feet and worn-out rubber slippers seen? And of course near the corpse, the cardboard sign “Drug pusher ako, huwag tularan”, which has now become a standard accessory […]

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