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Hilarious FB translations

Aside from the lively exchanges in Facebook (never mind the moronic posts- you have the choice to ignore them or better to unfriend the source), there’s a feature in this social media that is oftentimes hilarious, it makes FB surfing fun. It’s the translation. Like this translation of a post by business entrepreneur Jaime Gachitorena […]

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The tragedy in Mamasapano, Maguindanao claimed the lives of 44 of the country’s elite policemen, 18 members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and some civilians. One of those who died was an eight-year old girl named Sarah. I learned about Sarah from Hussein Macarambon’s heart-rending post in Facebook: “ At a forum organized by […]

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Senators asked the wrong question

It was President Aquino who informed Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin, Armed Forces Chief Gen. Gregorio Catapang and the rest of the presidential party in Zamboanga on the Mamasapano debacle on Jan. 25, a source close to Malacañang said. That’s why in the hearings in the Senate and the House of Representatives […]

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Values that tie PH and Iran

US-centric Filipinos may not be aware that the Philippines and Iran share a lot of common experiences-from rising from devastating natural calamities to political upheavals. Foremost is the harnessing of people power against an extravagant and tyrannical regimes. Many Filipinos like to think that we “invented” People Power with the ouster of President Ferdinand Marcos […]

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Confronted with brutal realities, what do Filipinos do?

Forty-four members of the Special Action Force, the elite group of the Philippine National Police, were killed by the rebel Muslim group the Aquino government has signed a peace agreement with. Yet, social media denizens are in an impassioned discussion over Philippine Miss Universe pageant candidate MJ Lastimosa’s “cake gown.” Last Monday, Direk Joey Reyes […]

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Dinky’s family camping: Senseless and hypocritical

President Aquino has not yet spoken on reports, confirmed by Social Services Secretary Dinky Soliman, about the government banishing 490 homeless persons to a Batangas resort during the five-day visit of Pope Francis. But his deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said, “Wala naman hong ganoon. Parang insulto din sa bisita kapag sinabi mong ‘pag tinago […]

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Hacking negates convenience credit card offers

I don’t do online purchases for fear that information about my credit card would be mis-used. That’s why I was surprised and outraged when I got a notice by email the other night that I was being charged two purchases, $39.99 each totalling $79.98 almost $80.00 or P3,600.00. The items downloaded were both Disney story […]

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Heed Pope Francis’ appeal to end culture of waste

Arrival photos. This visit of Pope Francis is heartwarming as it is awesome. To those who will brave the heat (hopefully it doesn’t rain), the long walk, the long wait, hunger and thirst, bless your courage and your determination. I hope and pray that our love for Pope Francis will include taking care of our […]

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Fired nurse in Singapore should read Elbert Hubbard

The firing of Filipino nurse Ello Ed Mundsel Bello by the Tan Tock Seng Hospital in Singapore for his Facebook rant against Singaporeans once again demonstrates the danger of people being in social media without fully knowing its capabilities and limitations. Last week, Bello, under the FB name Edz Ello, ranted on his wall: “Now […]

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The making of the missalette for Pope Francis’ mass at Rizal Park

Pope Francis will be saying his masses (he will have three during his Philippine five-day visit) in English but in Rizal Park, he will start his homily with “Sumasampalataya ako.” The missalette that will be used in the Rizal Park mass will be eight pages and will contain, for the first time, the Eucharistic Prayer. […]

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