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‘Talk to Mayor’

Going the rounds in Facebook is a post by Candy Chan in Astig.Ph about a vehicle by a mayor that was parked in a slot reserved for Persons with Disabilities at Bay 4 of NAIA3. When the security guard called the attention of the man who came out of the driver seat, he insolently replied, […]

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Thank you, Sen. Joker Arroyo

I owe Joker Arroyo big time. As a legislator, Joker Arroyo had millions of pesos at his disposal under the Priority Development Assistance Fund. Some of his colleagues disposed of their PDAF into their pockets with gusto. Arroyo earned the reputation as “Scrooge” because of his low office expenditure. He maintained a very small staff. […]

October 13, 2015  Tags:   Posted in: Malaya, Senate  3 Comments

Harry Roque aims for a congressional seat through partylist

I’m so glad that lawyer Harry Roque has decided to go via the party list in his entry into politics. He is no longer joining Vice President Jejomar Binay’s United Nationalist Alliance ticket. In his meeting with members of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines in Bacolod yesterday, Roque announced that he will be the […]

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DENR, the Church and the nickel ore stockpile in Manicani

Has the government relinquished its duty of regulating the mining industry to the Catholic Church? That’s the question I asked Environment Secretary Ramon Paje when he said that Hinatuan Mining Corporation (HMC) has to get the approval of the church to their request to remove the 1.1 million metric tons nickel ore stockpile in Manicani […]

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DMCI knows how to get its way

Antique Gov. Rhodora Cadiao’s worst fear has come true: it didn’t take long after the July 17 accident in Semirara Coal mine that killed nine workers that the suspension was lifted. News reports Wednesday said the Department of Environment and Natural Resources has lifted its suspension order against Semirara Mining and Power Corp.’s environment compliance […]

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Kinaray-a writing contest

Kinaray-a is the language spoken mostly in West Visayas. It is spoken in Antique, where I come from. Writer Alex de los Santos , author of the book, “The Rise of Kinaray-a”, said Kinaray-a is also spoken in some parts of Aklan and Capiz, most of Iloilo and even in Negros Occidental where the biggest […]

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Vilma Santos: Best for Mar Roxas

Instead of acting like crybabies for not having lulled Sen. Grace Poe into their trap so she could not be an impediment to their standard bearer’s Malacañang dream, Liberal Party officials should work on getting Batangas Governor Vilma Santos-Recto as Mar Roxas running mate. Ate Vi is the perfect partner for Roxas. She will provide […]

August 4, 2015   Posted in: 2016 elections, Malaya  19 Comments

Endorsing Mar, Aquino insults Grace and his mother

Is President Aquino that desperate that just to boost the chances of his “Annointed”‘ he had to insult Sen. Grace Poe and his mother, former President Cory Aquino? In his speech endorsing Interior Secretary Mar Roxas for president in the 2016 elections, Aquino said: “Sa paghahanap nga po, kinausap natin ang mga taong maaaring magpatuloy […]

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Aquino has learned lesson when to keep his mouth shut on China

It can’t be said that President Aquino has not learned anything in the last five years of his presidency. We would like to think that his not mentioning the issue with China over territorial claims in South China Sea in his 6th and last State of the Nation address is an indication that he has […]

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The assurance that Poe gave Aquino

“ The President and I talked for about five hours. I could sense the very difficult position PNoy is in right now. I understand and sympathize with his predicament and situation. I consider him a true and sincere friend and he has my utmost respect. He reiterated his desire for all of us to continue […]

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