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SC decision on Marcos burial preview of Bongbong’s election protest vs Leni?

Is the voting in the Supreme Court decision allowing the burial of Ferdinand E. Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani reflective of the sentiments of the justices towards the Marcoses? Will that be the same alignment in the election protest of former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr against the election of Vice President Leni […]

November 9, 2016  Tags:   Posted in: Marcos  49 Comments

Looting the Marcos loot

Just because the Presidential Commission on Good Government would be abolished, it doesn’t mean that the hunt for the people’s money looted by the Marcoses and hidden in bank accounts abroad or in properties under the name of some friends, should also end. As PCGG Chair Andres Bautista said, the job could be continued by […]

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Please, no more study groups, Mr. President

It is within the rights of President Aquino to deny the desire of the Marcos family for a state burial for President Ferdinand Marcos. If Aquino thinks that Marcos’ dictatorship nullified the latter’s two-term presidency and disqualified him for a state burial, he is entitled to that opinion. Since Aquino is the president now, his […]

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PCGG to probe Marcos’ secret wealth in Australia

VERA Files in Yahoo The Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) will look into the reported ill-gotten wealth of the late president Ferdinand Marcos in Australia believed to be under the name of a former swimsuit model whose daughter was reportedly dropped from a reality TV show after producers learned her father was the Philippine […]

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Marcos Australian daughter dropped from reality show

Dennis Garcia’s Facebook wall carried this news item from today’s issue of The Daily Telegraph. A 2004 article in the Sun-Herald gave an interesting background on Analisa’s mother, Evelin, and the awesome money that Marcos gifted her. The article tells us how much money were taken away from us. Just imagine if those money were […]

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Interesting appointments

There is something amusing in the latest batch of appointments of President Aquino. Like in the high-paying positions of Board of Directors of the Development Bank of the Philippines. Gloria Arroyo defender and Philippine Star columnist Alex Magno is out. Ronald Llamas of Akbayan is in. I don’t know if Llamas specifically asked for DBP […]

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