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Why the Philippines did not build lighthouses in Spratlys

Long before China built lighthouses in reefs they are occupying in the disputed Spratlys, the Philippine government under President Fidel Ramos had planned to build lighthouses in Reed Bank and two other reefs but inter-government wrangling over money stalled the project until it was overtaken by events. Last Tuesday, China announced its plan to construct […]

May 28, 2015  Tags:   Posted in: Foreign Affairs, Malaya, Maritime Affairs  9 Comments

Reality check in the Spratlys

Heaven forbid, but in case there’s a shooting war in the disputed islands of the Spratlys, don’t expect the United States military to come to the aid of the Philippines, South China Sea experts said. I asked the question if the United States military would enter the picture in case of an armed conflict in […]

July 7, 2011  Tags: ,   Posted in: Foreign Affairs, Maritime Affairs, Military  24 Comments

A seafarer’s suggestion to avoid maritime tragedies

Sea tragedies have become become common occurrences during the holiday season when city folks go home to the province to spend Christmas with families and relatives. We never learn our lesson.Every tragedy, we bewail the overloading, the poor vessel maintenance and the questionable capabilities of the crew. But after the stories have ceased to be […]

December 29, 2009  Tags:   Posted in: Malaya, Maritime Affairs, Travel  55 Comments