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In the name of drugs again

President Duterte is simplifying the root cause of five-month war in Marawi by attributing it to drugs. There’s a problem in this version because it does not address the age-old and complex issue of the tension in Mindanao which security experts say is mutating into a more dangerous terrorist movement. In his speech at the […]

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Duterte tells how the government misread Maute threat

In his re-appearance speech five days after he was not seen in public, President Duterte gave an explanation for the military’s “mis-appreciation” of intelligence report that has been blamed for the difficulty being encountered by government forces in the ongoing war against the Islamist militants in Marawi city. It will be recalled that Solicitor General […]

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Prayers for Marawi as we celebrate 119th Independence Day

The announcement of AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Eduardo Año that by today, as we celebrate our country’s 119th anniversary of independence, the Philippine flag will be flying in Marawi City, tells us of the challenges in keeping our country safe while maintaining a vibrant democracy. That a part of our country is not in […]

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SAF44 stirred public interest on BBL

There was something amusing in the narration of Mamasapano Mayor Tahirodin Benzar A. Ampatuan that reflects a trait common to many Filipinos. Mayor Ampatuan (yes, the Ampatuans of the 2009 Maguindanao massacre are still very much a force to reckon with in Maguindanao) said that at about 1:30 in the afternoon of Jan. 25, members […]

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Confronted with brutal realities, what do Filipinos do?

Forty-four members of the Special Action Force, the elite group of the Philippine National Police, were killed by the rebel Muslim group the Aquino government has signed a peace agreement with. Yet, social media denizens are in an impassioned discussion over Philippine Miss Universe pageant candidate MJ Lastimosa’s “cake gown.” Last Monday, Direk Joey Reyes […]

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I’d like to think Lacierda was just acting stupid

Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda probably thought the Filipino people are stupid or else why would he say that the reason why the President has not made statements on other national issues was because he has no access to Manila newspapers. In this day and age of internet and cellphones! Lacierda said Wednesday: “You know, the […]

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Una, MNLF. Sunod, MILF. Ngayon, BIFF.

Noong Sabado ng gabi, ayon sa report ng military, inatake ang ng sabay sabay ang mga sundalo sa maguindanao at North Cotabato ng mga 100 na rebelled. Limang sundalo at 18 na rebelde ang patay. Nangyari itong pag-atake dalawang araw bago mag-usap ulit ang mga representatives ng pamahalaan ng Pilipipinas at ng Moro Islamic Liberation […]

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‘A Framework with missing Agreements’

By Raul C. Pangalangan Philippine Daily Inquirer One more not rise to a standing ovation for a trailer even before the movie is made, lest unrealistic expectations spoil the actual viewing. Similarly, the Framework Agreement with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front is a milestone for sure, but unrestrained hype may well derail peace in the […]

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It’s not only in Metro Manila that people are trapped. While flood and landslide due to the monsoon rains the past days have confined people to certain places and access to them difficult in Metro Manila and some parts of Luzon, it’s a more worrisome situation in Muslim Mindanao. Reports from Maguindanao and Lanao del […]

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Watching Mindanao and monitoring ARMM

Two Mindanao related online sites up as voters registration get underway in the Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao, the most controversial area during elections. Last Monday, the U.S. Embassy launched a new blog: “Peace, Prosperity, and Partnership in Mindanao.” ( The U.S. Embassy release quoted Ambassador Harry K. Thomas Jr. saying, “Every time I visit […]

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