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The high cost of surviving cancer

(When I read the news that the US Food and Drug Administration finally approved the use of Gardasil,the vaccine for cervical cancer, I thought of the thousands of women and their families who would be spared the pain and agony of that disease. It’s a most welcome news. (Merck& Co, the manufacturer of Gardasil said […]

June 11, 2006   Posted in: Health, Mirror  570 Comments

Twice blest

(This article appeared in the February 2005 issue of Mirror magazine) “This doesn’t look very good. You have to see an oncologist.” My mind went numb upon hearing the word “oncologist” from the gynecologist who was reading the result of the Dopler test I had at the Makati Medical Center. It showed that the mass […]

December 26, 2005   Posted in: Health, Mirror  361 Comments


(Holidays are a good time for reflection. I’m sharing this article I wrote for the Dec. 2004-January 2005 issue of Mirror Magazine) There are things that we reserve for special occasions. Like, I use my lovely handkerchiefs when I go to important meetings. I use my nice sleepwear when I travel. Upon discovery of my […]

October 30, 2005   Posted in: Health, Mirror, Web Links  506 Comments