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Game changers: SC decision on Poe and AMLC report on Binay

Next week’s surveys should give us a clearer picture of the sentiments of the Filipino voters. By then, we would know whose campaign is struggling from collapsing and whose campaign is pulling away. The latest surveys that we got this week (Pulse Asia for ABS-CBN) which put Grace Poe leading (28 percent) with just a […]

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Binay biggest gainer in ‘destroy Grace Poe’ crusade

The “Eliminate Grace Poe” from the presidential race crusade has benefitted Vice President Jejomar Binay who has regained the lead in the latest survey of candidates for president in the 2016 elections by the Social Weather Stations. Liberal Party standard bearer Mar Roxas, whose allies in the Commission on Election delivered the strongest blow against […]

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It still won’t be Roxas even if Comelec eliminates Poe

If Pres. Aquino believes the strategy that if Mar Roxas’ lawyers in Comelec succeeds in eliminating Grace Poe from the presidential race, the presidency would be an easy clinch for his anointed, he is dreaming. If the fight is three-way – Rodrigo Duterte, Jojo Binay and Roxas, Duterte will win. If it’s between Binay and […]

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Filipinos want a government that has an ear and a heart for them: EON survey

Candidates for the 2016 May elections, especially those running for president and vice-president, should read the findings of the EON’s 2015 Philippine Trust Survey which tells that Filipinos want from their leaders to listen to and feel for them. The PTI, which EON started in 2011, is not an easy survey to do because unlike […]

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The usefulness of election surveys

Surveys if conducted by professionals and executed with integrity are gauge of the sentiments of the people. I have to stress “executed with integrity” because during election season, there are surveys and surveys. One has to check on the background of the survey firms, who commissioned the survey as well as the questions asked. As […]

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Grace’s advisers wary of Poe-Roxas scenario

It’s not only Sen. Grace Poe who surged as shown in the results of Pulse Asia’s survey of the people’s pulse for the 2016 elections conducted two weeks ago. Interior Secretary Mar Roxas said he is happy that his score increased by 150 percent! From four percent last March which put him in seventh place, […]

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Poe to Aquino: Be a leader, tell the truth

Reading President Aquino’s speech before the 2015 graduates of the Philippine Military Academy last Sunday, I got the impression that he is isolated from the real world outside Malacañang. For how does one who has to suffer daily the monstrous Metro Manila traffic and the inefficiency of the MRT accept his painting of the country […]

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Binay in a freefall

Obviously, Vice President Jejomar Binay’s early campaigning was not enough to offset the negative impact of the Senate Blue Ribbon subcommittee investigation which has exposed his alleged mindboggling corruption operations in Makati City. His scores in Pulse Asia surveys on presidential preference, performance and trust ratings are in a freefall. In the survey conducted November […]

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Always be responsible: challenge to media of increased public trust

The PDAF and DAP scandals have a lot to do with the increase in the trust of the people on media, the decline of the same for the government and continued distrust for non-government organizations. The 2014 Philippine Trust Index conducted by EON showed that media is third most trusted institution with 33 percent, up […]

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Only 2 out of 10 strongly agree that Aquino government isn’t corrupt- survey

Filipinos do not ask much from the government, results of EON’s Philippines Trust Index survey this year showed. All they want is that their government “not be corrupt.” Cora P. Guidote,SM Investment Corporation senior vice president for Investor Relations, one of the panelists in the presentation of EON PTI survey results last Monday, took note […]

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