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Grounding lessons

Second day of the year 2016, I was pulled to the ground – a much needed lesson, courtesy of a bus conductor. Last Saturday, I took a Ceres bus to Iloilo from our province in Antique to take my flight back to Manila. As I was gathering my baggage upon arriving at the bus terminal […]

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Dismissed baggage handlers at NAIA appeal for their side to be heard

A few weeks ago, six baggage handlers in NAIA1 were apprehended by airport intelligence agents after valuables suspected to have been stolen from passengers’ baggage were found in their lockers. Reports said items found in the baggage handlers’ lockers included a gold ring and earring, a G-Shock wristwatch, a Seiko wristwatch, and three branded men’s […]

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NAIA1 no longer world’s worst, now ranked 4th-worst

By Ellen T.Tordesillas, VERA Files The Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Teminal 1 (NAIA1) is no longer the worst airport in the world, according to an online website dedicated to reviewing airports all over the world. NAIA is now No. four in the 2014 list of Worst Airports of “The Guide to Sleeping in Airports,” outranked […]

October 16, 2014  Tags:   Posted in: Tourism, Travel, Vera Files  3 Comments

Is anyone surprised that NAIA1 is worst airport in the world?

Is anyone surprised that Ninoy Aquino International Airport is once again the topnotcher in the list of worst airports in the world? The Sept. 30, 2014 post in the website Life Cheat Sheet said “Airports are often an essential and unavoidable part of traveling. Sometimes, you luck out and find yourself in an airport that […]

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The other side of Palawan

Mention Palawan and what comes to mind are Underground River and El Nido in the northern side of this richly-blessed province from its capital, Puerto Princesa. Three weeks ago, we went to the southern side- in Rio Tuba, where Rio Tuba Nickel Mining Corporation is. This is my second time to visit RTNMC and it […]

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Standing by up in the air

As our flight from Iloilo (Philippine Airlines 934) was starting its descent to the Ninoy Aquino International Airprt, the pilot announced that we were number 12 in the queue for landing and that our arrival would be delayed by 30 minutes. Reason: traffic congestion. This kind of delay due to traffic congestion at NAIA has […]

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Discover Antique this summer

Looking for places to visit this summer? Try the not-so-trodden paths. Try the perfumed island of Nogas in Antique. Located in the northern most part of Antique, Nogas Island is 24 hectares of deep and lush forest. If you want to explore it, better get a guide familiar with the island. It’s easy to lose […]

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Will PH be ready for Asean 2015 when we can’t do simple things right

What I’m relating is not a life-and-death matter but it shows why we are lagging behind with some of our Southeast Asian neighbors. When the Jetstar plane I took from Singapore touched down at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport about 10 in the morning yesterday, I realized I haven’t filled up the Immigration and Customs […]

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Concerns about mammoth complex in Boracay

It’s only February and we are now feeling the beginning of summer. It’s now time to look for budget offers from airlines and out-of-town hotels. Boracay is a logical destination for us because our place in Antique is just three hours away by bus to the popular island. A recent Facebook post by the peripatetic […]

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Three people you should meet in Siem Reap

I never cease to be awed by Angkor Wat. The first time I stepped on the once- sacred grounds of the sprawling (covers an area of almost two hectares), 2,000- year old temple was an overwhelming experience. That was in 1987. I was with a group of journalists of different nationalities covering Southeast Asia. It […]

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