In the name of drugs again

President Duterte is simplifying the root cause of five-month war in Marawi by attributing it to drugs. There’s a problem in this version because it does not address the age-old and complex issue of the tension in Mindanao which security experts say is mutating into a more dangerous terrorist movement. In his speech at the […]

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People blame Arroyo for Basilan tragedy

In the latest tragedy in Basilan where more than 40 lost their lives, 22 of them members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and one from the Philippine National Police, the public’s heart goes out for the soldiers and the police. But they are angry at Gloria Arroyo, the fake commander-in-chief. Read and feel […]

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The folly of a schizo policy

Here we go again. Gloria Arroyo orders: “ Annihilate Abu Sayyaf.” Is anybody taking her seriously? We are not sure if the Abu Sayyaf, who’s capacity for terror has remained undiminished eight years after Arroyo boasted “Isang bala ka lang” is cowering in fear.

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MILF – Abu Sayyaf alliance causes heavy casualty on government troops

Update from the Inquirer:Dead soldiers mutilated This statement by Dolorfino raises the question on the government’s policy towards the MILF: Philippine Star: Dolorfino later told a briefing in Zamboanga City that the government suffered 23 killed and 22 others wounded. He added the Abu Sayyaf were aided by gunmen belonging to the Moro Islamic Liberation […]

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Resulta ng palaging pagsisinungaling

Sunod na sunod ang bombahan nitong mga nakaraang araw. Noong Martes lang, dalawang lugar ang binomba: sa Jolo, Sulu at sa Iligan, Lanao del Norte. Noong Linggo, sa Cotabato City sa litsunan sa tapat ng simbahan. Maraming namatay at madadagdagan pa ang bilang habang sinusulat ito dahil marami sa mga nasugatan ay grabe ang kalagayan.

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Two more bombings: Jolo and Iligan

Update: More than two hours after the blast, another bomb went off in Iligan City, Lanao del Norte province around 10:40 a.m. Police said the blast took place at the corner of Sabayle Street and Cabili avenue, in front of a lending firm. An Army jeep which was passing by the area, was hit in […]

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