‘Cutting off the nose to spite the face’

There’s an expression in English,”Cutting off the nose to spite the face” which refers to a person’s self-destructive action as he hits back at someone he thinks had done him wrong but his needless action actually hurts him more than the object of his anger. That appears to be what President Duterte is doing against […]

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Duterte hints his best performance in int’l stage is yet to come

President Duterte at first played coy when asked about his assessment of his debut in the international stage in the 2016 summit of the 10-country Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the 18-country East Asia Summit in Laos last week, upon his arrival from Jakarta where he proceeded after the Asean meetings saying it would […]

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Duterte’s debut in the international stage a disaster

Whatever one’s political leaning is, every Filipino wants to be proud of the President when he appears in the world stage. He represents the Filipino people. His success is our success. His embarrassment is our embarrassment. The 2016 Asean summit in Vientiane, Laos was President Duterte’s first official foreign trip. Standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the other […]

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Obama and Xi talk about jet lag at APEC reception

Do powerful persons ever engage in small talk? And what do they talk about? Former Vice President of Taiwan Vincent C. Siew shared with members of media some tidbits about the Leaders Meeting of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation held in Manila last week. Siew, who represented Taiwan in the 21-Economy grouping, said during the […]

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What PH should take note of in Obama’s foreign policy speech

“Just because we have the best hammer does not mean that every problem is a nail.” “And I would betray my duty to you and to the country we love if I ever sent you into harm’s way simply because I saw a problem somewhere in the world that needed to be fixed, or because […]

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Del Rosario engages in disinformation re coverage of MDT

The day after U.S. President Barack Obama left Manila, Foreign Secretary Albert Del Rosario issued the following statement: “Under the Mutual Defense Treaty, the United States will come to the assistance of the Philippines if our metropolitan territory is attacked or if our Armed Forces are attacked in the Pacific area. “In 1999, in a […]

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Obama shatters delusions of many Filipinos

U.S. President Barack Obama’s candid answers to the two questions from Filipinos reporters whether the United States will come to the defense of the Philippines in case of an armed conflict with China over territorial disputes in the South China Sea disappointed a lot of Filipinos who expected him to say that the American soldiers […]

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Two letters

There are two letters seeking to two powerful persons who will be making their historic meeting today. One is from the longest-held political prisoner in the country Juanito Itaas, suspect in the killing of Col. James Rowe, to visiting U.S. President Barack Obama. The other one is from Edith Burgos, mother of Jonas Burgos, who […]

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Highlight of Aquino’s U.S. visit

This is the highlight of the first visit of President Aquino to the United States: But this must be the most enjoyable for the President. This was at the Hewlett Packard Executive Briefing Center in Cupertino, California.Look at the joy in the President’s face:

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Cigarette talk between Obama and Aquino

As GMA offers congratulations (3 min), Obama offers advice on smoking (20 min) by Wendell Vigilia Malaya Take it from him. US President Barack Obama on Wednesday night phoned President-elect Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III to congratulate him. In addition, Obama said he is ready to offer Aquino his personal advice on how to quit smoking […]

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