Lacierda may yet get his dream of becoming foreign secretary

The resignation of Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario, four months before the end of the Aquino administration, may yet pave the way for Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda to realize his dream of becoming foreign secretary. Not many know Lacierda’s desire to be head of the much-coveted cabinet position. It was Mar Roxas, the presidential candidate […]

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I’d like to think Lacierda was just acting stupid

Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda probably thought the Filipino people are stupid or else why would he say that the reason why the President has not made statements on other national issues was because he has no access to Manila newspapers. In this day and age of internet and cellphones! Lacierda said Wednesday: “You know, the […]

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Why is Malacañang vouching for authenticity of ‘fake’ bank document?

Why is Malacañang vouching for the authenticity of the documents supposedly on the bank accounts of Chief Justice Renato Corona at the Philippine Savings Bank submitted by the prosecution to the impeachment court? That document, which PSB Katipunan branch manager Annabel Tiongson, said was fake became the basis of the subpoena issued by the impeachment […]

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