Duterte cannot choose not to be a statesman

At the birthday party of House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez last Friday, President Duterte again justified his being uncouth with the flawed reasoning that he did not study to become a statesman. “Kaya ugali ko talaga, pang-mayor lang. Nung sinabi nila na hindi ako statesman, hindi naman ako nag-aral pang-statesman (My habits are for being mayor. […]

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Duterte’s threats betray panic

Behind President Duterte’s curse-laden talks is a man in panic. And the one subject that drives him up the wall is his alleged huge bank deposits that Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV first exposed last week of April 2016, weeks before the election that he won. The latest development is the receipt by the Office of […]

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The pits of Duterte’s vulgarity

The ghost of Jaqueline Hamill must have come back to haunt Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for disrespecting her even when she was dead after having been gang raped twenty-seven years ago. Duterte refused to apologize over his statement captured in a 1989 video where he was regaling the audience about the hostage-taking incident in […]

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