Justice Carpio sounds alarm on latest Chinese seizure of PH territory

While the public was engrossed with the scandal of how 605 kilos of shabu from China worth P6.5 billion slipped through the Bureau of Custom and being entertained with the Bautista vs Bautista family feud with a cameo role by President Duterte, a chunk of Philippine territory was being taken over by China. China occupied […]

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No ASEAN role in Scarborough conflict between PH and China

The agreed framework for a Code on South China Sea was the most important achievement of the recently-concluded meeting of the foreign ministers of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations which segued to more meetings with its dialogue partners and the Asean Regional Forum. After the much-awaited meeting between ASEAN foreign ministers and China Sunday, […]

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A COC that would legitimize China’s artificial islands in the Spratlys

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Sunday that he and the 10 foreign ministers of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations have approved the framework for the Code of Conduct in the South China Sea. This is just a framework, not the long-desired COC. Nevertheless, it is a major step towards an agreement that hopefully […]

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China’s concept of setting side sovereignty dispute for joint exploration of Spratlys

Asked during his press conference last Wednesday when the talks about the joint exploration in Philippine territory that is also being claimed by China and other countries started, Foreign Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano recalled the meeting of the late Deng Xiaoping with then President Corazon Aquino. In that meeting, Deng suggested to set aside the […]

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The trade off: multi-billion dollar projects in exchange for Chinese exploration in PH EEZ

From the fragmented information about the resumption of talks on joint exploration with China in the disputed parts of the Spratlys, what is emerging is a repeat of jumbo loans that the administration of Gloria Arroyo obtained from the Chinese government in 2004 in exchange for agreeing to allow China to explore within the country’s […]

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PH win in Arbitral Court, one year after

One of the good things that President Duterte has done was to rekindle relations with China which reached its lowest ebb during the administration of Benigno Aquino III. Never mind that during the election campaign, he rode on the anti-China sentiments of most Filipinos fueled by the pro-American leanings of Aquino and his Foreign Secretary, […]

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Justice Carpio wants to speak to the Chinese people through his eBook

Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio’s hope springs eternal. At the launch of his eBook, “The South China Sea Dispute: Philippine Sovereign Rights and Jurisdiction in the West Philippine Sea,” Carpio said the reason why it will soon have a Mandarin version is because, he wants to reach out to the Chinese people to convince them […]

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1734 Murillo Velarde map is back in Manila

Sharing the spotlight at the launching of Senior Justice Antonio T. Carpio’s E-Book, “The South China Sea Dispute:Philippine Sovereign Rights and Jurisdiction in the West Philippine Sea” at the Manila Polo Club Thursday was a glass- encased 1734 Murillo-Velarde map. This was the map IT businessman Mel Velarde bought in a Sotheby auction on Nov. […]

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Justice Carpio’s E-book on South China Sea dispute

The political winds have indeed shifted. On the same day that the China-friendly statement of this year’s chairman of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, President Rodrigo Duterte, was released to media, Philippine and Chinese flags were seen raised on a Chinese warship, Chang Chun (DDG 150) that docked in Davao city pier. This would […]

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Duterte can’t sell PH land in Spratlys to China

Now, President Duterte wants to go into real estate business in the Spratlys. Before he embarked on a state visit to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar, he told reporters that he might sell what the Philippines claim in Spratlys to China. Assuring China that his orders to install markers and flag to the 10 features […]

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