Bad comedy

The operation by intelligence agents of the Armed Forces of the Philippines against the five supporters of former President Estrada was so crass that, in some portions, it looked like bad comedy.

Quezon City policeman Jose Curameng related that at the military headquarters they were brought to (after they were abducted at the house of Ver Eustaquio, chairman of the Union of the Masses for Democracy and Justice), his interrogators were forcing him to admit that he was a communist.

Curameng said, “I told them it was impossible because I’m a policeman.” His interrogator snarled at him, “Di, komunistang pulis. Kaliwang pulis. (A communist police. A leftist police.)”

Curameng, in his blue police uniform, looked aghast . Trained to fight lawless elements, which in police definition, include communists, “Komunistang pulis” was an oxymoron.

The same “communist” angle was also pursued by the interrogators on the four UMDJ members. Dennis Ibuna said they addressed him as “Kumander” and insisted that he was a member of the liquidation squad. They also asked him about the other names in the “hit list”.

Ruben Dionisio, who is still in the hospital with broken ribs and inflamed liver, had earlier told Eustaquio that he told his torturers he would admit to being a communist officer just to end the beating. But then, when asked about other members of the Metro-Rizal CPP chapter and could not produce, they resumed the beating.

The torture lasted three days until they were brought to the Department of Justice May 24, where they told they were being charged with rebellion for plotting to kill some members of the Arroyo Cabinet. Among the pieces of evidence presented was the service pistol of Curameng, which was confiscated by ISAFP agents when they were abducted.

Curameng said he has the memorandum receipt covering his service pistol.

Chairman Purificacion Quisumbing of the Commission on Human Rights, said the ISAFP agents are liable for a number of offenses from arising this operation. She mentioned trespassing, abduction, illegal arrest, detention, serious physical.

She said the fact that it was done in broad daylight showed the temerity of the operatives. She expressed concern that, if it could be done in Metro Manila to persons who have influential friends, what about those in the provinces who have no access to media and do not know personalities who will take up the cudgels for them?

The absence of military officials , who invoked the unconstitutional EO 464, in yesterday’s hearing only strengthened the public’s belief that the abduction was a government operation with the approval of the commander-in-chief.

The “communist” angle that ISAFP agents are pursuing connects with the series of killing of persons identified with progressive organizations or the Left, the latest of whom is Sotero Llamas, former leader of the New People’s Army in Bicol and consultant to the National Democratic Front in the peace negotiations with the government, who was gunned down the other day.

A reason is surfacing through all this madness. It all goes back to the illegitimacy of Gloria Arroyo’s presidency. She thinks she can erase that by suppressing dissent through EO 464, Calibrated Pre-emptive Response, Proclamation 1017 and Charter Change.

The Supreme Court has declared the first three illegal and unconstitutional. She will have to violate more laws to push through her Cha-Cha. Arroyo has reached a point where the only way for her to continue to hold on to power is to trash the law and be authoritarian to generate funds to pay those who prop her up or satisfy their demands in terms of positions and contracts.

The strategy is to create a situation of anarchy to justify the dictatorship that she is heading for.

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  1. Ellen - May 31, 2006 7:11 am

    Following is the statement of President Joseph Estrada:

    OUR nation is now poised to be engulfed in a tidal wave of discontent that may no longer be held back, with the rule of law gone and where lawlessness reigns; with authorities displaying total disrespect for the civil and human rights of Filipinos under a regime that has changed the face of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and its intelligence arm.

    We live in dangerous times under a government that violates all fundamental rules and where the military is no longer the protector of the people but their tormentor – an abduction, torture and death squad whose mission today is to eliminate militants, critics and political foes of this regime that fails time and again to condemn this barbarity and savagery it inflicts upon the Filipino people.

    The illegal arrest, unconstitutional detention and condemnable physical and mental torture of five poor people identified with the Union of the Masses for Democracy and Justice (UMDJ) by elements of the ISAFP; the continued cover-up of these criminal activities by the very authorities who have sworn to uphold the Constitution are to be deplored.

    I hold Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her administration responsible for these criminal acts against Filipinos. The finger of blame and accountability rests solely on her shoulders.

    The hoodlums in military uniform must be brought before the bar of justice and punished for their crimes against humanity before the storm brewing within the hearts of the Filipino people explodes and destroys our beloved country.

    The signs are clear: there is a gathering storm and the Arroyo regime must beware or the tides of fury may swallow it up.

  2. Ellen - May 31, 2006 7:31 am

    Email from Jun Marcelino:

    Most of the Filipino I talked to here in America agree that it is for the best interest of our country for all Filipinos to rise up and object to whatever Gloria plans to do.

    The rampant unsolved killings, down trend economy, mal governance particularly the culture of embedded graft and corruption by GMA and her cohorts are omens that cannot be ignored, hence,we should all band together and tell Gloria that it already time for her to go.

    God Bless You,

    Jun Marcelino
    City of Thousand Oaks,
    California USA

  3. ystakei - May 31, 2006 7:38 am

    This, Ellen, is what happens when the military is given the duties and privileges of doing police work during peace time, and you have corrupt people in the Department of Justice there.

    Not even in the US do they do this kind of thing even when the US military is the most powerful in the world except perhaps during times of natural calamities as when they needed the Coast Guard to help keep peace and order in New Orleans during the Katrina disaster.

    Over where I am based, the military does not do any Gestapo-like activities even to keep peace and order. It’s the responsibility of the Japanese police, which makes sure that no criminal is having fun menacing the citizens of Japan, who are also doing their own share of the burden of keeping this country peaceful and orderly.

    I feel sorry for the people of the Philippines that they are being saddled with a criminal suspect who has committed sedition and treason when she, together with members of the Philippine evil society, tried to remove a duly elected president, and when she stole votes from not just one but at least two of her opponents in the last presidential election.

    This I know for sure, and have in fact asked for reply to our inquiry regarding the obvious tampering of votes of voters in Japan when the difference between the votes for the Midget and her opponents is the total of the votes due FPJ and Roco. We were told by a reliable source who requested anonymity that there were vote packages sent off from Comelec allegedly diverted there by the Japanese post, which is one of the most efficient in the world.

    My condolence to Police Officer Curameng. He should identify his tormentors and file suits against them. If he does not have the money to pay for a lawyer, we can try raising funds so that justice may be served, if that is still possible there considering the kind of morons they have now at the Department of Justice there.

    Kawawang bansa! Kawawang mga pilipino!

  4. Ellen - May 31, 2006 7:42 am

    Statement of the Counsels for the Defense of Liberties:

    CODAL is seriously concerned over the Executive department’s continuing disrespect for the judiciary and the legislature. The failure of AFP and PNP officials to appear in the Congressional investigation on the warrantless arrest of the “Erap 5” supporters is not only an attack against the Senate but the Supreme Court as well.

    The Supreme Court has unanimously declared EO 464 unconstitutional and principles of good faith and equity dictate that the said executive order be accorded no legal effect unless the Supreme Court reverses its decision upon motion for reconsideration of the government. PNP and AFP officers are therefore administratively and criminally liable for refusing to appear in the Senate investigation. The refusal of Pres. Arroyo to allow her subordinates to attend senate hearings shows bad faith, a strong evidence that she committed the impeachable offense of culpable violation of the Constitution in issuing and implementing EO 464. Not only did she impose a series of unconstitutional policies but continue to impose them despite being unanimously declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

      Continuing Cover-up in the Political Killings

    The refusal of Pres. Arroyo in accepting responsibility, at least in resolving the killing of militants, and shifting the blame to the rebels absent any evidence of the same show further disrespect to the intelligence of the Filipino people. CODAL condemns the murder of Noli Capulong, the brother of CODAL member Atty. Emil Capulong, as another proof of the executive’s intolerance of any form of dissent. The PNP and the AFP cannot claim CPP-purge as the culprit in the escalating violence on the following grounds:

    (i) There are evidence and witnesses that point to the government as the perpetrators of these crimes. Witnesses have for example directly identified AFP personnel such as Lt. Wilbert Basquinas and Gen. Jovito Palparan as responsible for the abduction of a Bayan Muna supporter in Samar. There are many more direct eyewitnesses in other cases now pending before the courts or the CHR. The government has not presented any witness to disprove these except to deny knowledge or responsibility.

    (ii) The PNP or AFP has not presented any evidence or motive to prove their claims of a CPP purge. Innuendos and leap in conclusions based on the previously reported CPP killings way back in 1992 cannot be the basis of such conclusion in any court of law. On the other hand, the fact that ALL the victims and their relatives point to the government as culprits while not one of the victims point to the CPP as the culprits, is substantial proof of government culpability in any court.

    (iii) Despite charges and cases filed against AFP personnel since 2001 regarding the political killings, they have not claimed CPP purge as their defense. They have only claimed it, as an afterthought, after the political killings were publicized recently. If the CPP was responsible for the killings since 2001, it is impossible for the government not to have found out or even claim such findings in their investigations.

    (iv) The pattern and modus operandi of the killers point to the government as perpetrators. Firstly, the victims, including the party list groups, were publicly condemned by government as communists or ‘enemies of the state’. Secondly, the target is subjected to intense surveillance by persons identified by witnesses and victims themselves as military personnel. Thirdly, the killing is done with impunity, at times near military camps, with the perpetrators showing no fear of being arrested. Fourthly, the failure of government institutions to investigate and prosecute the killers despite demand for government action. In fact, Pres. Arroyo has failed to condemns the killings until now, despite being pressed by the victims to do so since 2001. It is impossible for the CPP to have so much power as to conduct these daring killings of more than 600 victims for five years all over the country with the police not having any leads or suspects, much less cases filed in court.

    CODAL clarifies that circumstantial evidence is sufficient to convict an accused if the same is corroborated by other circumstantial evidence. In the case of political killins, there are direct and circumstantial evidence pointing to government responsibility.

      Disrespect of the judiciary and breakdown of law and order

    CODAL finds the Executive Branch’s continuing disrespect of Congress and the Supreme Court alarming as it virtually destroys the checks-and-balance principle of the Constitution through the three co-equal branches of government.

    The refusal of executive officials to attend the Senate investigation, despite the Supreme Court’s declaration that EO 464 is unconstitutional further highlights the danger of another constitutional crisis, this time between the Executive on one hand and both the Senate and the Supreme Court on the other.

    Finance Secretary Margarito Teves, BIR Commissioner Jose Bunag and Trade Secretary Peter Favila, PNP and AFP officials who all disregarded Senate summons to attend a hearing, are liable under Article 150 of the Revised Penal Code which states that :

    Art. 150—The penalty of arresto mayor…shall be imposed upon any person who, having been duly summoned by Congress, its special or standing committees, subcommittees or before any committee chairman or member authorized to summon witnesses, REFUSES, without legal excuse, (i) to obey such summons or being present before any such legislative or constitutional body..(iii) to answer any legal inquiry or to produce papers, documents or records in his possession.

    The same penalty shall be imposed upon any person who shall …induce disobedience to a summons…

    Pres. Arroyo’s and her subordinates’ continuing refusal to follow the Supreme Court decision makes them criminally liable under Article 231 and Article 241 of the Revised Penal Code, for openly disobeying the orders of the Constitution and the Supreme Court decisions in EO 464:

    Art. 231. Open disobedience. – Any judicial or executive officer who shall openly refuse to execute the judgment, decision or order of any superior authority made within the scope of the jurisdiction of the latter and issued with all the legal formalities, shall suffer the penalties of arresto mayor in its medium period to prision correccional in its minimum period, temporary special disqualification in its maximum period and a fine not

    Art. 241. Usurpation of judicial functions. – The penalty of arresto mayor in its medium period to prision correccional in its minimum period shall be imposed upon any officer of the executive branch of the Government who … shall obstruct the execution of any order or decision rendered by any judge within his jurisdiction

    CODAL is concerned that the Executive continues to insist that the people follow the rule of law, while allowing its officials to violate the very rule of law they vow to impose on the people. CODAL is alarmed at the Executive department’s arrogance, unaccountability and complete disregard of the orders of the Supreme Court and the Senate, all of which were legally and constitutionally issued. We ask the Supreme Court and the Senate to hold these officials in contempt subject to the filing of criminal and administrative cases against them, in order to recover that respect for the checks-and-balance principles under the Constitution and at the same time protect the people’s right to information and expression.

    CODAL is inviting lawyers from all over the country to help out in its “Project Battle Impunity” which will list all possible cases against various government officials, particularly the AFP and PNP, and file the same in court. It asks lawyers to give pro-bono services in the prosecution of these officials criminally, civilly and administratively in various tribunals in the hope of battling the culture of impunity perpetrated by these unbridled political killings.

  5. anna de brux - May 31, 2006 8:39 am

    This rampant violation of even the most basic human rights – freedom to call a lawyer when apprehended – must be stopped.

    What do our military leadership think? That their uniforms are a license to commit atrocities on their fellow countrymen?

    It does not matter that the guys were left-leaning, right-leaning or liberal. Abduction, tortures, degrading treatment of people of your own kind are a violation human rights.

    The American judge who ruled in favor of JoMa Sison in the US when the latter filed a suit against Marcos for violation of his human rights acknowledged that no one, but no one has the right to torture or degrade a fellow human being because of his political beliefs. Judge Real, in his decision said so and awarded Sison almost 1 million dollars in damages and compensation (which unfortunately, Sison will never be able to collect because Gloria looted the returned Marcos loot).

    The Erap 5 may be Communist lovers, they could even be supporters of Bayan Muna, I don’t know but the State doesn’t have the right to torture them.

    Gloria’s putrid love affair with these dastardly men in uniform is setting the tone – she has NO respect for her fellowmen, therefore her armed goons disguised as the protector of the citizens of this nation is simply following her lead.

    The military can be asked to heel only when the the person at the helm has the guts to ask them to heel.

    What Gloria doesnt realize is that by allowing the military to do as they please not only on ordinary hapless citizens but also to disregard and disobey other representatives of Republican authority = like what they are doing to the Senate = she is turning these men in uniform into soldiers of fortune and pretty soon, they will be dangerous mercenaries capable of slitting her throat and that of her family.

    She must not toy with the tenet that an unprincipled armed man in uniform is bound to lose respect for the leader that cannot lead.

  6. ystakei - May 31, 2006 9:39 am

    With all these generals getting the majority of meaty positions in the government and humoring the Midget, who is feeling gay and pretty with all the generals pretending to pledge allegiance to her, don’t be surprised if we see the Philippines turn into something like Myanmar, and the Midget imagining herself as the owner of the Philippines that she is likely to rename after her mother the way she names new and old projects after the names of her parents, relatives and even her husband!

    It’s a military junta! And you still don’t notice it?

  7. goldenlion - May 31, 2006 10:10 am

    Nakakaawa na talaga tayong mga Filipino. Patuloy tayong binabastos ni gloria at ng mga kurakot niyang alipores. Patuloy din nagbubulag-bulagan at nagbibingi-bingihan ang simbahang katolika gayong sila ang mag kagagawan ng pagkakaupo ni pandak. Patuloy din nananahimik ang evil society habang patuloy sa pagpapayaman ang mga generals. Subalit higit na kawawa si gloria, sapagkat sa ayaw at sa gusto niya ay mawawala siya sa malacanang at pagbabayaran niyang lahat ang mga kasalanan niya sa bayan.

    Gayundin, sina JDV, Fidel R., Ermita, Defensor, Gonzalez at Gonzales at Bunyeta. Hindi nila matatakasan ang lupit ng paghihiganti ng tadhana. Lalong hindi nila matatakasan ang daluyong ng nagsisiklab na damdamin ng mga inapi. Pakiusap lang po kay Gen. Senga at Esperon, habang may nagtitiwala pa po sa inyo, ipadama nyo sa amin ang iyong pagiging protektor ng tao, ang inyong pagiging maginoong miyembro ng militar. Alam po nating lahat na ang masama sy natatalo sa huli, huwag na po ninyong hintaying makasama kayo sa hahatulan ng panahon.

  8. anna de brux - May 31, 2006 10:19 am

    Tama ka Goldenlion!

    Walang respeto sa taong bayan si Gloria!

    Respect begets respect and since she HAS NO CONCEPT OF WHAT RESPECT FOR HER FELLOWMEN is all about, why should she expect them to respect her?

    Deploying unprincipled men in uniform to frighten, abduct or torture the ordinary population will NOT EARN her respect. The military may cow them, maim them or even kill them but that still will not gain her midget-sized persona ANY RESPECT…

    I wonder what kind of education she had that even the basic tenet of respect for a fellow human being seems to escape her…

  9. jinxies6719 - May 31, 2006 10:59 am

    31 May 2006

    Ms. Ellen, this is off-topic, that might get you interested.

    Yesterday, I was told that the civil service went to the Office of the Vice President to make inspection/s???my question is inspection for what??? as I have written in the previous you previous blog there are things that is happening at the OVP. Employees at the OVP are demoralized, simply because of some people.

    I think the CSC should dig deeper to get information, if they want to, and interview the employees instead.

    The Vice President might not know anything, simply because these people are hiding it from him, tsk, tsk, kawawa naman si de castro, nasisira sya sa kagagawan ng mga tao nya. I don’t know if I should pity de castro or not.

    Anyhow, the situation right is getting worse. rampant killings and abductions are on the rise. Why is it that the AFP, have to submit their report to gloria when it is the senate who are asking for the report.

    I hope that the senate will dig deeper to get to the bottom of it. Why is the AFP imposing EO464??? is it because they are hiding something. Are we really in a de facto martial law???? if it is, then people should be aware of their surroundings, anytime these prosituted AFP hears negative about the leprechaun, they will come rushing, just like what they did to the “erap 5″.

    It hink it high time that we, the Filipino peole should make our move to remove the illegitimate in the palace and install peace and order in our country. I say again, we should force all elective and appointive officials to resign and have a snap election, that way we can move forward. It is the bitter pill to swallow, but if it si for the good of the country, we have to swallow it.

    Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!!!!


  10. myrna - May 31, 2006 11:01 am

    Hi All,

    I apologise if this if off the topic. But just would want to ask if anyone of you follows the Commentary section of the Daily Tribune. Has anyone noticed that the said section cannot be accessed today?

    Ellen, could you please help us on this. Yeah, I know, it is on a different newspaper (not Malaya :), but I think you and Ninez are one in this fight to open the eyes of Filipino morons who still think the Enchanted Kingdom their fake president dreams of is possible!

    Thank you.

  11. Ellen - May 31, 2006 12:12 pm

    Statement of Sen. Aquilino Pimentel:

    The military officials are technically right. EO 464
    is still under reconsideration. But they are wrong in
    the public mind because they are using technicality to
    prevent facts from being known. The message is they
    are covering up the abuses of people with guns.

    They should have viewed the Senate inquiry as an opportunity to explain or justify the actuations of the operatives of the Intelligence Service of the AFP (ISAFP) who arrested and detained the Estrada followers in the light of military denial that they were tortured while undergoing interrogation.

    It was unwise for the AFP officials to invoke EO 464 for snubbing the Senate inquiry,especially since it has already been struck down by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional although it is a subject of appeal by Malacañang.

    The obvious cover up attempt has only put the
    AFP in a bad light as this has further cast doubts on
    the sincerity and determination of top military
    officials to fulfill the AFP’s role as protector of
    the people.

  12. val - May 31, 2006 3:03 pm

    Nahihirapan ng suportahan at ipagtanggol nila patricia sto tomas at merriam defensor ang kanilang amo, mahirap talaga pagtakpan ang mga kaulolan ng isang tao, sakit ng ulo at kung ano anong sakit ang dadapo at titira sa katawan nila dahil puro kasinungalingan ang kailangan nila para ipagtanggol ang lider na sinungaling.

  13. ystakei - May 31, 2006 4:21 pm

    One thing that I know is that when Gloria does not get what she wants, she gets into a frenzy throwing notebooks, pens, or whatever she has near her na akala mo kaya niya lahat—kulang na lang gumulong-gulong sa sahig at maglupasay!

    I feel sorry for Philippine bureaucrats because they do not have the power to get these elected officials kicked out of office for treating them like they are their slaves and katulong!

    Apparently, the Philippines started off on the wrong foundation with leaders chosen from the ruling class of landgrabbers who think they own the Philippines, and every citizen/voter within their reach their slaves instead of them serving the people as their public servants.

    Can you get me? I suppose not if you have not been exposed to governments like the one we have in Japan or the US, etc. This is why a criminal suspect can have the guts to act the way she does!

  14. schumey - May 31, 2006 4:26 pm

    This simmering cauldron of discontent could lead our country to a bloody revoultion. Maybe this is the only recourse our people can do effect genuine change. To really purge once and for all, the government of its scalawags and misfits. We as a peace-loving populace has tried all peaceful means to effect change. And yet at every time, we have come up dry. We always dreamt of peace, prosperity and equality, could it be that this dream would always be just a dream. Maybe its time that the people rise up not only through peaceful means but with an open and declared rebellion.

    This administration has continued to make fools of us. GMA has prostituted every institution and agency of the land. Its high time we band together and show this maniac that we cannot be cowed into submission. Let us start with civil disobedience and slowly escalate it until we gain true democracy.

  15. ystakei - May 31, 2006 4:33 pm

    BTW, I posted this note to all the Filipino egroups I am in. You might want to post a message to leaders of the Japanese government to stop the granting of 80M dollars to the government of the Midget on time for the distribution of dole outs prior to her SONA, etc.:

    Yuko, you are right, they responded and acknowledged my e-mail


    I should know because a friend of mine used to work at the Prime Minister’s Office till last year, and he was with this Secretariat Team.

    One thing good about Japan is that the bureaucrats are not at all beholden to the elected politicians, and they can always say, “No!” to the politicians if they feel that what these politicians do are not in accordance with the will of the people.

    Another thing that we can do to stop the 80M-dollar grants and syphoning of the grants from Japan to the Pidal funds is write to the leaders of the other political parties in Japan, too. Please find the list below:

    Please write to Junichiro Koizumi, Prime Minister of Japan at
    at the Prime Minister’s website

    Democratic Party of Japan (Minshuto)
    Headquarters, Democratic Party of Japan
    1-11-1 Nagata-cho
    Tokyo 100-0014
    TEL 03-3595-9960 or 03-3595-7312
    FAX 03-3595-7318

    Socialist Democratic Party of Japan
    International Commission/Representative Miho Fukushima, Chairman
    1-8-1 Nagata-cho
    Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8909

    Japan Communist Party
    The Central Committee of the Japanese Communist Party
    4-26-7 Sendagaya,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 151-8586

    Please encourage your relatives and friends to write to the leaders of Japan to stop the granting of 80M dollars to the present government of the Philippines especially at this time when the Midget is in need of financing to bribe the tongressmen with (1) to push through with the
    Chacha when all that is needed is for these crooks to follow existing laws of the land and (2) to stop any impeachment try by the people through their representatives in the Philippine Congress, at least, before the Philippines turns into another Myanmar or Sudan or Uganda, etc. ruled by military mistahs!!!

    There is nothing seditious about this kind of action, even the movement to remove a criminal suspect overstaying at the palace by the murky river. It is just what every concerned citizen and ex-citizen of the Philippines should do to lessen if not totally eradicate graft and corruption in the Philippine government. Action against a criminal suspect is not seditious, especially because she is not the Philippines nor the sole owner of the more than 7,100 islands that make up the Philippine archipelago. It is what every
    Filipino should pursue to do once and for all, by all means possible!!!

  16. schumey - May 31, 2006 7:32 pm


    I have followed your suggestion and have e-mailed my comments and sentiments to the PM’s office. I have also sent the links to my friends and relatives. Thanks for the link so we can also air our grievances to the international community.

  17. ystakei - May 31, 2006 11:41 pm

    Thanks, Schumey, all!

    Over here in Japan, letters from the public are not ignored. I suggest that you guys send letters to the Japan Times, Daily Yomiuri and Mainichi Daily News, the three top-ranked English dailies in Japan.

    BTW, In Tribune, “Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita revealed Mrs. Arroyo has already a short list of nominees so she could install a permanent DepEd secretary in the near future.

    When asked if Hidalgo is included in the list of candidates, the Palace official said he has no idea.

    ‘The President has names but I’m not privy about it. The President is considering some candidates so we could have a

    permanent Education secretary soon,’ Ermita added.”

    Wow, huh, PERMANENT EDUCATION SECRETARY! Now, you know that what the Chacha is all about—a gimmick for permanent positions for these crooks as they are now talking of permanent Education Secretary, permanent Justice Secretary, et al. and all ranks and files of the Philippine Military and reason for the FVR turn-about this time despite the rubbing he got from the Kurdapya previously!!!

    This is where the Philippines is going, and it should be stopped NOW! Patalsikin Na, Now Na!

  18. Emilio_OFW - June 1, 2006 1:24 am

    Ang naganap na pagmamalupit ng ISAFP MIG 15 sa tinaguriang Erap-5 ay talagang Bad Comedy. Maaari itong isa-pelikula at bibigyan natin na pamagat na “Ay Mali!”pero magiging silent movie lamang ito at lalong mababagot ang manunuod na mga Filipino.

    Narito ang mga casts ng silent movie na pinamagatan na “Ay Mali!”
    Leading Lady – Gloria Arroyo as Nano
    Leading Man – Eduardo Ermita as Hatchetman
    Supporting Stars – ISAFP MIG 15 personnel
    Victims – Erap-5
    Narrator through hand signals – Colonel Kison as WalaAlam
    Adviser – Fidel Valdez Ramos

    Nakikita natin ang pagkakahawig ng mga nagaganap sa kasalukuyan at noong panahon ni Pres.. Marcos. Ang lahat ng tumutuligsa sa pamahalaan ay hinuhuli, kinukulong at nawawala. Dalawang tao ang parehong nandito – Si Eduardo Ermita at Fidel Valdez-Ramos.

    Patuloy ang paglabag sa karapatan pang-tao ng administration ni Nano at patuloy na pagbaluktot sa umiiral na batas.

    Kapag sinimulan gambalain ni Nano ang mga mayayaman at middle class ay mararamdaman niya ang hagupit at lupit ng tadhana. Kaya nga takot na takot siyang salingin ang dalawang bahagdan ng lipunan, eh. Papayag ba tayong mga mahihirap at naghihirap na tapak-tapakan na lamang ni Nano at kanyang mga alipores?


  19. magdalo_you - June 1, 2006 4:25 am

    Good day Ellen,

    Sapanahon ngayun, laganap ang krimen ito ay dahil sa mga pakawala ng ibat ibang grupo na gustong mang agaw sa kapangyarihan, maliwanag pa naman ISAF yan ellen di basta bastang agency yan ng intellegence, hindi gagalaw yan ng wala silang nakalap na ebidensya, sa panahon ngayun hindi na pwede ang lalamya lamya na pangulo na katulad ni bundat estrada, mga kababayan nasa panahon tayo naang ating bayan ay nahaharap sa kalamidad global warming di isip akalain na naisip nyo pang sumulat ng mga kung ano anong kuro kuro na wala namang kwenta pwe!! bakit ang di nyo isipin ay kung paano makakatulong sa ating gobyerno kung ano ang gagawin natin sa mga ganitong kalamidad mabuti pa itong si congreswoman baraquel at natauhan na ata naisip nya na imbis na puro sila batikos sa pamahalaan, ang ginagawa nya ngayun ay hinihikayat nya ang mga kapwa nya mambabats na magisip ng paraan kung paano makakaiwas o makabawas man lang sa pagnipis ng ating ozone layer na nagiging dahilan ng pagbaha at sobrang init (la nina at el nino) thank god sana lahat ng tao ay maisip I hope marami pang congresswoman baraquel na na lumantad at makiisa sa layunin nya, isa na po dyan si congressman paras kumalas na sya sa oposisyon dahil di sya sang ayon sa mga patakaran nila na alam nyang mali, at walang patutunguhan kung hindi paghihirap ng bayan. sana ellen di ko naman sinasabi na alisin mo na itong pitak mo na to dahil dyan nakakapag sulat kami ng aming saloobin ,at saludo ako sa naisp mong ito, pero sana magsulat ka naman ng tungkol sa mga adhikain ni congresswoman baraquel kasi para sa mga susunod pa na generation o mga apo mo na ang makikinabang kapag nagtagumpay sya sa kanyang mithiin hindi pa huli ang lahat ellen wake up your mind.

  20. magdalo_you - June 1, 2006 4:38 am

    Good day Ellen,

    sa panahon ngayun, tama ang ginagawa ng gobyerno, kailangan na nating gumamit ng kamay na bakal para sa mga matitigas ang ulo, at mga kumakalaban sa gobyerno tama ang ginawa nila sa erap 5 na yan pahirapan nila ng husto , isang pagkakamali lang ang ginawa ng ISAF na hindi ko nagustuhan dapat ay hindi na nila binuhay ang mga yan, sementuhan nila ng buhay yang mga yan sa loob ng drum at dalhin sa gitna ng dagat, katulad ng ginawa nina Estrada at lacson kay Bobby dacer at sa driver nito na si corbito dahil alam ni estrada na maraming alam sa kanya si dacer at malapit na itong kumanta kaya ayun inutusan nya ang baklitang si lacson para iligpit is bobby dacer. si lacson naman inutusan ang alagad nyang si michael ray aquino para patahimikin ang mga nabanggit na personalidad. kayo na po ang bahalang humusga.

  21. anna de brux - June 1, 2006 4:55 am

    Magdalo you,

    You are out of your mind pareho ni taray enkantada!

  22. pandawan - June 1, 2006 6:15 am

    Ellen, matagal akong nawala kasi hirap na hirap akong magregister uli sa pangalan kong bfronquillo. Kaya heto ako under a pen name after my third try to register. Kung hindi lang dahil sa iyo ay hindi ko pinagtiyagaan ito at duon na lang ako ke Dean Jorge Bocobo at ke Hillblogger.

    Ang tanong ni “Magdalo_you” sa mga naunang pang-aasar niya ay kay daling sagutin. Ang banat niya ay bakit naman ang lahat ay isinisisi at ibinabato ke Gloria. Ang sagot ay tulad ng isinasagot ng mga mountaineers kapag tinatanong ng “Why do you have to scale that mountain to reach the top (Everest)?” They have one answer: “Because its there!”

    Gloria is getting all this slings & arrows because she’s there. EVen the greatest Philippine President Ramon Magsaysay got his share, like his being only a “mekaniko.”
    But of course, Gloria is setting a record of the biggest number of slings & arrows. You can take it two ways: either she is doing a record-breaking good job or she is doing the worst job of all time. We believe the latter. But you can continue living in Gloria’s fantasy Enchanted Kingdom and believe the former. We won’t stop you and you can’t stop us. Anna, he is not out of his mind. He is doing a job, a role, for the government of Gloria. Anyway, he is typying what this government IS.
    My sympathy goes to Fe Hidalgo, the embattled acting DepEd Secretary. For telling the truth as we also see it ay sinabon siya at nilabhan at hindi binanlawan. When the President declares there is no classroom shortage in the enchanted kingdom you better believe it, di Magdalo_you? Now, that is not a sling nor a arrow, di ba? Pero Magdalo_you, sasabihin ko sa iyo ang tutuo, ang tutuong ratio sa public schools ay animnapung (60) bata sa isang classroom na ginagamit ng dalawang sections sa isang araw, kaya pumapasok ang pang-umaga ng madilim pa at umuuwi ang panghapon ng madilim na. ANIMNAPO (60, diosporsanto! Paanong matututo ang mga bata. Tinamaan ka ng magaling, Magdalo_you.

  23. Ellen - June 1, 2006 7:35 am

    thank you very much, pandawan/bernie. your views are always appreciated.

  24. batong_buhay - June 1, 2006 8:23 am

    Bakit pag nagpo-post ako ng mga anti-pandak sentiments sa mga pro-pandak blogs hindi inilalagay? Pero iyong mga pro-Pandak naman pinahihintulutang mag-post sa anti-pandak blogs katulad nitong kay Ellen? Ako na rin ang sasagot: kasi kahit baluktot ang pananaw NIRERESPETO rito. Hindi ko talaga maintindihan itong ibang alipores ni pandak, inutusan lang bumili ng suka nag-blog na agad, gumamit pa ng pangalang pang-Katipunan. Dapat ang ginamit mo ay Magda-glo_me.

  25. Emilio_OFW - June 1, 2006 9:12 am


    Dagdagan ko pa ang dahilan kung bakit naka-post ang comments ng mga pro-Nano dito sa blog site ni Ms. Ellen – dahil “pinahahalagahan” ang kanilang mga comments kahit na ang mga ito ay puro mga KASINUNGALINGAN.

    Baka nga si Nano at ang kanyang demonyitang anak – eh, di mas maganda ang talakayan, di ba? Tumataas lalo ang presyong ng dugo nating lahat lalo na si Yuko at si Anna!

    Patuloy lang tayong magpalitan ng mga balita at kuru-kuro.

  26. myrna - June 1, 2006 10:01 am

    iyan si magdalo, baka “boypren” ni luli. dapat pangalan niya, eh “lulu”. hahahhaha.

    hayaan na siya, tutal nababasa naman natin na halatang pwersado ang gma prinsipyong gustong isakatuparan. at least dito sa blog ni ellen, nirerespeto pa rin ang isa sa basic human rights: freedom of speech!

    tanong ko lang, di pa kaya tinatablan ang mga kunsensiya niyan?

    at about luli nga pala….buong akala ko, sa nabasa ko nun sa sinulat ni jb baylon, naiiba itong anak na ito ni gloria impakta cum engkantada. yun pala, ganun din. hmmm, sabagay, saan ba naman yan magmamana, kundi sa nanay at tatay niya! biruin mo nga naman, free board and lodging sa malacanang, plus all the other benefits enjoyed, sino ba naman ang gusto pang umalis sa pwesto ang nanay? di ba tama? :)

  27. schumey - June 1, 2006 2:12 pm

    The LIB (Luli Internet Brigade) has finally landed. They are now here. They are here to agitate us, the principled and morally upright people. Instead of berating magdalo, we should pity him. He might be doing this to feed his family or send his kids to school. Let us all be thankful that unlike magdalo, we know waht is right and wrong. We should be thankful that unlike magdalo, we don’t have to sell our beliefs to GMA to feed our families. Let’s be thankful that we are better off than magdalo who has to lick GMA’s royal ass to survive.

  28. Emilio_OFW - June 1, 2006 2:33 pm


    You’re absolutely right, schumey, we are all earning our daily keeps in noble way to feed our family and attend to their needs. Unlike those people who were accomodated by Ms. Ellen and write their piece without censorship in this blog. They sold their soul to the devil. Let them write their pieces of lies.

    We know when a person is telling the truth and we can also identify through his statements he just bullshitting.

    To all Nano’s followers – please open your eyes and ears!

  29. johnmarzan - June 1, 2006 5:10 pm

    i hope GMA realizes that the right thing to do is to resign na and not drag this country to the mud further.

    resign, then vp noli become temporary president (or acting president).

    then noli declares special/snap elections to replace arroyo. simple.

  30. schumey - June 1, 2006 10:53 pm

    johnmarzan, I’m amenable to your suggestion. I think de Castro would agree if this should happen.

  31. luzviminda - June 1, 2006 10:57 pm

    Mga kablog,
    Si Magdalo_you ay isang ehemplo ng Bad Comedy!!!! Actually dapat nga yatang MAAWA TAYO SA KANYA!!! HINDI NYA ALAM ANG KANYANG GINAGAWA!!!!

  32. ystakei - June 2, 2006 1:57 pm

    Schumey, et al:

    Bakit gusto ninyo si Noli e mukhang walang ring katinuan ang isang ito na balimbingin. Marami rin akong naririnig na hindi maganda sa taong ito ngayon as a matter of fact!

  33. ystakei - June 2, 2006 2:08 pm


    Huwag mo nang asahan makikinig sa iyo itong mga Internet Brigade ni Pandak kasi bread and butter nila si Pandak. Limpak-limpak ang pera mo kapag kasama ka sa Internet Brigade ni Pandak gaya noong mga kumanta ng “God save the Queen” nang pumunta si Pandak sa KSA o kaya ng isang realtor na taga Pilipinas pero sumisingit sa mga egroups ng mga OFW para makaloko ng mga katulad mong OFW.

    Dalawang grupo niya doon sa KSA na nag-aaway na ngayon for recognition sa SEC. Balita ko dating Migrante iyong tinapalan ng pera para magbukas ng Pro-Arroyo movement sa Riyadh, etc. Ang laki daw ng halaga ang binayad ni Pandak according to a Migrante International staff I talked to on this. Meron din dito sa Japan na tinatapalan din ng pera kaya lang hindi ko alam kung natuloy gawa nga ng mayroon nang Philippine Assistant Group here na timplado ng Philippine Embassy.

    Pati grupo ng mga OFW ginagamit ni Pandak para hindi mapaalis. Pero wala namang masama na hindi napapaalis in the end. Kaya lang nga siguro talagang kailangan na ng mga pilipino na matuto sa pamamagitan ng pagpapahirap sa kanila ng isang pekeng presidente na akala mo siya ang may-ari ng Pilipinas. Ang sarap kutusan sa ulo, di ba?

  34. Emilio_OFW - June 2, 2006 4:29 pm


    Tsk, tsk, tsk … talagang pera-pera na ngayon ang usapan. Kaya nga nang nagpunta iyang si Nano dito sa Saudi Arabia noong isang buwan ay talagang pinagsumikapan ng kanyang mga Palakpak boys na hindi kami makadalo at makalapit kay Nano nang magkaroon ng OFW audience sa isang hotel dito sa Eastern Province ng Saudi Arabia.

    Talagang isa lang naman ang itatanong ko kay Nano kapag nabigyan ng pagkakataon: “Kaya ba ng konsensiya mo?”

  35. lcbocalan - June 3, 2006 12:13 pm

    NADINUKOT NG AFP.Akalain mo ba naman sa bihin mong masmabuti pa ay pinatay na sila.Ano ba ang nagawang masama sa iyo ng mga taong ito at nanggagalaiti ka sa galit na hayop ka alam mo sana gumawa ng panibagong planeta ang DIYOS sana yung malayong malayo para sa mga hayop nakatulad mo at ang mga pinagmamalaki mong hayop din katulad mo putang ina mo bihira lang akong magmura pero ng mabasa ko ang commet mong hayop ka halos hindi ako maka paniwala na may roon palang talagang hayop dimoniyong pilipinong katulad mo.I will pray to got to forgive your soul dahil hindi mo alam ang sinasabi mo dahil ikaw putok sa buho wala kang mga magulang na naggabay sa iyo habang lumalaki ka in other word
    anpon kang hayop ka……

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